Review: Blackmailing The Bad Girl by Nina Croft

Series: Cutting Loose #2
Author: Nina Croft
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 12, 2017

Cynical CEO, Nik Masterton, believes he’s finally met a woman who isn’t interested in his money…until she vanishes with a hefty amount of it. He’s been searching for her ever since and has finally found her doing a stint in Holloway prison for stealing…from someone else. Clearly, he’s just one of many. Now she’s coming out, and it’s time for a little payback.

After two years in prison, Summer Delaney is determined she’s never going back. While she had good reasons for doing what she did, it’s time to move on to a new life and earn an honest living. Unfortunately, there’s a glitch in her plan, and he’s waiting at the gate as she comes out.

Nik isn’t above using blackmail to make Summer work for him until he decides just how he’ll get his revenge. But this time they’re both determined to keep their distance. Right until the inconvenient attraction explodes between them…

Each book in the Cutting Loose series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 Falling for the Bad Girl
Book #2 Blackmailing the Bad Girl


What do you want, Summer?”
“I want you to be my coming-out present.” She placed her empty wineglass on the floor and straightened. “After all, you’ve been my coming-out nightmare. Let’s balance the books. Let’s pretend I’m not a thief. Let’s go back three years to when I kissed you.”

I was immediately hooked on this series when I first met the “bad girls” in Falling for the Bad Girl. I was thrilled to get my grabby little hands on Summer’s book (and I’m seriously salivating for Darcy’s story). The premise of the story immediately grabbed me. Three years ago, Summer and Nik shared a passionate kiss that could have led to so much more…until she disappeared, taking a large amount of Nik’s money with her. He never ceased looking for her and he’s finally got her. Summer is about to be released from prison and Nik has plans in mind for her.

Still bitter from an ugly divorce, Nik thought he finally found a woman that was interested in him and not his money. After all, Summer believed that he was part of the maintenance staff when she worked at his company. It isn’t until she disappears with a hefty amount of his money that her lies truly hit him. He’ll make her earn it the honest way now, by making her work for his company as his personal assistant. He’ll just have to ignore that aggravating attraction that never ceased brewing between them.

Not everything is as it seems with Summer, but her secrets are her own. She’s not about to share her reasons with a man that’s basically blackmailing her into working for him. But maybe if she can work out their annoying sexual chemistry out of her system, she can finally move from the ghost of the memory of the kiss they shared. But nothing ever works out as it’s planned and things soon begin to get deliciously complicated between them.

While I loved the chemistry between Nik and Summer, I couldn’t help feeling like something was missing for me. There wasn’t anything about the story that truly grabbed me and I struggled to truly connect to the characters. They both had a great backstory but it just wasn’t enough. I couldn’t place my finger on what it was exactly that was missing, but it was. It was an enjoyable read, but not my favorite from this author.

Review: Falling For The Bad Girl by Nina Croft

Series: Cutting Loose #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Nina Croft
Release Date: February 27, 2017

As a second generation detective, Nathan Carter is a cop, through and through, one who definitely sees things in black and white. But his work ethic—and libido—are thrown off balance when he heads up the case against jewel thief, Regan Malloy. Because with one sizzling look, she’s got him hot and hard. And he’s been that way, ever since.

Growing up, Regan’s favorite hobby was learning to crack safes, and she was very, very good at it. Still, she’d always tried to keep to the straight and narrow, and only strayed when she believed a friend was in desperate straits. Now she’s out of prison and starting over. If only she could forget that she’d spent the last three years fantasizing about the stunningly gorgeous detective who locked her away.

It’s inevitable that they meet up again—in bars, hotels…and hotel beds. Despite their differences, they can’t keep their hands off each other. Still, it’s just desire. If they give it enough time, it’ll burn itself out. Because a good boy and a bad girl can’t possibly make it work. Can they?


Regan Malloy, I want to screw you until you can’t walk, until my dick is so sore I don’t even want to think about sex, and then I want to screw you some more. And if we do it enough, we’ll both get this inconvenient attraction out of our systems.”

I love a refreshing change of pace, and this book certainly delivered. I have plenty of bad boys in my reading repertoire, so the blurb to this book immediately hooked because what’s that? No bad boy but a bad girl instead? Bring it on, I say!

Regan Malloy is a former bad girl that’s looking for a change. Just out of prison for a three year sentence on a crime she may have committed, but not entirely guilty of, she’s looking to turn the page on her life of crime. With a family of criminals, it won’t be easy, but she’s determined. There’s just one inconvenient thorn in her plans, the super sexy detective that was responsible for her conviction and the undercurrent of lust that still crackles between them.

