Review: The Coven by Harper L Woods

Series: Coven of Bones #1
Author: Harper L Woods
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Release Date: October 25, 2023

From indie darling Harper L. Woods comes THE COVEN, a sexy, deliciously imaginative fantasy romance where The Magicians meets Ninth House with vampires.


Raised to be my father’s weapon against the Coven that took away his sister and his birthright, I would do anything to protect my younger brother from suffering the same fate. My duty forces me to the secret town of Crystal Hollow and the prestigious Hollow’s Grove University—where the best and brightest of my kind learn to practice their magic free from human judgment.

There are no whispered words here. No condemnation for the blood that flows through my veins. The only animosity I face comes from the beautiful and infuriating Headmaster, Alaric Grayson Thorne, a man who despises me just as much as I loathe him and everything he stands for.

But that doesn’t mean secrets don’t threaten to tear the school in two. No one talks about the bloody massacre that forced it to close decades prior, only the opportunity it can afford to those fortunate enough to attend.

Because for the first time in fifty years, the Coven will open its wards to the Thirteen.

Thirteen promising students destined to change the world.

If the ghosts of Hollow’s Grove’s victims don’t kill them first.

At the Publisher’s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.


I very much look forward to reminding you how much I hate you when I bury my cock between your thighs.”

First of all, I have been sleeping on Harper L Woods and I am wholly ashamed of myself. I have discovered an auto buy author because, friends, this book was EVERYTHING. Like all the things. ALL OF THEM, MKAY?!

There is nothing more I love than a fierce, kick-ass FMC. Well, actually, there is, and it’s a morally gray hero…or anti hero…if you will. And OMG when I tell you that I devoured this book.

Willow is a witch who has been hiding from the world of The Coven and brutally prepared for her destiny. The last thing she wants is to follow the man who arrives at her door, but when her little brother’s life is in danger, she’s determined to protect him. Even if it means making a deal with the devil. Willow finds herself in Crystal Hollow and the prestigious Hollow’s Grove University, a world of witches and secrets. And the bane of her existence is the grumpy headmaster who dragged her there. And the tension and chemistry between these two? OMG it was on another level.

If you love an enemies to lovers vibe, this had it in spades. Deliciously so. With a splash of forbidden. But Willow is not just at the university to learn of her destiny. She has secrets, dark ones, and an agenda that can get her killed. The story was a delicious thrill ride of twists and turns. Secrets and betrayals. I devoured it in one nail biting sitting and immediately jumped into book two. This world owns me wholly and entirely and I am so obsessed. I cannot recommend it enough for any of my fellow dark romantasy readers out there.

Review: Twisted Deeds by Mila Kane

Series: Hellions of Hade Harbor Book 3
Author: Mila Kane
Genre: Dark Romance, New Adult Romance
Release Date: June 26, 2024

They call her the Ice Queen.
Winter De Laurie. Cold by name and by nature.
She’s always been a spoiled little brat, daddy’s little princess, while I’m the guy from the wrong side of the tracks. She’s always made it clear that I’m beneath her.
It was hate from first sight.

But when she needs help, she can’t turn to anyone from her cushy, cashmere life.
She needs a man who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.
She comes to me.
I’ll help, for a price.
I’ve started to think that while I might hate the ice queen, I wouldn’t mind dirtying up her innocent princess persona.
Even royals can fall, and I plan to ruin this one completely.

Meet the Ice Gods, the Hockey players who never play by the rules and own Hade Harbor and everyone in it. Dark Delights is a standalone bully romance featuring a possessive hockey playing Ice God, and the smart, mouthy object of his obsession.


You’ve got some fucking mouth on you, DeLaurie. One day, someone, somewhere, is going to show you that the sun doesn’t shine out of your ass… and put you in your place.”
“In my place?”
“Yeah, in your fucking place.” He leaned in, his hot breath against my lips. “On your knees… crawling, naked and humble, until the brat act dies…”

I have been absolutely feral for this book ever since the last chapter of Dark Delights. That sneak peek into Winter and Asher’s story had me gagging. GAGGING I tell you.

