Review: ★Kissed★ by Elizabeth Finn

Genre: Erotic, Contemporary Romance
Author: Elizabeth Finn
Release Date: May 23, 2016add-to-goodreads-button-2


Reputation is everything, a fact Keegan Lauri knows all too well. A political PR strategist by trade, he makes his living creating and protecting the image of men, protecting them from women like Gabrielle Kitrick. She’s a threat to every man who falls for her. Beautiful, innocent, young, and available … for a price… Gabe is the shiny little trophy men of power seem to desire. But possessing her is a risk, a risk Keegan is responsible for removing from his client’s life.

He’s not above manipulating her for his own professional gain. He’s not even above seducing her and enjoying every second of it. But he finds out quickly her looks are a façade, and the more he comes to know Gabe, the more difficult it becomes to ignore her humanity. Because behind her beauty and crimson-lipped smile lies a young woman fighting for a better future, a future his very involvement with her jeopardizes.

When Keegan’s professional responsibilities threaten to expose her, will he choose to do his job or protect the young woman he’s become so attached to?

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So how much then?”
“How much…?”
“For your lips.”
“They’re not for sale.”

If there’s one thing I know when I pick up a new book by Elizabeth Finn, it’s that angst and a punch straight to the feels is guaranteed. There’s a damn good reason why she’s become my go-to when I’m craving an addicting combination of angst and feelings and she’ll deliver on the promise 100% of the time. Reading the synopsis I knew I was in for one heck of a read and I was not wrong. It’s everything I hoped it would be; seductive, emotional, angsty and hot enough to burn.

Keegan Lauri is ruthless when it comes to his job as a political PR strategist. He will do whatever it takes, even if it requires playing dirty. When he realizes that his new “assignment” happens to have a weakness in the form of the stunning woman that shows up on his arm to a political function, he knows he needs to get rid of her by any means necessary. What he doesn’t expect is to be lured in by her beauty and intriguing vulnerability himself…

Don’t worry. I won’t tell your secrets,” I whisper.
“You ARE the secret,” she whispered back.

Gabrielle Kitrick may be my favorite heroine I’ve read of Finn’s in a while. She’s this endearing combination of vulnerability and strength. The way that the author unveils all her layers though each chapter only serves to connect you to her even more. She may be a high priced escort, but she has a damn good reason for doing what she does. She’s not one of those in your face with her sexuality heroines, yet she doesn’t exactly berate herself about it either. When the devastatingly handsome Keegan shows up instead of her ‘client’ and propositions her for a night, the pull between them is too strong for her to refuse and so she gives in.

You want me to kiss it and make it feel better again, all those feelings you have bottled up inside, torturing you? Our lips sure do know how to make it disappear, don’t they?

What begins is a dangerous push and pull between two people that have everything to lose and yet chose to loose themselves in each other. The chemistry between them is undeniable and you can practically feel the electric current that crackles between them. The fact that you’re basically reading the book just waiting for the other shoe to drop makes it for one absolutely unputdownable read.

You know that something will go wrong, but you don’t know when or how. And that particular weight is a shadow over each and every one of their stolen interactions.

He leaned down, kissing my shoulder and then up to my ear. “Use me,” he whispered. ” I know you need to.”

The one thing that this author knows how to do amazingly well is give her characters an incredible amount of depth and you certainly feel that with both Keegan and Gabe. Keegan is a wonderfully multi-layered character. He may be ruthless when it comes to his job and he may not be able to control some of the insults that fly out of his mouth in the heat of the moment, but there’s also something so incredibly vulnerable about him too. The way that these emotions of his get unveiled is utterly delicious. With each new chapter brings an added depth to him and you can’t help but fall for him even though you know that he just may be Gabe’s ultimate demise…

They can’t hurt me. They can’t make some cruel off-the-cuff remark like you and cut me to the bone. The don’t get to make me cry. They can’t truly touch any part of me that really matters. You”- it came out on a rush of breath, trailing into nothing for a moment- “hurt.”

This is a story that kept me glued to the pages from beginning to finish. While I knew what was coming, it still managed to pack in a few surprises with the way everything took place. I believe the point is that the reader ultimately knows what would happen and spend the entirety of the book with their heart in their throat waiting for that other shoe to drop. Finn manages to wrangle quite a few emotions in the process making this not only one sizzling read but something beyond your typical escort book. The pacing is perfection, the characters are phenomenally developed and the story itself is purely addicting. If you haven’t read anything by this author yet, I highly suggest you start with this one. I guarantee you that you’ll be hooked. Elizabeth’s brand of angst just works for me and she seriously outdid herself with Kissed. I can’t wait what else she has in store for us with her future releases.

I’d entered her life too thoughtlessly, too callously, too selfishly, and try as I might to undo that, I’d just never succeeded.

New Release & Review: ★Kane’s Hell★ by Elizabeth Finn

Kane’s Hell
Author: Elizabeth Finn
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Note: Trigger warning
Release Date: May 1, 2015

Kane and Helene were the best of friends until a nightmare devastated them… Hopes were destroyed, dreams shattered, a budding teenage love torn to pieces. Eleven years later their lives are nothing like they once were. Time has changed them … and not for the better.Helene is smart, driven, and accomplished—her education and achievements a smoke screen hiding the frigid and fragile child wounded long ago.Kane is equally obsessed with his coping mechanisms—fighting … drinking … screwing … compulsively destroying himself one vice at a time.When their paths collide again, their past becomes an obstacle no coping mechanism in the world can protect them from. But confronting the past so they can heal in the present is no easy task. Can Kane reach Helene and recapture what used to burn so warmly between them, or will his own self destructive demons pull her into his hell?

A woman determined to look forward. A man always looking back. A love desperate to be restored.

