Review: Twisted Deeds by Mila Kane

Series: Hellions of Hade Harbor Book 3
Author: Mila Kane
Genre: Dark Romance, New Adult Romance
Release Date: June 26, 2024

They call her the Ice Queen.
Winter De Laurie. Cold by name and by nature.
She’s always been a spoiled little brat, daddy’s little princess, while I’m the guy from the wrong side of the tracks. She’s always made it clear that I’m beneath her.
It was hate from first sight.

But when she needs help, she can’t turn to anyone from her cushy, cashmere life.
She needs a man who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.
She comes to me.
I’ll help, for a price.
I’ve started to think that while I might hate the ice queen, I wouldn’t mind dirtying up her innocent princess persona.
Even royals can fall, and I plan to ruin this one completely.

Meet the Ice Gods, the Hockey players who never play by the rules and own Hade Harbor and everyone in it. Dark Delights is a standalone bully romance featuring a possessive hockey playing Ice God, and the smart, mouthy object of his obsession.


You’ve got some fucking mouth on you, DeLaurie. One day, someone, somewhere, is going to show you that the sun doesn’t shine out of your ass… and put you in your place.”
“In my place?”
“Yeah, in your fucking place.” He leaned in, his hot breath against my lips. “On your knees… crawling, naked and humble, until the brat act dies…”

I have been absolutely feral for this book ever since the last chapter of Dark Delights. That sneak peek into Winter and Asher’s story had me gagging. GAGGING I tell you.

I’m the trouble you won’t recover from.”

Asher is the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, Beckett’s best friend and Eve’s twin brother from Dark Delights. He doesn’t come from money or born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He’s pure unadulterated talent with NHL dreams, and the last thing he wants is to get tangled up with the rich girl, Winter.

If you offer me anything, I’ll take everything.”

Winter and Asher’s relationship is not a simple one. It’s full of hate, loathing, and equal opportunity antagonism. Winter is desperate to escape the attention of an obnoxious rich guy who has his eyes on her and zero good intentions, so she lies to her father that she has a boyfriend. Now to just convince Asher to play along.

Asher wants nothing to do with the ice queen and so a game begins of Asher pushing and Winter pulling. A game of sorts to see if Winter can push him into faking their relationship and Asher pushing her to look like a fool. It was utterly delicious. I loved the push and pull between them and I loved their hate lust. It even had the impossible happening and me coming to like Selena, and who saw THAT coming considering how much I hated her in the previous book. And I sincerely hope Mila will have a book for her because I need her redemption. There’s also a peak into a new secondary character who will be getting a duet soon and I CANNOT FLIPPING WAIT.

My only quibble is there was a scene with Winter and Asher at the end of the previous book that I thought we would get more of or at least an explanation. And while I can assume, it wasn’t plugged into this book…unless I missed something. I was sort of expecting to have that scene come up and built on in this book. But in either case, I devoured this book and finished it in one sitting, so clearly it didn’t bother me much. And I cannot wait for more in this series. If you love dark hockey romance, this series is a must read.


I’m obsessed with cats, coffee, and anti-heroes just the right side of insane.

I write dark and dirty romance with the alpha-holes of your most filthy nightmares.

While I like my heroes obsessed and powerful, I like my heroines smart and independent. My headstrong, capable women will bring their own personal demons to their knees, and capture their hearts at the same time.

I only write SAFE stories, there is never a place for another woman in my heroes sights, once he’s caught the scent of the heroine, and there will always be, no matter how dark and twisted the story might be… a HEA guarantee xx


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