I’m the trouble you won’t recover from.”

Asher is the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, Beckett’s best friend and Eve’s twin brother from Dark Delights. He doesn’t come from money or born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He’s pure unadulterated talent with NHL dreams, and the last thing he wants is to get tangled up with the rich girl, Winter.

If you offer me anything, I’ll take everything.”

Winter and Asher’s relationship is not a simple one. It’s full of hate, loathing, and equal opportunity antagonism. Winter is desperate to escape the attention of an obnoxious rich guy who has his eyes on her and zero good intentions, so she lies to her father that she has a boyfriend. Now to just convince Asher to play along.

Asher wants nothing to do with the ice queen and so a game begins of Asher pushing and Winter pulling. A game of sorts to see if Winter can push him into faking their relationship and Asher pushing her to look like a fool. It was utterly delicious. I loved the push and pull between them and I loved their hate lust. It even had the impossible happening and me coming to like Selena, and who saw THAT coming considering how much I hated her in the previous book. And I sincerely hope Mila will have a book for her because I need her redemption. There’s also a peak into a new secondary character who will be getting a duet soon and I CANNOT FLIPPING WAIT.

My only quibble is there was a scene with Winter and Asher at the end of the previous book that I thought we would get more of or at least an explanation. And while I can assume, it wasn’t plugged into this book…unless I missed something. I was sort of expecting to have that scene come up and built on in this book. But in either case, I devoured this book and finished it in one sitting, so clearly it didn’t bother me much. And I cannot wait for more in this series. If you love dark hockey romance, this series is a must read.


I’m obsessed with cats, coffee, and anti-heroes just the right side of insane.

I write dark and dirty romance with the alpha-holes of your most filthy nightmares.

While I like my heroes obsessed and powerful, I like my heroines smart and independent. My headstrong, capable women will bring their own personal demons to their knees, and capture their hearts at the same time.

I only write SAFE stories, there is never a place for another woman in my heroes sights, once he’s caught the scent of the heroine, and there will always be, no matter how dark and twisted the story might be… a HEA guarantee xx


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Review: Ocean of Sin and Starlight by Karina Halle

Series: Nightwind #2
Author: Karina Halle
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Release Date: June 10, 2024


From New York Times bestselling author Karina Halle comes Ocean of Sin and Starlight, a dark-fantasy romance with morally gray pirates and monstrous sirens, a standalone spinoff of A Ship of Bones and Teeth.

I wasn’t always a monster.

Once upon a time I had a family, a home, dreams.

Until it was taken away from me and I was turned into a creature only the Devil could love, cursed with bloodlust and immortality.

I spent a century in an isolated monastery for other heathens like me, learning to control my most monstrous impulses, becoming a man of faith so I could put my sins behind me.

I was doing so well.

I was almost…human.

Until I met her.

Larimar, the tempting siren who made me forget my vows, who promised herself to me before she escaped my clutches.

Now I’m obsessed with tracking Larimar down, joining an infamous pirate crew on their ship the Nightwind as we search the high seas for any sign of her.

I don’t know what I’ll do when I find her.

But I know she belongs to me.

And I’ll become a monster once more.

NOTE TO This book can be read as a standalone. HOWEVER, if you were planning on reading A Ship of Bones and Teeth, then I would read that first before you read OOSAS.
ALSO…please head the content warnings inside the front of he book as it has many triggers.


She’s the most stunning creature I’ve ever seen, shining in this watery darkness like a beacon, a North Star, a light that will lead me somewhere. Except I already know she’s going to lead me straight to Hell. And I’m going to go willingly.

A Ship of Bones & Teeth is easily one of my favorite Karina Halle books and I’ve been eagerly anticipating more in this world. And while I may sell my soul for Thane’s book, this one still hit the spot just right. Now while you can enjoy this as a standalone, I highly recommend you read A Ship of Bones and Teeth first. You would appreciate this story that much more, trust me.

You have a filthy mouth for a holy man.”
He seems surprised by my comment. “I suppose only a filthy creature like yourself could bring it out of me.”