“You’re the brightest, warmest star in my universe. You’ll never be less than everything to me.”

WARNING: This book contains darker subject matter and violent content that may be difficult for some readers.

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4 stars


I need to be near you, and I DON’T know what that looks like. But I DO know I need it. Please give me another chance.

Fans of second chance romance prepare to get your hearts ripped out. I’m talking ‘reach through your throat, make you ugly cry in a corner and fuck you up’ kind of ripped out. It’s no secret that this author writes some ANGST, but nothing prepared me for this book. Let me start off with a disclaimer here; I don’t think this book is for everyone. There’s a particular scene in this book that’s a potential trigger and if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing, well, be advised. Being a huge fan of dark romance I’m fairly desensitized to most things, but this scene even made me cringe. It was very difficult to read even if it wasn’t overly descriptive. It broke my cold and black little heart dammit. I actually had to pause the book right after it just to get my shit together. Yeah. It was that effective.

Kane and Helene were best friends in high school and had a budding romance going which Kane was always hesitant to act on. But then one night and one event changed the course of their lives irrevocably. Prepare yourselves for one gut-wrenching read because this event? It was BAD. You don’t know what it is and it will be retold through present to past flashbacks in the first third of the story.

I needed you, and you left me. You left me in this place to deal with…everything on my own.

What happened made Helene a shell of the woman that she once was. It took her years to wade her way out of the pain and nightmares especially since Kane left right after it, but she did it through her focus on school. Now eleven years later, she’s teaching and working on her dissertation, using her education and her career to push back the devastating memories. The last person she expects to walk into her classroom is the only person that knows what happened those years ago and shared the nightmare with her.

Can’t we just forget about the monsters,” he whispered….
“All I want is to remember us.”

The last place Kane wants to be in is the one that reminds him of everything that he lost and the nightmares he barely keeps at bay. Where Helene uses her education and career to mask her pain, he uses self punishment in the form of fights, alcohol and sex. He craves the pain to punish himself. Back to care for his ailing father, he’s determined to finally get the only girl that’s ever had his heart.

I’m not good at much in this world. But I’m good at loving you.”

If you’ve come to love Elizabeth’s dirty talkers, Kane definitely delivers on that end. He also has that dash of asshole that you’ve come to expect from this author, though not overly so.

The story is told in 3 parts; the first third is told in alternating flashbacks of present to past, slowly retelling the nightmare that Hell and Kane shared together 11 years ago. The reader is given one small piece of the puzzle in each flashback until all the pieces begin to fit together into one devastating picture. The 2nd and 3rd part doesn’t have the flashbacks and is told all in the present and focuses on Hell and Kane attempting to put their broken pieces together again.

Everything about us is fragile- our relationship, the way we communicate, the way we fuck. I always feel like I’m two seconds away from letting you slip through my fingers. It’s all so very fucking fragile.

I did find the story dragging a little somewhere after the 40% mark and I found myself skimming through quite a few sex scenes. I can’t say that it read like a filler, not at all. But it was slower paced after the jaw dropping events of the first third.

I love you, Helene. I want you to know that. You’re the only person I have ever and will ever love in this lifetime. I’m so good at loving you. It’s the one thing I can safely say I will never falter at.

This was NOT a dark romance, but it certainly had much darker undertones than anything I had previously read by this author before. It had plenty of her trademark angst, dirty talk and hot as hell sex scenes. But beyond that it also had a beautifully painful second chance romance about two very broken people that slowly learn how to heal themselves and put back together their shattered pieces.

You are EVERYTHING to me,” I said emphatically.
“Sometimes nothing is enough- not even everything.”

It’s not an easy read for sure, but it’s certainly worth the pain for the beauty of their HEA at the end.

Spotlight, Exclusive Excerpt & #Giveaway: ★Kane’s Hell★ by @ElizabethFinn77

Confession time: I’m an angst whore. A total and complete angst whore and I make no apologies for it. So it should come as no surprise that I’m a huge Elizabeth Finn fan. If you’ve read her books, you know exactly what I’m talking about. And if you haven’t and you like your heroes to be alpha assholes, your heroines with an understated sort of strength, and enough angst to wallop you over the head and keep you glued to the pages from start to finish? Well, allow me to introduce you to your new favorite author.

Kane’s Hell is Elizabeth’s upcoming release (scheduled for May 1, 2015) and is a standalone. I’m so excited to be able to spotlight this incredible book today AND offer you all an exclusive teaser! Read to the end of the post to enter the GIVEAWAY for your chance to win an ebook of Kane’s Hell.

About The Book

Kane and Helene were the best of friends until a nightmare devastated them… Hopes were destroyed, dreams shattered, a budding teenage love torn to pieces. Eleven years later their lives are nothing like they once were. Time has changed them … and not for the better.Helene is smart, driven, and accomplished—her education and achievements a smoke screen hiding the frigid and fragile child wounded long ago.Kane is equally obsessed with his coping mechanisms—fighting … drinking … screwing … compulsively destroying himself one vice at a time.

When their paths collide again, their past becomes an obstacle no coping mechanism in the world can protect them from. But confronting the past so they can heal in the present is no easy task. Can Kane reach Helene and recapture what used to burn so warmly between them, or will his own self destructive demons pull her into his hell?

A woman determined to look forward. A man always looking back. A love desperate to be restored.
“You’re the brightest, warmest star in my universe. You’ll never be less than everything to me.”

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“Do you want to have sex with me?” I asked. It was a loaded question, and given the nervous look on his face, he knew that. If he said he didn’t, he ran the risk of hurting my feelings. If he said he did, he ran the risk of objectifying me as nothing more than a piece of ass—much like the many pieces that had come before me.

