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Game Saver-ReviewGAME SAVER
Series: Game #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Author: BJ Harvey
Release Date: August 25, 2016add-to-goodreads-button-2


From the USA Today bestselling author of the Bliss series comes a new spin off series featuring your favorite Bliss series characters who are yet to meet their match. Now it’s Cade and Abi’s turn.

How do you know when fake turns real?

Abi Cook lives her life by her own rules. She works hard, plays hard, and knows who she is and where she wants to be.

Following a repeat one-night stand with the dashing Dr. Cade Carsen, Cade asks Abi for a favor: be the fake girlfriend on his arm for the duration of his father’s mayoral campaign.

Never one to turn down a challenge, she doesn’t hesitate. I mean, who would when all that’s involved is a little fake girlfriending with a side of hot sex, and with Doctor Hottie no less?

But like any Game, there are always twists and turns, unexpected players, villains, heroes and ultimately, winners and losers.

Game Saver is the story of what happens when two happily single people try for something less, but end up with something so much more.

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…don’t rule out something more just because it started off as something less.”

When I’m in the mood for a light and steamy feel good romance, BJ Harvey has become my go to. There’s just something about her books that never fail to make me squirm and put a big goofy grin on my face. The stories are filled with fun banter, sassy heroines, alpha males, and amazing secondary characters that always makes for a satisfying rom com.

Game Saver brings us Dr. Hottie and Spitfire, and boy do these start off with a bang!

Right now, I’m interested in what’s underneath that fucking dress and how fast I can make you come the first time. The second will be a test of your stamina, and if you can still talk after number three, then we can talk about anything you want.

Suffice it to say I was a BIG fan of Dr. Cade Carsen from the very first page with a mouth like that on him. The man oozes sex appeal and I devoured every delicious page of it.

Abi Cook is exactly the kind of heroine I love to read about. She’s independent, funny, sassy, and has no qualms in taking pleasure for the sake of pleasure. She has a healthy sex life and sees nothing wrong with indulging in some no strings sex with a hottie Dr that never fails to get her engine revving.

It’s been over ten months since Abi and Cade had a sizzling hot one night stand. It was supposed to stay just that night but mutual friends guarantee that they run into each other again. The sexual chemistry between them is too strong to deny, so why not indulge…with a little extra perk. Cade wants Abi to be his pretend girlfriend to get his image and politically obsessed parents off his back.

It’s not like that. We’re just friends.”
“That bang,” Dani adds, helpfully.
“I’m the mother buffer,” I clarify.

These two definitely set the pages on fire. Now admittedly, I’m a reader that doesn’t enjoy when a couple gets together right away in the story. It looses that added oomph of a good tension filled burn for me. But that was never the case here. Somehow it just WORKED for these two. They never lost their sparkle and I was fully invested in their relationship from beginning to end. It was fun to watch them both deny what was slowly building between them.

There was also the added perk of not having any stupid drama or angst thrown into the mix. Just fun, sexy romance with two amazingly endearing characters.

This is beyond sex- this is surreal fucking that should be documented for future generations. It would be a worldwide bestseller: How To Rock Her World By Completely Shattering Her Vagina.

I would have loved a little more from the ending and seeing a few things fully play out, but I did adore that epilogue at the end. If you’re looking for a feel good romance to put a smile on your face, this just may be the book for you.


GAME PLAYER (GAME #1) – Review

GAME MAKER (GAME #2) – Review

New Release & Review: ★Game Player★ by B.J. Harvey

Series: Game #2
Genre: Contemporary, Romantic Comedy
Author: B.J. Harvey
Release Date: May 26, 2016add-to-goodreads-button-2


From the USA Today bestselling author of the Bliss series comes a new spin off series featuring your favorite Bliss series characters who are yet to meet their match. This time it is Zach and Danika’s turn.

I’m a gamer by nature and by profession. I’m all about strategy, performance, and coming out on top.

Five months ago I threw caution to the wind, and in the first miscalculated step of my twenty-one-year life, I made a move on my brother’s best friend.

The first mistake we made was keeping our relationship secret. The next was going off half-cocked when a train wreck of epic proportions hit us.

Now our secret is secret no more. As I struggle to deal with all of the swirling emotions, conflicted feelings, and the multitude of burned bridges that I need to mend, the one person who can help me through it all is the same man I need space from.

To fix it I’ll have to pull on my big-girl panties, focus on what I truly want in life, and put everything I have into winning the most important game I’ll ever play.

Life is a game, and it is what you make it.

Coming out unscathed is a whole other matter.

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Distance has never worked. Denial hasn’t either. Nothing has ever dimmed the way I feel- and have always felt- whenever I’m around him.

If steamy, feel-good rom coms that are light on the angst and heavy on the swoons are your thing, then B.J. Harvey’s Game series is your holy grail. Game Player was my first book by this author and I was absolutely hooked. Her brand of humor just clicked with me and I knew she had an insta-fan in me.

I’m a sucker for a older brother’s best friend trope, and when I read the blurb for this book, there wasn’t a doubt that I’d be jumping at the chance to meet it.

Danika Roberts is the youngest sibling in her family. She’s an adorably endearing ‘nerd’ that you can’t help but love from the very first page. As the youngest in her family, her brother Zander, who practically raised her, is understandably uber protective of her. Unfortunately for Danika, the object of her fantasies has been and always will be Zander’s best friend and fire fighter, Zach Cooper.

I present to you Zach Cooper Eau de Parfum. Lady boner guaranteed or your money back.

Zach was a refreshing change of pace for me that I absolutely adored. It’s not often you read about a man that actually wants a relationship. Everything that came out of his mouth had me swooning like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert. Swear to god. The man was utter perfection.

As for the story, it was just one of those light and easy reads that simply hits the spot. There’s no internal drama. These two have been hiding feelings from each other for years, and when they do give into it, there’s no question. The light angst comes from an outside factor of Zander and not knowing how to tell him that they’re together. It’s steamy, quirky, and just one of those feel good sort of reads that is perfect to spend a weekend afternoon with.

This was the risk I took when I kissed you back then. The risk I’ve been taking every minute of every day since then while falling in love with you, and the very reason why I’ll risk everything with everyone to have you now”

While Zach and Danika acknowledge their feelings towards each other from the very beginning, I appreciated that the author didn’t throw them into bed together straight away. There’s a bit of a slow burn with that and personally I would have loved more of one. I think for my personal tastes, I would have liked a little of them from the years when Danika moved back to Chicago. I would have loved the added burn and tension between them before they acknowledge it. As it was, it read a little…too easy for me.

This book is so much more than just the romance between Dani and Zach. All the family members and friends make an appearance and I really loved that too. I’ll admit I was little bored with the lack of tension or angst at times, but that’s just my own personal reading taste. B.J. is certainly an author that can write one heck of a rom com and she’ll continue to be my go to for a light and humorous romance. Don’t let my three star fool you. I may be stingy with my stars, but this was definitely a book I’d recommend to any romance lovers…especially if you’re sick of angsty set ups with internal drama and manwhore heroes. Zach will certainly hit the spot just right for you. 😉


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