Larimar and Priest’s story is not for the faint of heart. It’s not quite dark, but it’s firmly in the morally gray area…for both of them. And well, who doesn’t love a bloodthirsty FMC? And a Syren who eats human organs is my sort of bloodthirsty. And in case you’re curious, there’s a very delicious connection between Larimar and Marin from Ship of Bones and Teeth but I won’t spoil what exactly.

Priest(Father Aragon) is a human witch who gets turned by a vampyre and loses his humanity until the help of stranger turned life long friend saves him. Now he lives a peaceful and secluded life as a holy man and hides his monstrous cravings from humanity until the glimpse of something leads him chasing his bloodthirsty cravings. When he stumbles on a gory scene of what remains of villagers and 3 survivors on a boat who claim to be attacked by a syren. So what’s a holy man to do? Well, go out in the dead of night to capture the syren so you can nail her to a cross and drink her blood, obvs.

He used my body as if it would lead him to heaven, and I used his as if he was leading me to hell.

Father Aragon is a bad bad man. Well, he’s not a man, but you get what I’m saying here. Did I happen to mention that syren blood is basically catnip to vampyres? Yep. It is. But I digress.

What starts as one thing soon starts to build into something more as lust enters the picture. And as much as Larimar hates her circumstance and wants to escape, she finds herself craving Priest’s depravity. I don’t want to ruin the story with too many details but the story is told in two parts and boy did I love the second part, particularly seeing some favorite cameos.

This was a deliciously sinful gray-ish romance that I enjoyed, albeit not as much as Ship of Bones, but it still certainly hit the spot. I loved the way Priest paid his penance to Larimar and I really enjoyed their romance. There’s plenty to twists and turns to keep you turning the pages. And while this is not a story that would be for everyone, this reader certainly enjoyed it.

Review: Inescapable by Natasha Anders

Author: Natasha Anders
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 4, 2024

Trystan Abbott is one of the biggest movie stars in the world. Voted sexiest man in the universe four years in a row, he’s also one of the hottest men on the planet.

But—after a life-altering accident—Trystan has fallen off the grid, nobody knows where he is. So when Iris Hughes, a young reporter with no real experience, lands the opportunity to interview him, she jumps at the chance. After all she has everything to prove and nothing to lose.

But when Iris finds herself stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broken beast of man who in no way resembles the so-called international sex symbol, she realizes that she does have quite a lot to lose after all.

Things like her life, her sanity, and her heart.


I’m just a man. A weak, dumb, often foolish, human male. I’m smaller than my fame, more ordinary than my legend, and I’m fucking nothing without you, Iris.”

My whole heart right now. This tugged at every heart string I never knew I had and I fell hard and fast for Trystan and Iris’s story. It was everything; emotional, romantic, heart breaking, and with the most epic grovel I have read in a really long while.

If you love a grumpy/sunshine, modern beauty and the beast vibes, with a fierce heroine and a tortured grump of a hero, you need this book.

Iris gets the chance of a lifetime when she lands an interview with a movie star turned recluse, Trystan Abbott. But when she stumbles to his doorstep after her car breaks down, welcoming is the last thing that Trystan exudes. In fact he’s downright rude, dismissive, and colder than the icy wind outside. She may be there for a legitimate reason, but he doesn’t believe her and doesn’t need her breaking his sulking reclusively. Trystan takes every opportunity to kick Iris out of his house, but when a bad storm hits, he begrudgingly allows her to stay until it passes.

When I tell you I absolutely loved Iris. This is a woman who has a heart of gold, integrity, and isn’t shy about holding her ground and standing up for herself. The connection between these two is a slow build, but when it hits, oh man does it hit good.

One of my top favorite books by this author is The Unwanted Wife, and this gave me such similar vibes but in a very different way. I love when an MMC makes a huge mistake and then has to grovel, and oh my god does Trystan mess up. The man makes a mistake that you want to hate him for. But when he grovels, he GROVELS. And Iris doesn’t just let him off the hook with a simple apology. Oh no. She makes him work for it. But not because she’s vindictive. Simply because she’s a woman who knows her worth and isn’t about to settle for less. I loved that about her so much.

