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Title: The Fight for Us & Inappropriate
Series: Bristol Island Tales
Author: Elizabeth Finn
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
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A New Standalone Bristol Island Tale.

Cohen is a man apart on Bristol Island—an outcast loved by all but separated by his position within the community. Dylan is the newest resident in town, but she arrives with a dark secret and a desire to keep it buried.

But when burning attraction is thrown into the mix, his job and her secrets are quickly forgotten—that is until one impetuous decision renders a relationship off-limits, unethical, and utterly inappropriate.

Living next door to one another on the island’s isolated peninsula guarantees their paths will cross time and time again. With fate tempting Cohen to ignore his conscience and, for the first time in his life, gamble with the rules, will he risk everything for Dylan?

And what happens when Dylan’s past suddenly catches up to her? Will she find the strength to bare her soul to him? Or will she let her secrets take them both down?

Sometimes the inappropriate relationship is the most appropriate of them all.

4 Stars

He wanted to feel all of her- every inch. The woman he couldn’t ethically fuck, he wanted to fuck six ways to Sunday without a single socially acceptable barrier between them.

There’s one thing that you know for sure when you finish an Elizabeth Finn book; the woman does angst and she does it well. If you like borderline asshole heroes, vulnerable but yet strong in their own right heroines, and enough angst to leave you crying for your mama then this is definitely the author for you. Luckily she gives you just enough steam to dilute the angst, which makes for one fabulous mix.

Inappropriate is book two in the Bristol Island series, but it is easily read as a standalone. The characters from the previous book do make an appearance here, and you’ll appreciate it that much more if you’ve read The Fight for Us, but you won’t be lost if you haven’t read it either.

It hurts to want something you can’t have so much.

The small town of Bristol Island is the perfect place for Dylan Corbett to get out of her current writer’s block and perhaps find the peace that she hasn’t been able to in the past few years.

She wrote what she needed from the world, not what she had; she just happened to do it very convincingly, because one upon a time, she actually did have those things, until she found out she didn’t.

She’s an erotic romance writer and that’s all you really know about her. You can clearly see that she’s had a troubling past, but that’s something that will not be fully revealed for quite a bit. The one thing that I really loved is the littler kernels of similarity between Dylan’s books and Elizabeth Finn herself. It almost read like she cleverly wove in her own personality into Dylan in terms of what she writes, if that even makes sense. If you’ve read any of Finn’s previous books, you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Dylan meets her handsome new neighbor, Cohen, who also serves as the inspiration for the hero on the book she’s currently trying to write. This is where the inappropriate factor also comes in, because not only is Cohen her neighbor, he’s also the town’s only doctor. And when Dylan has a pressing medical concern, she has no choice but to visit the local clinic and get the surprise of a life time.

This also had one of the most awkward and at the same time humorous situations I’ve ever read. I don’t want to give anything away but I swear I found myself cringing the entire time I was reading it.

The sexual tension between Cohen and Dylan is incredibly potent. The ‘inappropriateness’ of their situation made for a long stretch of sexual tension.

But when these two finally give into the sizzling chemistry between them, let’s just say fireworks go off.

While I loved the angst and the tension, there was also something missing for me. I can’t even pinpoint exactly what it was but I just found myself growing bored with the story in certain places and skimming slightly. Maybe because it would go through segments of angst to a part where really nothing was happening? I’m really not sure. But there was just always something that kept this from being completely enthralling for me and demanding all my attention. I had no problems setting this book down and coming back to it later. I do love me a good asshole and Cohen certainly had his moments of it…2 VERY big ones. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to jock punch him or lick him, but it all came together wonderfully.

Dylan was definitely a crier, but she also had a quiet sort of strength to her. While she’s not my perfect heroine (I tend to be SUPER picky with this), I never had an issue with her bouts of vulnerability.

Cohen, there isn’t a single moment when I’m with you that I’m not wholly and completely WITH you. If I say something, it’s only for you. If I do something it’s to you. The way I touch you is all about you. There is nothing else outside of us when I’m with you.

If you’re a fan of this author, you’ll definitely enjoy this book; angsty and sexy, two of my favorite things.

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Elizabeth Finn is a multi-published contemporary romance author. Her passion is creating stories packed full of believable conflicts, characters who leave you rooting for them, and romance that might just short-circuit your e-reader. She likes her characters flawed, but they always find the best part of themselves on their journey. And her readers find themselves devoted to her honest and heartfelt voice.

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