He pulled his lower lip into his mouth, and I watched him. When he nodded it was tight, and he was staring at my chin instead of my eyes.

I nodded. “I see,” I said as I looked around for a way to end this and make my escape.

“No you don’t,” he said. “You’re… You’re—”

“Let me guess. Special,” I said with a cruel sarcasm I just couldn’t help.

“Fuck yes you are,” he spat back at me, his face pinched in anger. “Listen,” he continued as he shook his head. “I didn’t ask for a truce so I could fuck you. You asked the question. I answered it honestly. I’m just…” He threw his hands up in the air in frustration. “…attracted to you. I always have been. It doesn’t mean I expect you to have sex with me. But don’t ask me a question unless you want the honest answer, because you’re going to get the truth, however ugly it is, upsetting it is, or shocking it is.”

I stared at his chest, but he lifted my chin again.

“Please look at me.” His fingers squeezed gently against my skin. “I know this has been hard on you. The past few weeks, you’ve been forced to deal with the mess I’ve made of myself. You saw my ugly, and I was defensive, because you’re life looks beautiful to me. And it made me feel pathetic.”

“My life doesn’t feel beautiful,” I said quietly.

He nodded. “I know. I’m sorry. But please take that step over the line. I need you too.”

I nodded, and he sighed as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his body. I slid my right hand up under his T-shirt, knowing exactly where I’d find the scar, and I covered it with my palm. His muscles tensed under my touch, but then he relaxed into it, and he inhaled deeply against my hair.

We stood there for too long, and I listened to his heart beat, and I soaked in the warmth of him. This felt good again, being close to him. I needed it to stay that way.

When he walked toward the kitchen, I followed. There was a large garbage can in the center of the kitchen floor. It was the same one that had been in the middle of the living room floor a few weeks prior, but instead of being filled with just wood scraps and pieces of drywall, it was now littered with broken liquor bottles, and it reeked of alcohol.

I stared into the garbage can as Kane pulled a carton of whipped cream out of the fridge and started eating it with a spoon.

“You could have emptied the bottles first you know, rather than smashing them full in the garbage can.” I smirked.

He smiled. “I know,” he said around the spoon in his mouth. “But they always smash them full in the movies. Sometimes in the sink, which… Why? Right?” he asked jokingly.

He scooped up another spoonful of whipped cream, and he handed it to me. I stared at it for a moment, but I took the spoon, popping it into my mouth.

“Who the hell wants to pick glass out of a sink?” he continued. “This is my ode to Hollywood cinematic ridiculousness. I suppose it’s visually powerful though.”

I chuckled quietly, pulling the spoon out of my mouth. “Are you an alcoholic?” I asked him bluntly.

“No.” His answer was simple and came without pause. “No. I do, however, tend to deflect pain by masking it with other things. I just decided I don’t want a bottle of the-easy-way-out sitting nearby when things get messed up in my head again.”

I nodded. He yawned, and the sight of his yawn made me yawn too.

“I should get going,” I said.

“You don’t have to.”

I smiled. “I have an early call with my dissertation director tomorrow morning.”

“I’ll wake you up early.” He bit his lower lip as he waited for me to say something.

I wasn’t sure what to say. I wasn’t sure what he was even asking. But as I stood there trying to figure it out, he yawned again and took my hand, pulling me toward the hallway. I followed him, my nerves prickling with something that fell between excitement and absolute terror.

He stripped out of his T-shirt when he walked into the same bedroom he’d always had, and I looked around. It wasn’t a mess, it was just a sad, old rundown room. I reached out to a broken knob on the dresser that I remembered, even now, from childhood. He stepped behind me, pushing his hands up under the back of my T-shirt. He undid my bra, and then he helped me pull the straps down from under the short sleeves of my shirt.

When his hands reached around and fumbled with the waist of my pants, I held my breath. He pushed them down to pool at the ground, leaving my underwear in place, and then I felt him undoing his own pants as he kept his body close to mine. His breath touched the back of my ear, and he leaned down kissing the top of my shoulder.

He took my hand, leading me to the side of the bed, and I crawled in as he followed me. The mattress sat on the floor, and there was nothing plush about it. But the sheets, blanket and quilt smelled clean like his skin.

The bedside lamp was on behind him, and as I rolled toward him, he watched me. He wasn’t smiling. He wasn’t frowning. He just watched me, pulling me up close to him, his legs intertwined with mine. He brushed the hair off my forehead, and he trailed his finger down along my jaw.

“I’ve missed you so fucking much,” he said quietly. “Nothing has made sense in my life without you.” His thumb stroked over my chin.

“I missed you too.”

He studied me for a while, not closing his eyes, not saying a word, and it was odd and comfortable at the same time. It gave me a chance to study him too, and I did. He was aging well, and he still looked young and handsome—even if he carried a heavy past.

I reached for his chin, stroking the whiskers.

“What are you thinking?” I asked him.

He looked at my mouth. “That I’ve never kissed you. And that I want to. Very much.”

I bit my lower lip, and he smiled. When I leaned to his mouth, his eyes opened wider for a moment, but then they fluttered. After that, I was too close to see or care what his eyes were doing. I was also entirely too stunned by my own actions to think straight.

My lips met his, and I could feel his whiskers tickling my chin. He moaned this deep low sound from the pit of his chest, and I could feel the vibration of it. He sucked on my lower lip, tugging it gently and then releasing it so he could capture my top one between his. His hand met my cheek, his fingers curling behind my jawline and pulling my mouth harder to his, and the kisses came fast then—one after another.

My top leg was between his thighs, and the smacking sound of our lips left warmth in my groin as I rocked against his thigh.

“Oh, fuck,” he murmured between kisses. “You’re torture. Do you know that?” But he never stopped kissing.