This story was EVERYTHING and I devoured it in one sitting. An angsty, emotional punch of a story with an unforgettable romance that owned my heart from beginning to finish.

Review: Sizzling by Abbi Glines

Georgia Smoke #3
Author: Abbi Gaines
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 26, 2024


Running. It seems that’s all I ever do. I’ve been running since I was fifteen. Some days I wonder if I’ll ever be able to stop. Would I even know how to live a normal life if I could? Doubt it. No reason to waste good time thinking on it either. Sitting around wishing for something never did anyone a favor. If you want it, then you go and get it. By any means necessary. And I was an expert at using my strengths. I’d been born with beauty, and it had been a curse that haunted me until, one day, I grabbed it and used it to my advantage. Don’t judge. You have no idea the demons I’ve fought… and the ones I still do.


Sure, I was raised to kill when needed and to protect the family. However, my momma also taught me to open doors for women and respect them unless they prove they’re not ladies. It was a damn shame the sweet little piece I’d been unable to get out of my head had never been a lady a day in her life. That gorgeous face and mouthwatering body were real nice wrapping paper to distract men. Briar Landry was a liar, a thief, a cheat, and a very talented gold digger. She disgusted me. The more I was forced to be around her, the more I hated her. I knew the evil inside her and I had enough twisted darkness of my own. Treating her with cruelty, I hadn’t known I possessed, was the only way to keep from letting her pull me inside her web.


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, and I’ll cut your dick off.

Look, I don’t know what Abbi puts into these books, but they are the best form of book crack that I devour in one giddy sitting. And you know what the funny thing is? I could sit here and probably nitpick at plenty of things, and maybe if it was written by anyone else, I would. But when Abbi writes it, it just works.

That wasn’t the kind of woman you got out of your system. She was the kind that took your soul.

This is the next couple’s story in Abby’s Smoke series spinoff, Georgia smoke. And if you want to appreciate the story that much more, I highly recommend reading in order, because many characters are introduced early on and their story arc continues until their book. Such is the case of Briar, who we learned about in Slay King. Briar is a bit different from the other heroines that Abbi has written in these two series, because she’s self assured. She’s gorgeous and she knows it, and she uses it to survive. It was a refreshing change of pace to read. Having said that, while she puts up a good fight, sort of, she is still not able to resist the chemistry and attraction to Storm even when she should.

Storm thinks Briar is a gold-digger and takes every opportunity to judge her loudly for it. But even that judgement doesn’t lessen his attraction and pull to her. It’s also ironic that a man firmly rooted in the opposite side of the law would judge anyone, but here were are. As hard as he tries to fight the pull, he’s irrevocably drawn to the beauty and it doesn’t take long for their sizzling chemistry to finally implode.

What’s funny is that I would usually want to junk punch someone like Storm, but his hot and cold attitude just worked for me here. I would also want to judge how easy Briar gives into their pull no matter how crappy Storm treats here, but here were are. I just couldn’t seem to care because it just worked. Don’t ask me how or why, but I enjoyed the heck out of their dynamic. I could also nit pick into Storm’s sudden about face when it comes to Briar, but I couldn’t even bat an eye lash at it.

It was just one of those perfect, shut off your brain and enjoy sort of reads and I loved the heck out of it for it. It’s not a standalone and their conclusion will be with the next book, but it also doesn’t leave you on a painful cliffhanger. It ends at a satisfying point where you want the next book but you also get just enough of a good ending to be able to tolerate the short wait until the next installment.

