Review: Lawless God by Lola King

North Shore Stories #4
Genre: Dark Romance
Author: Lola King
Release Date:
April 4, 2024

I sent a psychopath to prison. Now he’s out and back for revenge.
They call me Kayla ‘The Ruthless’ King. The Queen of the North Shore and leader of the Kings’ Crew.

Because of the sacrifices I’ve made and the merciless way I run my crew, the North Shore belongs to me.

In our town, you can only thrive if you’re the worst of the worst. But that all ended when the psychopath I put away returned with a target on my back.

If I’m The Ruthless King, Nathan White is The Lawless God. The biggest and baddest of them all. He’s heartless and cruel, and everyone is safer out of his way. Including me.

When he comes back to the North Shore with only my name on his lips, I know my days are numbered. Or so I thought until he took me.

Nathan doesn’t want me dead. He wants me to suffer. And what better way than to keep me captive as he destroys my crew and legacy.

I’m fighting a war that I’m unprepared for, and in the midst of chaos, my feelings blur with the need for survival. My secrets aren’t safe anymore, and neither is my heart.

You know what they say? Never fall in love with the enemy.

Too late for that.

This book is a standalone in a series of interconnected standalones. It can be read on its own.


Nathan White. Ruthless leader. Cold-blooded killer. Brutal, merciless, lawless god. My husband for however long he wishes.

If you thought Caden King was a psychopath, just wait until you meet Nathan White. Because this man will make Caden look like a tame kitten in comparison. So obviously I loved this book.

I have been waiting for Kayla’s book for the longest time. She’s one of the most fascinating secondary characters in the series. You just know that beneath the rough and deadly shell there’s something more to her. And boy was there. And I’m not talking about dimensions, because there are so many layers to Kayla. I’m talking about her desires that just so happen to fit Nathan’s penchants to a T.

I might be known as the woman who isn’t scared of death, but he’s different. Death makes him ecstatic.

Nathan White is so much more than the Kings or the NSC. He’s more dangerous than both gangs combined; a cold and lethal mastermind. And when Kayla lies on the stand to put him in prison for what she hopes is the rest of his life? It only takes him 4 to get out and to plot his revenge. He’s going to make her pay by stealing four years from him by making her suffer, making her his, and making her bend. He’s going to drag her to the altar kicking and screaming, keep her his prisoner, and make her admit all of her dark and hidden desires that only he can raise to the surface.

He fucks me hard with a need to possess me. He makes me come with an obsession that defies reason. And he kisses me with something that resembles love so closely… I could be fooled into believing it.

Kayla is ruthless in her own right. You don’t get to be the fearless leader to a notorious gang without it. She’s got her own killer tendencies, but they’re definitely not the level of Nate’s psychopath. She doesn’t just take her captivity lying down and she gives as hard as she gets. And let me just tell you that the woman gets it HARD. Nate is determined to crush her independence and her independence to worship at his altar and he’s not exactly sweet about. If you don’t love your MMCs pitch black, this may not be for you. But what I absolutely loved about this book is that Lola still manages to make you fall for him and show a small side of Nate that you can’t help but love. Is he redeemable? Barely. But you get just a touch of his humanity to make you fall and fall hard.

Your body is mine, and I’m going to hurt it. Your soul is mine, and I’m going to taint it. I’ve already broken your mind, and I’ll do more, little sunflower. I’m going to crush your heart in the palm of my hand and order it to beat for me.”

This book was a non stop thrill ride, packed with action, suspense, and all the feels. The twists are shocking and jaw dropping and the romance is deliciously toxic.

I think I’m starting to like your crazy ass.” He smirks. It’s beautiful, devilish. “I know, baby. That Stockholm syndrome is doing wonders for you.”
I laugh. Truly, wholeheartedly laugh. “Bastard.”

Lola really said save the best for last with this one and I am wholly obsessed. If you haven’t read this series yet, you need to drop everything you’re doing and change that immediately!

Review: Delightful Sins by Lola King

North Shore Stories #3
Genre: Dark Romance, MFM
Author: Lola King
Release Date:
November 30, 2023


She betrayed them and ran away. They want their revenge.

In a town where all that matters is loyalty to your gang, I’ve been labeled a traitor.

I ran away from the North Shore the day I knew I wasn’t safe there anymore. I left behind the people I thought were my family, my friends, my crew: the Kings.

Mainly, I turned my back on the two men who once meant everything to me.

I might have known Elliot and Ethan since we were children, but I betrayed the brothers in more ways than one. Or at least I would rather them believe that than know why they should truly want me dead.

I should have known no one escapes the Kings. The most powerful gang on the North Shore never planned on letting me go.

It doesn’t matter that I ran as far as I could, they found me now, and they’re taking me back to a town that holds my darkest secrets and most haunting memories. Where everyone hates me, where people who were once my allies are now my enemies.

A place where they can do anything they want with me.

I’m stuck with a master manipulator and his antisocial brother.
With two men who only want one thing: to make me hurt.

Elliot and Ethan are not letting me go.

At least not until I’ve paid for my sins.

Delightful Sins is the third book in the North Shore Stories. It can be read as a standalone.
This book is a dark romance and contains scenes and subject matters some readers may find triggering. Please, read the content warning inside the book.


“Now give it to me.” He senses my confusion. I know he does because I feel his smile against my ear. “Consent. To play with you however I want. Even when you’re in states where you can’t fight back. Even when you’re sleeping. You wanted the deal, and it comes with all of that. So say it.”

Well now, hello Lola King and where have you been all my life? On a forever hunt of dark romance with morally gray characters, deranged and possessive anti heroes, and a chapter just for the trigger warnings, I stumbled on the blurb for this book. Instantly intrigued, this easily became my first read from Lola King and I can definitely assure you that now it will not be my last.

You want to scream his name?” he grunts. “You’ll be crying mine.”

This is a dark MFM romance with a fierce heroine and two highly deranged anti hero step brothers.

Two years ago, Jade ran from Silver Falls and The Kings, leaving behind her past and taking her secrets with her. Or so she thought. Because two years later, the two men she thought she left in her rearview are back to collect, and they’ll take her penance in her body, degradation, and possession.

Elliot Pearson scares me. Because he has eyes that resemble an angel and reflect the needs of the devil. Because his hair is the same color as the sun, but what’s inside his head is darker than the night.

Now admittedly, because I haven’t yet read the first 2 books in this series, it took me a minute to wrap my head around all the secondary characters and the intricacies of the two gangs; Kings and North Shore Crew. Each character was more deranged and unhinged than the next and I was instantly hooked. There is nothing better than a well written, unhinged anti hero, and Lola King has a winning formula in this book. Elliot and Ethan were on another level.

My beautiful Ethan. Life never loved him, so he loves nothing in return.

Jade is no innocent. This is a woman who had to fight all her life. She gives as good as she takes, and boy is she forced to take it. When you run from a gang who thinks you stole something of theirs, there is no where to hide. Jade is not above using her body to survive, and there was something so endearing about her mix of vulnerability with fierce survivor. Once she loved Ethan and Elliot and they shattered her. Now they’ve dragged her back and give her a choice; their protection for her body and consent.

I’m sorry my love is selfish and destructive, but it’s real. You can hardly blame a man for his obsession when his obsession is you.”

This was a dark and gritty page turner full of suspense and multilayered characters. At times the kinks between them were almost too much, but it fit the story. Having said that, I did feel that the story could have been a bit shorter and still lost nothing in the process so it took me a bit longer to read. However, it was also all encompassing snd highly addictive. I’ll now be going back to read Lola’s entire backlist and most definitely the first two books in this series.

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