He finally groaned through gritted teeth, forcing his kisses to move off my mouth to my cheek and then down the side of my throat to the crook of my neck that met my shoulder. He stopped kissing, breathing heavily against my skin. I could feel the hardness and the size of his erection against my top thigh that was sandwiched between his legs.

“There is nothing frigid going on between your legs right now, Hell. The heat coming off your pussy is intense,” he said with his lips to my skin.

Yes it was. I sighed as my hips stopped trying to screw his leg like a dog in heat. What the hell was going on inside me right now?

“Go to sleep, baby,” he whispered even as he still breathed heavily. “I don’t think either one of us are ready for this yet.”

I pulled back, trying to figure out if I was offended or not.

He smiled instantly. “Tell that analytical brain of yours to shut up. I didn’t mean it in a bad way.”

“How did you mean it?” I asked.

He yawned again, but his expression became intense and focused. “This is a complicated thing for us.” He glanced over my shoulder for a moment, but then he looked back at me. “I always kind of assumed it would be me,” he said simply. “Your first. And in some twisted way … I’m still glad I was.” The side of his lip pulled up, but it fell just as quickly.

I understood what he was saying, and I nodded.

“But God it was supposed to be so fucking different,” he said almost angrily, and he shook his head. He finally smiled again. “Go to sleep.” He leaned forward, kissing me in the middle of the forehead. He reached back and turned the lamp off, and I closed my eyes.

* * * *

I woke up when his arms tightened around me, and he hummed warmly against the back of my ear. “Do you want coffee?” he asked quietly, his voice hoarse with sleep.

I sat up, looking over Kane’s shoulder at the clock on the nightstand. It was six-thirty. “I better not,” I said as I stretched.

His hand slipped under the back of my shirt, and his palm ran over my skin, gently rubbing as it traveled up to the middle of my back. I sighed as I stretched my neck.

“When Dr. Briggs says she’s calling first thing in the morning, she means first thing in the morning. The woman once called me at seven-fifteen to review my grades. Talk about a rude awakening.” I chuckled as his hand continued to move and graze across my back. I glanced over my shoulder at him. I studied his face, and my cheeks flushed as goosebumps popped over my entire body. His eyebrows shot up as he felt it under his palm.

“What on earth are you thinking about?” he asked with a sly smile.

I didn’t say anything for a moment. “What would it be like if we decided to have a sexual relationship?”

His hand moved some more. “Emotionally or physically?”

My cheeks flushed again. “Physically.”

“I suppose…” he spoke slowly. “My mouth would likely be where my hand is right now. And if you wanted to ride my fucking thigh like you did last night, you wouldn’t feel the need to stop until you’d come all over my leg.” He sat up, still running his hand over my back. He rested his chin on my shoulder and I turned to face forward. “And I guess that kiss would have turned into full on fucking.”

The flush turned into warmth that radiated out through my limbs and then pulled back into my core to settle in my groin. “Emotionally?”

He kissed my shoulder again. “That’s more difficult,” he said.

I turned to look at him. His face was close to mine.

“In what way?” I asked.

He inhaled deeply. “It’s easy to make the physical things happen the way you want them to.”

“Sex, fighting, alcohol,” I said.

He nodded. “Good insight. Yeah. Those things have a very tangible feel to them. There’s a cause and effect. If you do this, you get that. It’s simple. It’s uncomplicated.”

“You’re saying the emotional side of all this is more complicated?”

“Do you see it any other way?” he asked.

I turned my body toward him then, and his hand slipped from underneath my shirt. “No, I don’t,” I said as I shook my head. My eyes drifted away as I contemplated that.

“Hey.” He pulled my face to look at him. When he opened his mouth to speak, he quickly closed it and sighed. But then he opened it again. “Complicated is okay.”

His eyes shifted down to my mouth. He looked vulnerable as though he were afraid of what I was thinking. Odd thing was I felt the same of him. He finally looked back at my eyes.

“If you want to know what it looks like… it’s open, it’s honest, we talk, we listen, we spend time together. The thing is, I told you I want to be close to you. That’s an emotional thing for us whether there’s sex involved or not.”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

He reached for my mouth, cupping my chin and running his thumb over my lower lip. “Don’t kiss me again…” he said quietly.

I gasped, and my eyes dropped to his chest.

“…unless that’s the direction we’re going.”

My pulse spiked, and I had to force myself to make eye contact. I was holding my breath when I did.

“Because I liked it too much. I need to know you’re not going to take that away from me if it happens again.”

My breath left me in a rush, but I nodded. He smiled gently, even seductively, but it was reassuring nonetheless.

I glanced at the clock again. “I really have to go. I’m sorry.”

He stood and pulled me up to my feet, and then he snatched my jeans from the floor. Once I’d put them on quickly, he stuffed my bra into the pocket, smirking down at me. He walked me to the door, and I ran out to my car as he watched from the porch.


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Blog Tour & Review: ★Inappropriate★ by Elizabeth Finn

Title: The Fight for Us & Inappropriate
Series: Bristol Island Tales
Author: Elizabeth Finn
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Hosted By: DRC Promotions
A New Standalone Bristol Island Tale.

Cohen is a man apart on Bristol Island—an outcast loved by all but separated by his position within the community. Dylan is the newest resident in town, but she arrives with a dark secret and a desire to keep it buried.

But when burning attraction is thrown into the mix, his job and her secrets are quickly forgotten—that is until one impetuous decision renders a relationship off-limits, unethical, and utterly inappropriate.

Living next door to one another on the island’s isolated peninsula guarantees their paths will cross time and time again. With fate tempting Cohen to ignore his conscience and, for the first time in his life, gamble with the rules, will he risk everything for Dylan?

And what happens when Dylan’s past suddenly catches up to her? Will she find the strength to bare her soul to him? Or will she let her secrets take them both down?