Review: So Hectic by Eve Dangerfield

Series: Silver Daughters Ink #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Eve Dangerfield
Release Date:
May 23, 2024

A Super Spicy, Enemies to Lovers, Playboy, standalone romance from critically acclaimed author Eve Dangerfield

Tabby DaSilva’s life sucks. Her dad’s AWOL, her Prosecco-themed music festival ‘Sparkling Whine’ bombed and her big sister’s pregnancy means she’s officially transitioning from ‘youngest kid’ to ‘weird aunt.’
But hardest to take is her best friend Toby Tennant going pure evil.
Taking his virginity was supposed to seal their alliance. Instead, Mr. Nice Guy vanished only to resurface as a full-blown finance douche, complete with Lamborghini and a podcast shilling creatine every five minutes.
Frankly, it’s a fate worse than death.
But Tabby has the perfect solution; run away! All she needs is enough cash to start a new life in Colombia and since Toby’s petitioning for her to tattoo him, what’s a girl to do but slowly inject ink into her enemy’s rippling Ken doll torso?
Little does she know that her ex-best friend doesn’t really want a tattoo. Toby wants her, mind, body, and soul. He’s spent the last two years becoming the Sugar Daddy of Tabitha DaSilva’s dreams and he’s finally ready to show her that he can take care of her, and dominate her, in the ways she’s only ever imagined…

SO HECTIC is a full-length contemporary novel and is the third and final book in the Silver Daughters Ink Series.


She was an agnostic, but she’d happily praise at the altar of Toby Tennant’s God complex.

Ok so two things.
#1. If you haven’t read this series yet, you’re seriously missing out and
#2. This was the most fund I had reading a book in a long while.

Now for a serious question to Eve. Ma’am, can you kindly explain how it’s possible to create an MMC who is both a simp golden retriever and an uber possessive, dirty talking BEAST of an alphahole at the same time? Because I am unwell. UNWELL. And head over ovaries for Toby.

Tabitha,” he said slowly. “Either admit you want a fuck and come upstairs and sit on my dick or get the hell out of my house.”
She gasped, her bag strap sliding off her shoulder, the whole thing hitting the floor. “You’re such a cunt!”
“Yeah, and that’s got you soaking, hasn’t it? So, what’ll it be?”

Now the DaSilva sisters are a riot in their own right. Admittedly I wasn’t sure if I’d like Tabby’s book because she’s always seemed like the craziest of the three but oh how I am humbly eating my words. Because Tabby just so happened to be my favorite DaSilva sister of the series. I love her brashness that hides a soft center that is her heart. I loved her sassy mouth. And I also loved her journey back to Toby.

Toby and Tabby (hehehehehe I love saying that out loud by the way. But I digress) were best friends until one drunken night where Tabby offered to take Toby’s virginity and everything came to a screeching halt. Well, not the sex. that was hot, but the friendship. I’m not sure why but I really connected with Toby and his plight to be the man he thinks he needs to become for Tabby even when I wanted to junk punch him for it too. It’s a conundrum, what can I say.

Toby reappears in Tabby’s life two years later an entirely new man; a self made millionaire with a dirty talking mouth and only one agenda, to get her back into his bed. But Toby also has ulterior motives and has every intention to use the opportunity to weave his way into Tabby’s heart, not matter how hard she fights him or the connection that still tethers them together.

Shall I sit next to you?” Toby leaned back in the booth, and she noted how powerful his thighs looked in his blue suit pants.
“You’ll sit right here,” he growled. “And if I don’t?” He eyed her up and down as though considering whether it was even worth answering. “I’ll tear your fucking dress off.”

Now if you like your MCs mean and I mean MEAN, Toby is going to hit every spot. He’s mean only in bed and beneath the dirty talking exterior with bossy tendencies and a penchant for D/s is a heart of gold and a man who is obsessed with his woman. But holy mother was their role playing hot. I feel like I burned my fingers just turning the pages on my kindle kind of hot. Ya know what I mean? WOWZA

I loved seeing all my favorites from the previous books. And if you really want to enjoy this story to the fullest, I highly recommend reading them in order. This book had everything; emotion, humor, sizzle, and all the feels. It was Eve’s signature sort of delicious chaos and I loved it! Her characters are just so incredibly colorful and memorable and I enjoy the hell out of them, these two in particular. If you’re looking for something fun and super spicy but with a wonderful story and plenty of heart, you need this book.

