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Lana K. (Owner/Reviewer)

Well I suppose this is the part where we get better acquainted, and I tell you that I’m a Sagittarius, enjoy a nice glass of wine after work, and long walks on the beach? But where’s the fun in that?

Let’s start with being on a first name basis. So hello, and welcome to my blog 🙂 My name is Lana, and I’m a romance book addict. There is no cure for my addiction, so I have come to wholeheartedly embrace it. I’m a mama, wife, and full time business owner. In between all that you will almost always find me with my nose buried in my Kindle.

I love a good Romance, whether it be Contemporary, New Adult, Romantic Suspense, PNR, or sweet sweet MM Romance, though my preference as of late tends to lean towards the darker and grittier reads. I do NOT read books without a HEA, my poor sensitive little heart can’t handle it. I may be a dirty girl, but I still have feelings dammit! Don’t judge me! I may like my Romance books dirty, but I am a delicate fucking flower.

I’ve been reading Erotic Romance since before the FSoG explosion. I mean, there’s nothing hotter than a good sexy love scene. But I do have standards, I’d like a great story to go along with my delicious smut.

So you may ask yourself, why dirty girl? Well aside from my obvious love of steamy books, of course. I have what you’ll come to find as one of the worst dirty minds. I have this amazing ability to turn even the innocent phrase into a dirty one. It’s a gift really. I also have an incredibly dirty mouth. I’m pretty sure that I can make a sailor blush. Orbit couldn’t do fuck all for it, so I’ve simply come to embrace it. But be prepared for most of my reviews to be littered with f-bombs and the like. So you’ve been warned!

If a truck driver and a sailor came together to make one foul mouthed and sarcastic love child, that would be me. So if you’re offended by snarky humor and cussing, this is not the blog for you. You may not like it, and that’s your particular opinion which I can respect.

And if you are a fellow dirty girl that likes steamy romance, can appreciate a dirty joke, sarcasm, and a sporadic use of profanity…

JENNIFER B. (Reviewer)

Hi, my name is Jennifer, and I’m Lana’s bitch. Lol.

I’m a wife, Psychology professor, and mom of 2 CRAZY children who literally drive me crazy. I should actually be in a psych ward right now, but instead I’m here, writing book reviews!

I love to read anything that makes me FEEL SOMETHING. I love to cry. I love to laugh. I love to scream. Mostly, I love to love. I love a good, dirty, romantic story. Who doesn’t?! A regular story is fine, but if it doesn’t have some type of romance, I’m like, “What is happening?! There’s something wrong here!”

My kindle is my security blanket. I ALWAYS carry it with me, even if I know I won’t read it. I feel naked without it (Eek!). I think I would have a panic attack if I left the house without my kindle (I’m sweating just thinking about it!).

I love to do fun and honest reviews that people enjoy reading. If you don’t like my reviews, that’s ok. We all have different opinions. I’m just here to express mine….




Geri E. (Reviewer)

Hey, hey! My name is Geri and I’m the new Dirty Girl in town! *snicker* I just love saying that. Lol!

I’ve always been a reader, but my love affair with the romance genre didn’t start until I found my aunt’s secret stash of Harlequin Presents under her bed (not the best place to hide them, Aunt V) and I have not looked back since.

When people ask me why I love to read romance, I always tell them that romance is the only genre where the woman gets what she wants: the man (or woman), the orgasms, the career and everything else in between. I love that!

As for my reading taste…I tend to gravitate toward stories that have angst, drama, tension, conflict in them as long as there is a guaranteed HEA (happily-ever-after) at the end. Contemporary, historical, paranormal, suspense—whatever trope or sub-genre it is, I’ll read it as long as it has HEA. It’s a non-negotiable requirement for me. Non-HEA “romance” books makes me stabby. So gimme all the romance books with HEA. I want them all!

And also, I love wine.



  1. Hi Lkay!! I decided to check out your blog and its great!!! I subscribed so I can see all your stuff. Have loved chatting on GR!!
    Ps-I love your "about me" section!! One of the sassiest I've seen-super cute Lana :-))
    Deanna❤Pink Lady❤

    • Hey Deanna!
      I like to call this blog my pervy den of iniquity LMAO. So welcome 😉
      And thanks, girl. I figured it's best to warn people what they're in for with me hahahahaha

  2. Lana,
    LOVE LOVE your "about me" description! "I do NOT read books without a HEA, my poor sensitive little heart can't handle it. I may be a dirty girl, but I still have feelings dammit! Don't judge me! I may like my Romance books dirty, but I am a delicate fucking flower." -love your honesty and sass!

    I enjoy your status updates on GRs and your reviews are just AWESOME!!


  3. LOL!

    Love the intro, Lana!

  4. Hi Lana!! I cannot believe I have never "clicked" your blog from reviews on GR's! I adore your intro…you delicate fucking flower you!!! Always love your reviews and this blog is ahhmazing!


  5. We could definitely be great friends Lana! Oh sorry, fucking great friends!

  6. Lana, I have just one little thing to say to you ….. you’re my new BFF 🙂
    The only problem ia that I live in Portugal 🙁

  7. Victoria says

    I love your blog, it so Good dammit!😍

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