DGR’s Ultimate List of Dirty Talkers

DGR List- Dirty talkers

Alright, dirty birds, ask and you shall receive. Last month on my Facebook page I asked you all what list of my ultimate favorites you’d like to see first, and Dirty Talkers won by a landslide. Shocker, I know. You know that I love me my dirty talkers so it’s only appropriate that we start with them. Look out for the vote for next month’s ultimate list options coming your way on my page some time next week. But now, without further ado, let’s get to my list that’s in no particular order, shall we?

Trey Coleman

PNR fans, if you haven’t read this book yet, I don’t even know who you are. Sizzling HOT, hysterically funny, and with a domineering hot as FUCK alpha male.

Goodreads / Amazon

Diskant Black

And so in the spirit of PNR, let’s continue with Diskant fucking Black. Not only is this man a dirty talker, he’s an OMEGA for fuck’s sake, which is like an alpha OVERLOAD. You’re welcome.

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And one more alpha in the PNR genre that’s sure to send ovaries into overdrive; Dorian. Setta Jay writes some glorious PNR smut. I’ll never get enough of it. Ever.

Goodreads / Amazon

Reed Lawson

Now I ask you, is it even a dirty talkers list without the queen of dirty talk, Tessa Bailey? I think not. The woman wrote some of my all time favorites. But since I can’t put every single one of her books on my list, I’ll have to go with my recent favorite; the tatted and broody Reed Lawson.

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Rafe Davenport

I have 3 words for you; Cop. Fantasy. Role-play. Or is that 3.5 words? What the hell ever because this had one of THE most memorable sex scenes I’ve ever read, people! It involves a cop, getting pulled over, and… well read it and find out for yourself. I’m a terrible tease, aren’t I? 😉

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Colt McCade

Colt McCade, professional bull rider and ovary wrangler. Oh yes, dirty birds, he’s just as delicious as he sounds. Plus 2 words for you: Forest. Scene. That is all.

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AJ Walsh

You know what they say about those quiet nice guys? They’re hiding a dirty talking bad boy and they happen to be beasts in the sack. Or maybe that’s just AJ Walsh. Whatever the case may be, this book made my ovaries happy.

Goodreads / Amazon

Jax Chamberlin

The phone sex! Oh my god, the phone sex! Did I mention the phone sex? Jax Chamberlin  is a successful stunt man by day, and dirty talker extraordinaire by night. And also…phone sex.

Goodreads / Amazon

It’s currently FREE on Amazon, so grab it while you can 😉

Greg Cage

What’s better than a dirty talker? A dirty talker with some cock accessories. Uhem. Yes, dirty birds, of THAT variety. Cage may have been my favorite in the series, can’t even lie 🙂

Goodreads / Amazon 

Dylan Day

Firstly, if you haven’t met Lucien Knight of Kitty French’s Knight series, you haven’t lived. Period. Having said that, Mr. Dylan Day is just as delicious. I mean the quote up there? I can’t even. The man is sex on stick. And I loved every scrumptious morsel of him. This is book 3 in the Knight series and can be enjoyed as a standalone 🙂

Goodreads / Amazon

Brad De luca

This man needs NO introduction. When you meet him, you’ll see. Intense is an understatement when trying to describe him. Sometimes he doesn’t even need to speak to melt the panties in a 20 mile radius.

Goodreads / Amazon 

Jonathan Drazen

Yet another man that needs no introduction. I discovered this series early last year and BINGED. It just doesn’t get any better than Jonathan Drazen. Unfortunately  the complete series in one set is no longer available, but you can get it in episode box sets of 3 bundles

GoodreadsBox Set 1 / Box Set 2 / Box Set 3


I’m a HUGE Cherise Sinclair fan. Her Doms never fail to send my ovaries into overdrive. Now admittedly, I’m not usually a fan of hard core sadist but I’m a converter after meeting deVries. Sweet baby Jebus! Even if sadists aren’t usually your cuppa, I highly suggest you give this one a try. I guarantee you won’t be sorry. ALL BDSM fans need to have this book on their TBR. Do it or deVries will spank you.

Goodreads / Amazon

Seth Warren

Seth Warren. A GTO. And some crazy hot sexy times. Easily my favorite Ross Siblings book to date.

Goodreads / Amazon

Logan Mitchell

Look, I’m not sure if your ovaries will survive this book or the absolute hotness that is Logan and Tate, but man oh man what a way to go.

Goodreads / Amazon

Cole Madison

Did you know that Logan Mitchell (from Try) has a brother? A hot, tatted up, caramel loving, dirty talking lawyer. One thing I can tell you for sure, is that you will NEVER be able to look at caramel without getting shot flash ever again.

Goodreads / Amazon

Andrew Hamilton

3 words. Andrew fucking Hamilton. The dirty talker to beat all dirty talkers. Period. It doesn’t get any better than his hungry cock. What? Don’t look at me like that! The synopsis even talks about his cock’s appetite. The man is a dirty talking god. It would’t be a dirty talkers list without Mr. Hamilton.

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  1. Fantastic round up! Bring up a LOT of dirty sinful memories!

  2. 1. My ovaries just exploded at work.
    2. I’m about to buy some more books.
    3. Thank you very much.

  3. LOVE THIS LIST!!!!! Thanks for doing this, girl!

  4. I’ve been rereading the same books over and over for the past month or so (namely Kristen Ashley’s novels), dying to find something new I’d get caught up in, trying a few things here and there without success… Till I tumbled on your list!!!! I have 2 words: THANK YOU!!!!!!

  5. Michelle Lucero says

    Love your reviews!!! I found one of your reviews on Goodreads and I always check your site before I buy a book!

  6. Definitely give The Master by Kresley Cole a shot. Amazing chemistry and super hot sex scenes. What’s awesome is the the heroine gives as good as she gets. It’s rare to find a heroine also doing dirty talk.

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