Review: When Lies Unfold by RC Boldt

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Author: RC Boldt
Release Date: May 23,  2024

USA Today bestselling author RC Boldt delivers a seductive new romantic suspense filled with twists in WHEN LIES UNFOLD

The moment I witness a murder, my quiet, careful existence goes up in smoke. I’m thrust into the world of Santiago Hernández, Central America’s most ruthless cartel leader.

In exchange for my life, I’m placed under his watchful eye. Day in and day out, he waits for me to betray my promise of silence.

The longer I stay in his world, the deeper I fall for the glimpses of the man beneath that handsome yet cunning exterior. The man whose possessive touch ignites a long-lost part of me.

But I should know better than to open my heart to a cold-blooded criminal with a laundry list of deadly sins and secrets. Especially when he has no idea who I really am.

Because when the lies unfold, he’ll discover I have a list of sins and secrets of my own.

Alpha hero
Heroine in danger
Close Proximity
Forced Proximity
Enemies to Lovers
OTT Possessive Hero
Found Family
Opposites Attract
Tortured lead
Tragic past


The freedom I’ve fought so hard for has vanished in the blink of an eye. All because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


You think I do horrible things to people?”
“I’m sure of it.”
“Mm.” That rumble in his throat holds the barest hint of amusement, and a glint of something far more dangerous edges its way into his gaze. “But you see, Miss Arias, I don’t always do ‘horrible things.’ In fact, certain people like what I do.” His voice drops an octave, skittering over me, and his fuller bottom lip grazes mine with each syllable. “Sometimes, they even beg me for more.”

When I tell you I devoured this book in one heart pounding sitting, I mean I never wanted it to end. And if you’re a fan of a sizzling romantic suspense with a morally gray anti hero and a fierce, survivor heroine who fights her own battles? Well, welcome to your next addiction, my friend.

If I believed in witchcraft or voodoo shit, I’d be convinced she practices it. ’Cause every fuckin’ time I put my mouth on this woman, I’m an addict who needs even more.

I simply adore everything RC Bolt writes. She has this knack for writing some of the most addictive, twisty suspense stories with the most incredible romance intertwined. What I appreciate most about her writing is the incredible ability to balance both those elements effortlessly and flawlessly. You get the perfect combination of a heart pounding suspense with twists and turns along with the most sizling romance. And the story of Santiago and Lola was nothing if not sizzling.

Need you to know somethin’.”
A trace of apprehension has her brows creasin’. “What?”
“I don’t get on my knees for nobody.” She swallows hard as the weight of my words settles between us. I lower my face closer to where I can’t wait to bury my tongue. “But I’m doin’ this for you.”

Lola is desperately trying to stay under the radar. You know she’s running from something and her secrets run deep, but the truth unravels slowly and in a way that has the reader so engrossed, it’s like you’re living her story. Lola is a house cleaner who happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and witnesses a murder. And when that murder is tied to one of the biggest narcos in Central America? Well, he’s not about to take her word for her silence. All of his attention is now on Lola and even though she fights him at every turn, her hands are tied…so to speak. *saucy grin*

Only a person with a dark, bloodstained soul can recognize another. They can easily identify the sacrifices made and understand the reasons behind them.

I absolutely loved the story arc between these two. Lola hates everything that Santiago stands for. But the longer she spends in his overwhelmingly intimidating presence, the more layers she peels back to discover there is so much more to the man. And unfortunately for her, the tether of mutual attraction and chemistry is at the center of it.

I truly mean that I devoured this book. I couldn’t stop reading. The story, the mystery, the slow burn romance, the chemistry, the enemies to lovers vibes, all of it was simply phenomenal. I cannot recommend this book enough. And that ending? *chefs kiss*

RC Boldt is a USA Today bestselling author currently living in part of the Costa Rican jungle with the love of her life and her mini-me.

If you’re in the mood for some killer mojitos or can’t recall the lyrics to a particular 80s song, she’s your girl.