Detective Sergeant Nathan Carter has always done the right thing. His father was an officer of the law and now he’s following in his footsteps with his recent promotion. A bad girl just out of prison for stealing diamonds is the last thing he needs, but he just can’t seem to stay away.

This was the first book in a series that I’m already hooked on. I loved all the secondary characters we meet in this story in the form of Regan’s best friends and former cell mates. I already can’t wait for their story. As for Regan and Nathan? I loved these two together. There’s a little bit of angst to spice things up since their relationship is trouble. Nathan is a cop and she’s a criminal. He’ll always doubt her dedication to stay on the right side of the law, and she’ll never feel good enough.

Nina Croft delivers a sexy and entertaining read that’s a perfect blend of humor and steam with fantastic characters and a great story to boot! I seriously enjoyed it.

Review: ★Her Fantasy Husband★ by Nina Croft

Series: Things To Do Before You Die #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Nina Croft
Release Date: April 4, 2016add-to-goodreads-button-2


Security Company CEO Josh Slater put his life on hold when he said “I do” to protect a stranger. While his marriage was never meant to be real—he hasn’t even seen his wife in five years—Josh can’t shake the idea that he’d be cheating if he moves on. Now he’s a man with a mission: chase down his “wife,” get an annulment, and finally indulge in a little no-strings sex.

Heiress Alexia Slater entered into a marriage of convenience straight out of high school to gain control of her inheritance before her not-so loving family squandered the whole thing. She doesn’t want the marriage to be real—she’s fought hard for her independence—but that hasn’t stopped her from spending the last five years fantasizing about her gorgeous husband.

Then he shows up.

Josh wants an annulment. Lexi needs to stay married. When the chemistry explodes between them, there’s no stopping the battle of wills only one of them can win…

She’s had the fantasy, now it’s time for the real thing…

Buy LinksAMAZON | iBOOKSReview3 stars

He was addictive. Which was a problem, because he was also bossy, and a loner, and a total commitment-phobe.

I love the premise of this series; after being stranded on a lifeboat after the cruise ship they’re one; a group of male friends make a pact to do the one thing they want. In His Fantasy Girl, for Logan it was getting in touch with the woman that he had an amazing one night stand with and never stopped thinking of.

For Security Company CEO Josh Slater, it’s not quite as….virtuous. What he wants is no-strings-attached sex, lots of it. Problem is, he needs to end his fake marriage of convenience first with a wife that he hasn’t seen since their “wedding” five years ago. But what should be a quickie annulment since they never consummated their marriage soon turns a lot more complicated when he lays his eyes on Alexia Slater.

This was a case of opposites attracting. Josh is brooding and grumpy and Alexia is the sweet and easy going, if at times overly so, woman that’s determined to save everyone. Surprisingly, I really loved Alexia. I say surprisingly because at times I felt she let people step all over her, especially her family. I only have one word for her grandmother…
But while I loved the set up, I had a hard time believing that Josh spent 5 years being celibate because he was “married”. Considering their arrangement, I just couldn’t wrap my mind around that. I connected to Alexia and her reasons, but Josh’s seemed a bit extreme.

I did love the two of them together. Josh may not like his attraction to Alexia and fights it, but I liked that he’s still protective of her though it all. And of course the steam did help…

I hope I live up to your expectation.”
“You’re better than I could have ever imagined. My fantasy husband.”

Josh was really slow to thaw, so his quickie turn around at the end just felt rushed and unbelievable. It was a little heavy on the cheese too, considering the time frame.

Overall, this was a quick and enjoyable read, albeit nothing I’d come back to. If you’re a fan of this series, I highly recommend it because it hits the spot for a nice and steamy afternoon read.

Review: ★His Fantasy Girl★ by Nina Croft

Review- HFGHis Fantasy Girl
Series: Things To Do Before You Die #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Nina Croft
Release Date: October 19, 2015add-to-goodreads-button3


When fantasy and reality collide…

There’s nothing like a near death experience to make a guy reassess his life. And that’s exactly what nightclub owner Logan McCabe decides to do, starting with looking up the girl he spent one wild night with eleven years ago, right before his life turned to crap. He spent a year fantasizing about her. Now he’s ready to see how reality matches up.

Abigail Parker is a perfectionist. She’s only strayed from the straight and narrow once in her life, on her eighteenth birthday. It was supposed to be one wild night with a totally unsuitable man before she settled into her sensible future. Instead it changed her life forever.

Logan might still be the sexiest man Imogen has ever seen, but a dirty-talking, tattooed, ex-con is the last thing she needs in her perfect life. He claims she’s his fantasy girl, but what he doesn’t know is she’s also the mother of his ten-year old daughter…

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Review4-stars1His Fantasy Girl-DGR

There’s only one thing I want your mouth doing right now, and it isn’t talking.”