Sometimes the inappropriate relationship is the most appropriate of them all.

4 Stars

He wanted to feel all of her- every inch. The woman he couldn’t ethically fuck, he wanted to fuck six ways to Sunday without a single socially acceptable barrier between them.

There’s one thing that you know for sure when you finish an Elizabeth Finn book; the woman does angst and she does it well. If you like borderline asshole heroes, vulnerable but yet strong in their own right heroines, and enough angst to leave you crying for your mama then this is definitely the author for you. Luckily she gives you just enough steam to dilute the angst, which makes for one fabulous mix.

Inappropriate is book two in the Bristol Island series, but it is easily read as a standalone. The characters from the previous book do make an appearance here, and you’ll appreciate it that much more if you’ve read The Fight for Us, but you won’t be lost if you haven’t read it either.

It hurts to want something you can’t have so much.

The small town of Bristol Island is the perfect place for Dylan Corbett to get out of her current writer’s block and perhaps find the peace that she hasn’t been able to in the past few years.

She wrote what she needed from the world, not what she had; she just happened to do it very convincingly, because one upon a time, she actually did have those things, until she found out she didn’t.

She’s an erotic romance writer and that’s all you really know about her. You can clearly see that she’s had a troubling past, but that’s something that will not be fully revealed for quite a bit. The one thing that I really loved is the littler kernels of similarity between Dylan’s books and Elizabeth Finn herself. It almost read like she cleverly wove in her own personality into Dylan in terms of what she writes, if that even makes sense. If you’ve read any of Finn’s previous books, you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Dylan meets her handsome new neighbor, Cohen, who also serves as the inspiration for the hero on the book she’s currently trying to write. This is where the inappropriate factor also comes in, because not only is Cohen her neighbor, he’s also the town’s only doctor. And when Dylan has a pressing medical concern, she has no choice but to visit the local clinic and get the surprise of a life time.

This also had one of the most awkward and at the same time humorous situations I’ve ever read. I don’t want to give anything away but I swear I found myself cringing the entire time I was reading it.

The sexual tension between Cohen and Dylan is incredibly potent. The ‘inappropriateness’ of their situation made for a long stretch of sexual tension.

But when these two finally give into the sizzling chemistry between them, let’s just say fireworks go off.

While I loved the angst and the tension, there was also something missing for me. I can’t even pinpoint exactly what it was but I just found myself growing bored with the story in certain places and skimming slightly. Maybe because it would go through segments of angst to a part where really nothing was happening? I’m really not sure. But there was just always something that kept this from being completely enthralling for me and demanding all my attention. I had no problems setting this book down and coming back to it later. I do love me a good asshole and Cohen certainly had his moments of it…2 VERY big ones. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to jock punch him or lick him, but it all came together wonderfully.

Dylan was definitely a crier, but she also had a quiet sort of strength to her. While she’s not my perfect heroine (I tend to be SUPER picky with this), I never had an issue with her bouts of vulnerability.

Cohen, there isn’t a single moment when I’m with you that I’m not wholly and completely WITH you. If I say something, it’s only for you. If I do something it’s to you. The way I touch you is all about you. There is nothing else outside of us when I’m with you.

If you’re a fan of this author, you’ll definitely enjoy this book; angsty and sexy, two of my favorite things.

Don’t miss the first book in the Bristol Island series

Elizabeth Finn is a multi-published contemporary romance author. Her passion is creating stories packed full of believable conflicts, characters who leave you rooting for them, and romance that might just short-circuit your e-reader. She likes her characters flawed, but they always find the best part of themselves on their journey. And her readers find themselves devoted to her honest and heartfelt voice.

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Review: ✩Unforgettable✩ by Elizabeth Finn

 The sequel and conclusion of Unforgiven.

In Unforgiven, Darren and Bailey proved forgiveness is possible even after a painful past, but absolution isn’t the end of their story. Trust has to be rebuilt, faith restored, and the strength of their bond tested.

They may have stopped battling each other, but that doesn’t mean the fight is over. And life has a way of packing the biggest punch—the most painful…

When life throws a curve ball, the future they fought so hard for is at risk. And when Bailey’s resolve is weakened, Darren has to carry them both. She may be his world, but is he strong enough to shoulder the weight of that responsibility? Her trust in him is critical, but has forgiveness given her enough peace to put her every hope and dream in his hands?

A woman forgiven… A man redeemed… A love unforgettable…

3.5 Emotional Stars

If you’re willing to fight for something… the sky’s the limit.

I adore Elizabeth Finn’s writing, and Unforgiven was one of my very favorite books by her. It was such an emotionally gripping, poignant and unforgettable story of loss and forgiveness. Darren was a hero that I loved to hate and just plain loved. My heart broke for him and and for Bailey. After everything that they went through in their book, I was so excited to see that the author had a second book in store for them. Unforgiven ripped my heart to shreds, and I needed a follow up on their story to put things to right for me. Perhaps it was that expectation of mine that somewhat diminished my enjoyment of this book? So let me preface this by saying that Unforgettable was an incredibly well written, emotional, and touching story about forgiveness and healing. Just because I’m rating this 3 stars doesn’t mean I didn’t like it. I did. There were just a few issues I had with it that kept it from being the 5 stars that Unforgiven was for me.

The unavoidable truth was they were at the beginning of this journey, and making it through intact wasn’t a guarantee.

It was clear that even when Bailey and Darren got their HEA in the previous book, they still had a long road ahead of them. Forgiveness may be a choice, but it is never an easy one. Both of them still struggle with the choices they made; Bailey will the guilt of the past and her fear of getting hurt by Darren, and Darren’s fear of ever hurting Bailey the same way again. I have to say that as much of an asshole as Darren was in the last book, he more than makes up for it in this one.

