ARC review: Seduce (Beautiful Rose #0.5) by Missy Johnson

Seduce (Beautiful Rose, #0.5)Seduce by Missy Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 Erotic and Heartbreaking Stars

Jack Flacon is a rich, sexy, womanizing, heartless asshole…or so it would seem.

He is who he is, and he doesn’t feel like he needs to apologize for it.

The thing is, I’m happy being me and I sure as fuck won’t change for anyone. I don’t need fixing because I’m not broken. I simply work hard and play harder.

His form of play comes with a good glass of scotch, and spending each night with a different woman. After all, variety is the spice of love, and why should he settle down?

Love fucks you up, which is why I didn’t do relationships. Relationships lead to love and being in love opens you up to the possibility of being hurt. Love rips your chest open and puts your heart out there to be broken.

Jack may be an asshole of the first order, and treats his cat with more respect than he does women, but that certainly doesn’t hurt his game. Because when it comes down to it, Jack seemingly has it all.

Money, charm, oh….and a magic penis.

Without trying to sound cocky, it wasn’t unusual for women to orgasm three or four times when with me. Maybe I had the perfect shaped dick. Or maybe I just knew what to do with it.

He is seemingly happy with his life. Until he meets her…and then everything changes.

This was not a case of insta-love. But there was insta-love. When Jack first sees a beautiful green-eyed brunette, he can’t get her out of his head. Something about her just calls to him and draws him in like no other woman ever has.

What starts out as one night of passion

Begins to turn into something so much more.

All of a sudden the beautiful brunette is more than a nameless face, she’s Belle, and she’s unlike any other woman Jack has been with.

It was like she saw right through the fifteen years’ worth of barriers I’d built up around myself to the real me. The one I never showed anyone.

In the midst of secrets that could tear them apart, and the passion that burns between them, their bond grows from lust into something so much more.

Jack begins to understand what love can really do to you. But he is terrified that the man that he has become will never be enough for Belle and he will eventually break her heart.

The steam in this book…I thought my kindle would catch on fire. There were parts that made me pant, parts that made me laugh, and parts that made me want an ice cold shower. And then…then there was that ending!

THAT FUCKING ENDING! It caught me by complete and utter surprise.

I’m pretty sure I bawled my eyes out for the entire last 20%.

Seduce is the prequel for Beautiful Rose. It is the story of love lost and learning to move on. It was erotic, it was intense, and it was HEART BREAKING.

I need…MUST HAVE the next book like YESTERDAY!

Missy Johnson, woman, you owe me here! (well not really, but you know what I mean). But seriously, after you made me cry like a maniac, I think we need to come to an arrangement with the next book here. It’s only fair! I might go a little batshit here waiting until September. GAH!!!

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Unteachable- Leah Raeder

UnteachableUnteachable by Leah RaederMy rating: 5 of 5 stars5 Absolutely Beautiful Forbidden Stars

“I don’t know what I’m doing with you.”
“That’s okay, just don’t stop.”

Have you ever began reading a book, and just a few sentences in you knew…you just knew that this was going to be unlike anything you have ever read before? Unteachable was that book for me. I was sucked in from just the few first words, and it didn’t let me up until the very last page.

To say that Leah Raedar has a gift for words and story telling would be a gross understatement. The writing was one of the best parts of this book. Leah weaves words together so seamlessly and effortlessly that the words blur into images in your mind. The entire book unfolds before you like a movie, and IT.WAS.INCREDIBLE!

Maise O’Malley is not your typical happy-go-lucky, soon to be high school senior. She’s an old soul, in the body of an 18 year old girl. She’s broken, but she knows it. She hasn’t exactly had it easy in life, and her family or lack thereof is anything to brag about. She has a void that she fills with meaningless sex with faceless, older men. And it makes her feel…something…if only for those few too-short minutes.

Thanks, Dad, for leaving a huge void in my life that Freud says has to be filled with dick.

But then one late summer night spent at a local carnival Maise met the one man that will change everything. Evan Wilke.

A steamy encounter in his car later, Maise knows that Evan is not going to be just another faceless memory.

The funny thing was that his kiss had felt like fucking me, and his fucking me felt like being kissed, everywhere, every bit of my body unbearably warm and buzzing.

Unable to face the feelings that Evan and their night together brought out in her, Maise does the only things she can. She runs.
What neither of them know, is that their world is about to collide in a way that both of them least expect.