Nothing like floating on a life raft with your buddies after escaping a sinking ship and puking off the side to reflect on one’s life. But that’s exactly what Logan McCabe finds himself doing. When the discussion leads to the one thing they’d go back in time to change, there’s only one thing floating in Logan’s mind. The sizzling one night stand he shared with a woman eleven years ago that rocked his world. So what’s a man to do? Look her up, track her down, and proposition her for more, of course.

Abby Parker is sensible, from her actions to her low heeled sandals. She had one night of wild eleven years ago, and got herself a souvenir to cherish the memory on top of it. She’s not looking for a walk on the wild side again, but when the sexy, tatted and dirty talking Logan shows up on her door, he throws her perfectly sensible life for one hell of a loop.

His Fantasy Girl is the first book in Nina’s scorching new Things To Do Before You Die series. If you love dirty talkers with a bit of a kinky side, heroines that are proper but with that right amount of wild to drive the hero even wilder, and a whole lot of hot sexy loving, this book is sure to please.

I like the way you look at my cock. Like you’re hungry for it and you’ll let me do whatever I like with it.”

Logan is an ex-con with an aversion to cops, and the Abby eleven years later just happens to be a detective. A match made in heaven they are not. I absolutely loved these two together. Abby may be a touch prissy, but she sure gives as good as she gets. Logan is everything I’ve come to love in a Brazen hero, totally alpha and a dirty talking god. Add in a secret pregnancy trope, and watch the sparks fly! My only quibble is what I felt was a little too much cheese with the ending. (view spoiler) But that certainly didn’t make this any less good.

If you’re looking for a sizzling romance to spend an evening with, look no further than this one.

Review: ☆Out of Control☆ by Nina Croft

She’s a challenge he can’t resist.

Hollywood heartthrob Zachary Hunter loves women—as long as they don’t want more than a little fun in the bedroom. When his most recent movie stirs up the wrong kind of attention, the kind that includes an attempt on his life, he hires a friend’s company to locate the threat. The pint-sized redhead assigned to protect him isn’t what he expects—or wants. Worse, he can’t take his eyes off of her.

After ten years in the army, Danielle Sinclair knows how to handle men. With a new security gig to pass the time until she’s cleared to return to the military, she’s figures her sexy new client will be easy to manage. And then he opens his gorgeous mouth, and she can’t decide whether to kiss him or kill him. His sex appeal may tempt her into his bed, but his sexist attitude is unbearable, and she’s going to make him eat every single word…

3 Enjoyable with a steamy kick  Stars

While I can’t say that I loved this book, it was a very enjoyable and satisfying read. It just had the few extra elements I typically like that would have brought this up to 4 or 5 stars for me.

After reading that blurb, I was completely sold. A rich playboy Hollywood heartthrob and a take no shit army heroine? Hell yes! And it sucked me right in to the story from the very first few pages. Not every day you walk in to find your new client passed out naked in his pool with an equally naked blonde. It’s bound to make a hell of an impression, right?

Zachary was my kind of hero. He didn’t even have to speak and I knew this. Just one line about his glorious tanned ass and I.Was.Sold. What can I say? I’m easy like that.

I also enjoyed the reversal of roles here, and have Danielle be the broken one that avoids love and relationships. She was sassy with a smart mouth on her that never failed to entertain.

So what kept it from being a 5 star for me? When you have two characters like Zach and Danielle, I was really looking forward to the sexual tension, the burn, the buildup. Dani is a virgin and knows to avoid men like Zach at all costs. Besides that, there’s also the obvious, he’s her client. She really CAN’T go there, can she? I couldn’t wait to read that push and pull between them. That’s my favorite part in books like this. But I really felt that Dani gave in too quickly and too easily, all things considered.

I loved the way Zach pursued and ultimately seduced her, but I just wanted a little bit more.

Ultimately it was a light, somewhat fluffy yet verra steamy book. I loved the story and I was engrossed enough to keep reading. There was a part at the end where Dani did something that made me wish I could reach through my Kindle and strangle the ever loving hell out of her. I just couldn’t believe she would do it the way that she did. But the ending was cute enough to have me (mostly) overlook that.

If you’re looking for a light yet steamy read that has all those Brazen-y elements we know and love, I’d recommend this one. It was a satisfying book, though not one I see myself coming back to and re-reading.

This was my first book by Nina Croft, and she certainly got herself a new fan. I will be happily checking out all her future books. I also plan on going back and reading book 1 in the series, since a lot of my friends really liked it. So as you can see, this one can easily be read as a standalone, though the characters from the first book appear again here. There was plenty of background given that I was never lost or confused.

**ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review**

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