I used to think I needed to forget you if I was ever going to be happy…”
She nodded subtly.
“God, I was so wrong.”

He tries so hard to atone for his callous treatment of Bailey from the past. I was swooning so hard over him in this book. His love for her is so evident and beautiful to read. I couldn’t get enough of it.

I found myself falling in love with this couple all over again. Unfortunately somewhere around the 30% mark, I also found my interest in them beginning to wane a little. I’m not sure why, but it felt too drawn out for me. I understand that they needed this time for healing, but I’m not sure if I like the amount of time that it was. It almost felt like a filler. An emotionally charged and well written filler, but filler nonetheless.

I think my biggest quibble has to be the tone of the book. For everything that they went through in the last one, I wanted more happy times for them in this one. And that just didn’t happen. It was another emotional and heartbreaking struggle, and it was just too much for me. After everything that this couple has already survived, for them to go through even more was just depressing.

It may just be my expectations working against me, since I would have rather gotten a HEA epilogue type novella for them. While it was great to get that insight into their therapy and healing, I though it could have also been at least half the length. There was a lot of internal monologue, and even the sex read like a filler at times as well.

After the 30% mark I found myself getting a little bored. But then Elizabeth Finns hit me upside the head with such a crazy case of the feels at the 60% mark, I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was gut wrenching. I was an emotional mess. And at the same time I almost hated that they had to go through even MORE than what they have already been through.

I did love that they finally got the MUCH needed HEA and epilogue that they so dearly deserved. I just wish their road to it wasn’t quite as depressing and emotional as it was. But the ending was absolutely beautiful.

He hadn’t deserved a second chance with her, but she’d given it to him regardless. “Starting over” meant a gift, a blessing.

If you loved Unforgiven, I highly recommend reading this book as it will give you the closure that you need for this couple. Just be prepared. This is not sunshine and rainbows and unicorns. It may not have been as emotionally devastating as the first book, but it will still hit you right in the feels.

Review: ☆The Rules Regarding Gray☆ by @ElizabethFinn77

Gracelynn is drowning in an existence that fails to fulfill her. A ballerina by trade, she’s devoted her life to the stage, sacrificing adventure for discipline. When her boyfriend gives her permission to want what she’s not supposed to want, can she walk away? Or will she leap?Jasper isn’t a man with many boundaries, and “sharing” a woman with his best friend is hardly a new endeavor. But the moment he meets Gracelynn he realizes she’s different. She leaves him feeling alive in a way he’s not used to, and for the first time in his life, he understands what it means to be wanted… Cherished… And he needs more…

But there are rules—rules that forbid Jasper from truly having her. As forbidden desire spirals out of control, Jasper has to decide if he’s willing to fight for something that doesn’t truly belong to him. His best friend doesn’t deserve her, but is Jasper strong enough to believe he does?

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I want to do something I’m not supposed to do. I want to want something I’m not supposed to want. I want to make the mistake I’m not supposed to make.

I’ll be the first to admit that the second I even get a whiff of a love triangle in a book

So when I first read the blurb here, I was a little scared. I don’t do love triangles…well aside from a very few exceptions. And if you’re anything like me? You’ll want to read this book. While a love triangle is implied with the “sharing”, it’s not really one. Gray’s boyfriend is a douchebag of epic proportions from the very first page, so there’s never really any doubt about who to root for. It’s very clear they’re not meant to be together. Now usually my biggest pet peeve when 3 people are involved is the heroine dilly dallying with a decision; stringing one along because she just can’t make up her mind while having an angst fest with the other man. I didn’t find that to be the case here either. Grace was clear about what she’s going to do fairly quick, and I understood why it took her the time that it did…though not always liking it. There were a few certain circumstances that prevent her from cutting Ian loose right away, and while I wish it happened quicker, I didn’t mind the pacing of it.

Gracelynn is a prima ballerina that’s devoted her life to her career and making sure she lives her life on the straight and narrow; disciplined. She’s been dating Ian for a few months, and things seem to be going well…until he makes a proposal that changes everything.

I want you to fuck Jas.

Yes, Ian is nothing if not eloquent.
How does a girl turn a proposal like that down? Well, easily actually. Gray is obviously insulted by it at first, as is Jasper. But neither can deny their uncontrollable attraction to one another, even though Gray is nothing like Jasper’s usual type. Deciding to finally let go of her tightly held rules, Gray decides to take the risk if only to know what it may be like and to experience the undercurrent of passion that seems to run between her and Jas. But of course the ever eloquent Ian also has some rules.

You don’t touch her. Not her tits, not her face, certainly not her pussy. You keep your mouth off her and your fingers out of her. And she will not be sucking your cock either. I’m reserving every part of her for myself except for one very small, tight hole.

He’s a real peach, isn’t he? See what I mean about this not really a being a love triangle since you’ll pretty much want to jock punch him from the very first chapter?

After one night of forbidden pleasure, it soon becomes clear that there’s something beyond just lust between Gray and Jas. But their guilt of betraying Jasper’s best friend and Gray’s boyfriend, Ian, is a constant presence between them.

 Jasper truly stole the show for me with this book. He was such an incredibly endearing character, I just couldn’t get enough of him. I loved how Elizabeth portrayed him as a strong yet ultimately broken man, and allowed him to let his emotions through while keeping him as alpha as it gets.

Say yes.”
“Yes”, she breathed out.
“Say you understand exactly what we’re doing. No rules, Gray. That means I’m going to fuck you however the hell I want and tell your boyfriend to eat shit while I’m stretching that sweet pussy of yours.”