When Maise walks into class on her first day of her senior year, the man she knew as Evan on that summer night, is now Mr. Wilke, her teacher.

What began as an innocent encounter between two people finding a connection, turns into a forbidden affair.

“I can’t hold on to you. You’re like that shooting star. Just a trail of fire in my hands.”

Evan clearly cares for Maise. He isn’t your typical NA asshole hero. But while he’s sweet and caring, he is still clearly hiding some dark secrets from his own past.

“Now I know,” he said, touching me again, “why I was drawn to you. We have the same darkness inside.”“Our fucked-up parents?”“Our lost childhood.”

Even though the odds are stacked against them, and they’re risking everything if they get caught, the connection between Evan and Maise is intense. Their relationship soon stops being only a physical connection, as Evan slowly begins to chip away at the defenses around Maise’s heart.

The chemistry between them was absolutely scorching, and the steaminess in this book was off the charts for a NA novel.

“Who am I to you?” I asked, my voice hoarse. “Maise or your student?”“Both,” he whispered.I felt chills.“Then fuck me Mr. Wilke.”

“I want to fuck you in this classroom,” I said.
He exhaled slowly through his teeth.
“On this desk,” I said. “While you’re wearing your shirt and tie, and I’m wearing nothing but socks.”
He kissed me to make me stop talking.

Their journey together is not an easy one. They face not only the demons from their own pasts, but the obstacles stacked against them; the risk of being found out.

Beautifully written, Unteachable takes you on a roller coaster of emotions.

I cannot recommend this book enough. Even if you don’t typically read the New Adult genre, this is a must read. It is not the typically angsty plot with an asshole broken hero, and a naive and virginal heroine.

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ARC Review: Midnight Lies (Wildfire #2) by Ella Grace

Midnight Lies (Wildefire, #2)Midnight Lies by Ella Grace
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Do you want me to say that staying away from you more than a minute is painful for me? That the thought of not having you in my life tears at my soul? That just seeing your face creates a peace inside me I’ve never felt before? That having you in my arms is like coming home?”

If you’re looking for a romantic suspense that is filled with action, mystery, steam, and will keep you on the very edge of your seat until the very last page…well, you NEED to read this series.

I really liked, but didn’t LOVE the first book in this series, this book took me by complete and total surprise. While the series is based on triplet sisters, and each book has a different hero and heroine, it is not meant to be a standalone. A lot of nuances and backstory were heavily covered in the first book, and many things would be missed by skipping it.

Midnight Lies picks up somewhere right around where Midnight Secrets left off. Samantha Wilde, the popular, flirty sister and former homecoming queen took everyone by surprise when she became a homicide detective. While she is still haunted by her parents’ murder suicide, it helps drive her need for justice.

When she meets and begins dating sexy emergency physician, Quinn Braddock, Samantha can’t help but fall head over heals. Quinn, coming out of a terrible marriage, is not looking for anything permanent. After all, he tried it once, and it didn’t work. While they may not share a detailed history or feelings with each other, the passion between them burns hot and heavy.

When Quinn becomes a suspect in his ex-wife’s brutal murder, it shakes Samantha’s foundation to the core. Her history isn’t exactly the best indicator of good judgement and she can’t help but harbor doubts of his innocence. Though it doesn’t take her long to rectify her mistake. Unfortunately, for Quinn, feeling betrayed by Sam’s initial doubts it’s too late, and he breaks up with her in a way that leaves Sam brokenhearted. Leaving behind her life and job in Atlanta, Sam moves back to Midnight to begin an investigating business with her 2 sisters.

Five months later, Quinn realizes his mistake and that he wants Sam back. Following her to Midnight seems like the first logical step he’s made in a while. He knows it will be a long road back inside Sam’s heart, but he’s a man determined.

This book was a page turner until the very end. While I found the first book to be a little drawn-out and slow to start, this one more than made up for it.

It was also incredibly steamy. Sam and Quinn burned up the pages together.

Midnight Lies was quick paced and action packed. All of the characters were back from the first book and it was great to get another peek at Zach and Savannah. Even though the mystery of the killer wasn’t quite as shocking as it was in the first book, the twist at the end took me by complete surprise.

The set up for the third sister, Sabrina, sounds like it will be the best book of the 3. And I’m still hoping that we’ll get a book for Logan and Brody.

ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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Midnight Lies expected publishing date is September 24.

ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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