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Review: Heart Sick Hate by Eva Simmons

Series: Twisted Roses #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Eva Simmons
Release Date:
January 12, 2024

I chose wrong.

While my future is promised to one man, my heart wants Crew Kingsley.

My enemy. My addiction. My boyfriend’s brother.

Crew isn’t the prince in any girl’s story. He doesn’t want to win my love, he wants to steal it—simply so he can make me regret ever letting him.

If only I wasn’t addicted to his pain.

Crew’s hate burns too hot.
His heart is too cold.
But his punishment… is just right.

When given two choices, a smart girl picks the safest. But Crew made me sick, I made my choice, and even if they think they already wrote our ending, the story is about to change.



My last piece of innocence, and I just offered it to a devil.

Have I already mentioned my newly found obsession with this series? I dove into Crew and Echo’s story immediately after finishing Lies Like Love. As an intriguing as Crew was as a secondary character, he stole the show as the main one. And while this is a standalone in a series, I highly recommend you read it in order because the story arc for these two begins in the first book.

The animosity and lust between Crew and Echo is obvious from the first time they appear on the pages. But Echo is with Crew’s brother, Rhett, and I couldn’t wait to dive into this deliciously twisted story. Now if you’re thinking this is a love triangle, it’s certainly not. The relationship between Rhett and Echo is in name only, for an arrangement and agreement made 8 years ago. Desperate to help her sick father, Echo agrees to tie herself to Rhett. Though, admittedly, outside of Rhett’s own ambition, I never fully connected to why Rhett’s father is so committed to this lie, but I digress.

As the day that she has with her life being her own disappearing looms in front of her, Echo is desperate to part with one last pesky piece of her past, her virginity. And who best to offer it to? Her “boyfriend’s” brother who seems to hate her. All joking aside, the connection between her and Crew has always been there so while it sounds outlandish it also made sense that she would go for him. And for those of you that like your MMCs obsessed and falling first and hard, you’ll love dirty talking Crew.

Now admittedly, there were parts of the story development that at times got overshadowed by the sex scenes for me. Don’t get me wrong, not to the point that I skimmed, because they were hot, and I’m not complaining. But I wished we got a bit more meat to the story. Both Echo and Crew were very complex characters, but I never fully connected with Echo the way I hoped I did and the way I did with Fel in the previous book.

That aside, I still binge read this book in one sitting. It was a fast paced, addictive type of read. And while the ending was mostly predictable, I still enjoyed it quite a bit. And now I immediately need Sage’s book because I have a feeling his story may be my favorite in the series. Because that set up at the end of this book? NEED.

Review: Lies Like Love by Eva Simmons

Series: Twisted Roses #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Eva Simmons
Release Date:
September 29, 2023


I made a mistake.

Hearts are the most fragile part of the body, and I trusted mine with Jude Carlisle.

My villain. My weakness. My stepbrother.

Fairytales have a way of turning the most innocent things wicked.

Jude lied through his teeth, and I fell for every word. Then he burned both our families to the ground in a sick game of revenge and never looked back.

When I see him again years later—tattooed, pierced, as vicious and lethal as ever—I should know better. Except this time, I’m not the girl looking for a hero. And I’m tempted to let Jude eat me alive if it means I’ll finally be his.

I thought I knew the truth.
I thought I unmasked all the monsters.
I thought I understood how our story would end.

But the trouble with wolves is they’re always lying. And what big lies mine told.

Lies Like Love is an emotionally twisted, dark, fairytale inspired romance with a morally grey hero, heavy subject matter, mature content, and explicit scenes. Content/TWs (which contain spoilers) can be found on author’s website. 18+ only.


Hearts aren’t born broken. They’re carved in the hands of those who aren’t careful with fragile things. And Jude is an expert at ripping holes in mine. He’s ruthless. Brutal.

This was my second Eva Simmons book, and y’all! I. Am. Shooketh. First of all, if you haven’t read this author yet, take my advice and have this one be the first one. Especially if you love suspenseful twisty plots with sassy MFCs and obsessed dirty talking MMCs.