This was an erotic and emotional read that will tug at your heart strings and make you fall for Jasper just as hard as I did. Gray, while I can’t say was my favorite heroine, was still a great one. If you’re concerned there may be cheating, don’t be. Ian pretty much gives the the go ahead, though Jas and Gray do still suffer from a healthy amount of guilt about it. I understood Gray’s struggle even though I did wish she would become a little more assertive with Ian. I did love how supportive she was of Jasper and I absolutely loved the two of them together.

I guess real closeness comes when you find that person that can…break the hold your darkness sometimes has on you. They can liberate you.

My one complaint? The way that Gray and Jasper chose to “handle” Ian at the end. Their “revenge” read more like a juvenile prank more so than what two grown adults would decide to do. I would almost rather they did nothing than what they did. It felt a little random and a lot childish to me. But hey, that may just be me. I wanted to castrate Ian after the 2nd chapter, and I suppose that may have been a touch too excessive for this book LOL. I hope that Ian continues to be surrounded in pussy….really….

Of the furry and feline variety that is. Lawd but I hated him. I wasn’t sure who I hated more in this book, Ian or Jasper’s dad. Both were strong contenders for douchebag of the year. But I digress…

If you’re a fan of Elizabeth Finn, this is a book you’re not going to want to miss. It was emotional, erotic, at times a little painful to read, but ultimately a beautiful love story that began as a bit of forbidden fruit. I also adored the epilogue, the perfect way to end things with a glimpse into their future…

Review: ☆The Fight For Us☆ by @ElizabethFinn77

When Isaiah moves his teenage daughter Natalie to a new town, there is little doubt he’s running away from the past. But what should have been a fresh start for them ends up fraught with pain and heartache when Natalie becomes the victim of intense bullying at her new school.
When Joss is called to a meeting with the high school principal to discuss her daughter Harper’s involvement in the bullying of a new student, she’s shocked to say the least. Her daughter can’t possibly be that child.
It’s a rocky start for Joss and Isaiah as they try to set their daughters on the right path. But there is more to Joss’s and Isaiah’s connection than just two teenage girls. Joss’s and Isaiah’s attraction to one another is undeniable, regardless of their fractious start. But his soul is broken, and as much as he’s drawn to her, he’s equally terrified of what that means.
Is Isaiah strong enough to let her get close to him?
Life sometimes forces you to make those choices whether you’re ready to or not. And when Joss’s life is turned upside down, Isaiah has to decide if he’s ready to leave his past behind and live again, or if he’s going to watch what he’s come to care so much for slip away. Isaiah’s fight is profound. Joss’s is too. And their strength to withstand it all is brutally tested.
Sometimes the willingness to fight for another is all a person has left to give. And sometimes the fight is the most important gift of all.
4.5 Stars

Sometimes the willingness to fight for another is all a person has left to give. And sometimes the fight is the most important gift of all.

What a fantastic book from Elizabeth Finn. This is probably my favorite book by her that I’ve read to date. The story, the characters, the steam, the side characters, I don’t think there was one thing I disliked about it. But my favorite part? The thing that ultimately sealed the deal for me was Isaiah. You just don’t get better than him.

If I even had the slightest doubt (which I didn’t), but IF I did, this quote by him at 25% absolutely did me in.

Your choice. Cunt or pussy, but so help me God, if you say some lame ass word like flower or lady garden you’ll pay for it later, because I don’t fuck gardens or flowers any more than I have a love sword attached to my groin.”

Now I ask you, how do you not love him?

I’m a huge fan of the hate to love trope, and by huge I mean HUGE. To say that Isaiah and Natalie start off on the wrong foot would be an understatement.

Natalie is getting over a horribly abusive marriage to a man that continues to manipulate her even 5 years later. She’s just trying to make ends meet and support herself and her teenage daughter. So when she gets a call from the high school principal about her daughter, Harper, being in trouble, the last thing she expects to hear is that she is responsible for bullying one of her classmates. The classmate also happens to be the daughter of the very pissed off man also present in the meeting, Isaiah.

Miss Finn did a brilliant job in writing this book with the division into 4 parts; The Fight, His Fight, Her Fight, Fight for Us. YOu get to know more about Isaiah and Natalie and their struggles with fighting for their own happiness. Both of them have been through so much, I really didn’t know who my heart hurt for more

Their struggle with the attraction to one another, moving on from their past and finally forming a connection was also written in a wonderful way. You really feel and see what drives them. You feel their pain, what’s holding them back from each other. It wasn’t a quick 180 where they go from hate to lust. It was definitely a slow burn. But when they finally do get there, boy was it satisfying

Come on then.”
“What? Where are we going?”
“Upstairs. Your bedroom.”
“Because obviously you need more convincing, and I’m not going to run the risk of getting caught eating your pussy in the living room. Certain things are inappropriate when you have children, and that’s definitely one of them.”

You really just can’t help but fall for Isaiah. He spends a good amount of the book being a grade A asshole. But as much as you want to hate him for it and his treatment of Natalie at times, your heart hurts for him at the same time. His struggle of feeling guilt about his past, his struggle about possibly having a future with Natalie…

He was sure in that moment that this was exactly where he was supposed to be and she was exactly who he was supposed to be with. But that fear, the fear that he’d lose her that surety, was lurking in the back of his mind.

I really loved Natalie’s character as well. She was damaged but she wasn’t broken. She definitely still had a very big core of strength to her. And the fact that Elizabeth Finn painted a picture of both of their inner struggles perfectly just made this book that much better.

I love you – every flaw, every mistake, every imperfection. You are so worthy so fight for this.”

On the subject of Natalie’s ex husband, I only have one thing to say

Damn but the woman can write one fucked up sociopath of a villain, and Todd was one sadistic fucker. Gawd but I hated him.

I don’t want to give much away, so I’ll cut myself off. But if you’re looking for an emotional and erotic read that has a great plot, fantastic characters, HOT as hell sex, and swoon worthy hero, you really should look no further than this book.

And the epilogue? Perfection
<Highlight to view spoiler>
I need you to love yourself as much as I love you, and I need you to let me love you too. I need you to share your hurt with me, not try to protect me from it or hide it from me. I need you to forgive yourself for your past, and I swear to God I’ll forgive myself for mine too if you will. And more than anything, I need you to fight.[

I need you to love yourself as much as I love you, and I need you to let me love you too. I need you to share your hurt with me, not try to protect me from it or hide it from me. I need you to forgive yourself for your past, and I swear to God I’ll forgive myself for mine too if you will. And more than anything, I need you to fight.

(hide spoiler)]
<end spoiler>
A huge rec from me. I’ve been a big fan of Elizabeth Finn’s for a while, but I think this book is in a different category of it’s own. Just fantastic. Read it! You won’t be disappointed.

ARC Review: ☆The Innocent Liar☆ by @ElizabethFinn77

A woman hiding from her past, a man lost in his own…

Fiona was desperate to find a life in Jackson, Wyoming, but when a job interview that was supposed to be a sure thing turns ugly, she doubts there’s much hope of it. Eli sees through her lies, and regardless of the favor his father has asked of him, he’s just too stubborn to hire a woman who refuses to even give him her real name.

But there is a reason for everything, and he finds out soon enough her deceptions have a purpose too.

Secrets and lies are nothing to build a relationship on, but their attraction to one another is too intense to ignore. They’re simply magnets pulled together in a situation that should be driving them apart, but Eli has his own ghosts to contend with, and his past leaves him incapable of trusting a woman he can never fully know.

How can they move beyond her lies when the truth is what Eli really needs, and when her past threatens to destroy her, can he rise above his own needs to protect her — his innocent liar?

3.75 Erotically Angsty Stars

A woman hiding from her past, a man lost in his own…

The Innocent Liar is an angsty and erotic story about 2 broken people, each hiding from different kinds of demons from their past.

Fiona is hiding behind a veil of lies, innocent as they may be. She’s in a desperate situation, and the one saving grace that she’s counting on is the job that Eli may give her as a favor to his father.

Too bad Eli is too much of an asshole to just blindly do what his father asks. A man with his past is not one that can trust a woman that can’t so much as give him her real name. And his none-too-gentle dismissal of Fiona sends her fleeing his office in tears.

Guilt, circumstance, and desperate need bring them together again. But can a man that’s incapable of blind trust survive a relationship with a woman that’s incapable of giving him the truth, no matter how hot the passion between them may be?

I really liked this story, especially with the introduction we get to Eli. I have a particular soft spot for assholes, and Eli was one major asshole when Fiona first showed up to his office. He’s not exactly known for being a nice guy. A past that still haunts him and a fucked up marriage and divorce have pretty much guaranteed that. But there’s a method to his madness…

Anger gave him a sense of control and power that had once been missing from his life. People always assumed when a person was broken they didn’t realize they were broken. It wasn’t at all true. He knew it well. He saw it in himself, yet he would do nothing to stop it because he didn’t know how to function without his defects. They kept him sane and grounded. That was just a fact of life for him.

Fiona was one of those characters that I had a tough time deciding whether I truly loved or not. She wasn’t quite strong, and yet she wasn’t exactly weak either. What she was, was desperate and hiding from something that you know from the very beginning is going to be brutal to learn.

But something pulls the two of them together, even if neither of them truly understand what it is. Eli is a man that depends on truth, and Fiona is a woman that can’t give him that. Yet the inevitable happens…

He’d lived his life as though his past didn’t exist, yet oddly, his past had consumed him. But now, it didn’t – it wasn’t, and strangely, what had happened so many years ago was closer to the surface than ever before. She had something to do with that, and he needed to hold onto her, even if he hadn’t a clue how to do that.

Eli bounced back and forth between an utter asshole, to sweet back to asshole, to broken man, and then sweet again. It was tough to get a handle on his moods at times, though I did understand the reasoning behind them.

I’ll admit that at times I struggled to understand the connection between him and Fiona. I get that there was a sexual pull between them, but I felt like the progression of their relationship, especially given the circumstances was a little unbelievable to me.

I do love Elizabeth Finn’s writing, and by then end of the book I was very much sold. And if there’s one thing that Elizabeth can give you, it’s one hell of a scorching love scene. If you like your books steamy, this one will deliver that in spades.

I’m going to eat your pussy.” His tongue flicked the lobe of her ear. “Then I’m going to eat your ass.”
She shuddered…
“Then I’m going to watch you suck my dick. Then I’m going to fuck your ass, and I’m not going to stop until I’ve come inside you. Do you understand?”

I had a feeling about Elizabeth’s past, though we never really get the full painted picture, just the glossed over version of it. I understand that had the author went into the gory details of it, it would have shot the book from just angsty to pure dark category…but a part of me feels like I would have still wanted those details. We get bits and pieces of what she went through, but never the whole picture. And the ending doesn’t give much more details. Maybe it’s the dark romance lover in me that craved those details? I’m not sure.

For whatever reason there was just always something here that kept this from being that perfect 5 star read for me. I tend to be stingy with my 5 stars, so I tend to save those for books that I either absolutely LOVED or would see myself reading again.

Fans of Elizabeth Finn would definitely enjoy this book. She delivers a great angtsy love story about 2 broken characters finding healing with each other. And if you haven’t yet discovered this author, then I recommend you do. I’ve read a few books by Miss Finn, and I’ve enjoyed each of them.

So while this may not have been a perfect 5 star read for me, it was still a very enjoyable one and certainly one I would gladly recommend.

**ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review**

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