Oh, god,” she moans, as I shove a finger inside, and her p*ssy tightens. “Cute.” I shove another finger in and appreciate how she loses her breath with my touch. “But I promise no one hears you like I do. So if you want your prayers answered, you better fucking pray to me, Red.”

Indeed. But I digress.

Jude and Felicity have a convoluted history. When they were teens, Felicity had a crush on Jude until she discovered he’ll be her new stepbrother and became the ultimate forbidden. But then Fel’s life tilted on its axis. Now eleven years later, Fel is trying to make a life for herself outside the influence of her wealthy family. In the hopes of selling her body jewelry, she allows her best friend to talk her to take a meeting with a popular tattoo parlor. But the last thing she expects is to see the blast from her past, only he’s not the same 17 year old boy she once knew. Jude is harder, darker, and he’s no longer her stepbrother.

This was such a deliciously entertaining story, told primarily in the present with glimpses into the past that are intricately woven in to peel back the layers of the mystery of why Fel hates Jude and what he’s ultimately hiding from her. The story definitely is true to its title and that’s all I’ll say because I don’t want to ruin it for you. Jude is a part owner in the successful Twisted Rose tattoo parlor along with his friends and he happens to get his kicks by fighting in an underground club. So obviously I was obsessed with him. Felicity may seem like a princess who was born with everything, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. And the more you learn about their past, the more you fall for these characters. Their romance was absolutely sizzling and their chemistry was incendiary. I loved the two of them together.

And that ending?! Holy wow! I love when a story manages to catch me by surprise and boy did it. I am officially obsessed and diving immediately into Crew’s book now!

Review: The Heroes We Break by Natasha Knight

Heroes & Villains Duet #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Natasha Knight
Release Date:
April 9, 2024

She doesn’t belong to me.

I am the illegitimate son, unwanted and despised.

Ophelia Hart is the girl next door. I’ve watched her grow up. And rescued her countless times from my half-brother.

I’ve been gone from her life for two years and when I run into her again, she’s no longer a girl.

Only problem is, she’s wearing his ring on her finger.

But there’s always been something between us. I’ve always been her protector. Especially when it comes to him. And that pull is stronger than ever.

She no longer thinks me the hero of her story, though.

But I know something she doesn’t. A secret from her past. And she’s in danger.

She’ll fight me.

I’ll fight for her.

If she hates me for what I have to do, so be it.

Because there is no way in hell I will let my half-brother have her.


“I used to think you were some kind of hero growing up, you know that?” she says, voice sad, tears streaming. “But heroes break. And you’re broken, Silas. You’re so broken that you’ve become the villain of your own story.”

What is it about Natasha’s writing that is total book crack each and every single time? And this book was certainly no exception. I devoured it in a matter of hours and am now at a loss of what to do with myself until the conclusion.

At first I was a little worried after reading the blurb that this would be a love triangle. But it’s the furthest thing from it and I’m so invested.

Ophelia Hart is the sweet girl next door. When her family moves next door to the Fox’s, two boys come into her life; Ethan Fox, the toxic, selfish, rich boy and Silas Cruz, his illegitimate half brother that the family doesn’t claim. The tension between the two boys is evident, and it only grows worse through the years. The story is told in numerous flashbacks from present adult Ophelia, to the progression of her relationship with the two boys over the years from her teens.

The adult Ophelia finds herself in a strange situation of being engaged to a man who doesn’t love and her beloved father behind bars for what she never imagined him doing. And Silas Cruz? He’s determined to save her despite the mysterious animosity he carries for Ophelia from years past. As the reader turns the page, you learn more about what took place between these two and you fall more and more for them even when the odds are stacked against them.

Adult Silas is no longer the boy who was willing to take abuse from his father to protect his beloved mother. He’s a man who found success and money on his own and is so desperate for revenge against those who wronged him, that he can practically taste it. And Ophelia? She’s the key to it all.

The chemistry is incendiary and the story is suspenseful with a splash of grit and I am wholly obsessed! I can’t wait for the conclusion because that cliffhanger was absolutely painful.

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