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Title: Hot Ice
Author: Lynn Raye Harris
Release Date: December 29, 2014
When fire and ice collide, you get steam…Grace Campbell leads a privileged life. The daughter of a United States senator, she moves within the social circles of the rich and famous. But Grace is also a scientist, and when someone learns she possesses the knowledge necessary to create a new super virus capable of destroying entire nations, she becomes a target for terror groups and foreign governments alike.

Garrett “Iceman” Spencer didn’t join the Army’s elite Hostile Operations Team to babysit a spoiled rich girl, but when his superiors insist on assigning him to a senator’s daughter as her security detail, he has no choice but to comply.

It’s a shock to find that beneath the glasses and serious scowl, Grace Campbell burns hot. And Garrett, who’s been burned before, suddenly wants to immerse himself in the flames.

Keeping Grace alive—and keeping his hands off her—is a full-time job for this HOT soldier. Failure is not an option…

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Lynn Raye Harris burst onto the scene when she won a writing contest held by Harlequin. A former finalist for the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award and the National Readers Choice Award, Lynn lives in Alabama with her handsome former military husband and two crazy cats. Lynn writes about hot military heroes, sizzling international billionaires, and the women who dare to tame them. Her books have been called “exceptional and emotional,” “intense,” and “sizzling.” To date, Lynn’s books have sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

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New Release Spotlight, Excerpt and #Giveaway: ☆Dangerously Hot☆ by @LynnRayeHarris

I first stumbled onto the Hostile Operations Team series back in July 2013, when book one, Hot Pursuit, first came out and I knew that I have found a new series to love.

I’m a huge Romantic Suspense fan, but it’s hard to find a series that I truly like and know I will follow. I’ve had my fair amount of duds. Is it too much to ask for a Romantic Suspense book to have a perfect combination of action, suspense, AND hot sex? Well, not with the HOT boys. Nope! You get swoon worthy heroes, smart and sassy heroines, great action and suspense and some scorching hot love scenes. Oh and have I mentioned the lickable covers? I’m pretty sure they only get hotter as the series progresses. And luckily, the books more than live up to the HOT covers. (Ha! See what I did there?)

But I digress. April 6 was the release of Lynn’s new book in the series and we’re celebrating with a spotlight and an awesome giveaway! So read on to learn more about Kevin “Big Mac” MacDonald, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway for your chance to win the signed paperbacks of the first 2 books in the the HOT series!!


The world’s most wanted man is back from the dead. And only one woman can stop him…

Former Army linguist Lucky San Ramos escaped with her life, but the scars an evil terrorist leader left on her skin are a constant reminder of her captivity. Now her tormentor is back—and so is the sexy Special Operations soldier she once loved.

HOT operator Kevin “Big Mac” MacDonald rescued Lucky the last time. And then he walked away when he couldn’t be what she needed. When Lucky married his teammate, Kev knew it was for the best. But now Marco is dead and Lucky is no longer safe.

When Kev and Lucky team up to capture a terrorist, they’ll have to pretend to be man and wife on an explosive military mission to a war-torn nation. With time running out and the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Kev and Lucky play a perilous game of cat and mouse with a madman during the day.

But at night, they battle the secrets of the past and the sizzling attraction that threatens to endanger the mission. Lucky shouldn’t want the man who abandoned her once before. But the passion between them is sinfully, sensuously, dangerously hot… and proving impossible to resist.

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Note from Author:

Lynn’s message:

I chose this excerpt because it’s the first time Kev and Lucky really acknowledge what’s been going on between them. There’s this sweet vulnerability to them both, this fear that being together will betray a memory–and yet they have to. They have no choice, and I just love the tension between what they want and what they feel, and how they know everything is going to change in this moment. It’s monumental for them both, and I just love it.


Dangerously Hot excerpt:

“Marco asked me to take care of you. I don’t think this is what he had in mind.”

She tilted her head back to look up at him. “This isn’t Marco’s call. It’s mine. And yours. He’s gone, Kev. We can’t bring him back, and we can’t hurt him.”

He closed his eyes for a long moment. “I feel like I’m betraying him.”

“How?” Her voice grew thick with emotion. “He’s gone and we’re alive. We didn’t die with him. And I don’t think he’d want us to act like we did.”

She took a step closer to him, lifted a hand and palmed his cheek. Electricity flooded her system. And his, if the way his head jerked up was any indication. He put his hand over hers, held it against his cheek as warmth spread through her belly.

And then he spoke. “You’ll tell me if you want to stop. You won’t endure something just because you think you should. Those are the rules, Lucky.”

She was beginning to tremble deep inside. “I understand.”

He took her hand and led her up the stairs to his room. He switched on the lamp on the bedside table and then turned to look at her. They stood a foot apart and just stared. Her breathing grew shallower, her belly tightening—

Then he tugged her into his arms and kissed her. His tongue slipped into her mouth, tangled with her own, gently at first and then a bit wilder, and she clung to him as her body melted, dissolving into a million little sparks of flame. This was Kevin MacDonald she was kissing, the man she’d once wanted so desperately, the man she still wanted even when she shouldn’t.

She knew why this was illicit, forbidden. They would be judged on more than one level if anyone knew. First, there was Marco. And then there was the idea they were on the same team and sex clouded thinking.

But, dammit, Mendez had ordered them to stay together. To pretend to be newlyweds. What did he expect would happen?

Lucky slid her palms over his chest, down the soft cotton of his T-shirt and the hard corrugated abs beneath until she reached the swelling of his cock. She rubbed it beneath his jeans and he made a noise of approval in his throat.

Then he reached for the hem of her shirt and tugged it up and over her head. The room wasn’t cold exactly, but it was cooler than she’d been in her warm sweatshirt. Her nipples beaded beneath the silk of her bra, though it wasn’t all due to the cold. She pressed her chest against Kev’s—and then she yanked his shirt from his jeans and pushed it up so she could feel her skin against his….

Other books in the series
Hot Pursuit (Hostile Operations Team, #1)
Hot Mess (Hostile Operations Team, #2)
Hot Package (Hostile Operations Team, #3)

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Lynn Raye Harris burst onto the scene when she won a writing contest held by Harlequin. The prize was an editor for a year — but only six months later, Lynn sold her first novel.

A former finalist for the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award, Lynn lives in Alabama with her handsome husband and two crazy cats.

Lynn loves hearing from her readers!

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ARC Review: ☆Hot Mess☆ by @LynnRayeHarris

English professor Dr. Georgeanne Hayes has a problem. Her star pupil, an Army sergeant who works in a Top Secret government program, is missing—and someone tried to push her in front of a train last night.

Sam “Knight Rider” McKnight is used to looking out for Georgie. When they were kids, she was just his best friend’s baby sister. But Georgie’s not a baby anymore and Sam is getting some very male—and very dirty—thoughts about the girl he knows he can never have.

When someone threatens Georgie’s life again, Sam will do anything necessary to keep her safe. Even if it means spending the next few days locked up in a remote house on Maryland’s Eastern Shore with her.

Sam might be used to denying himself what he wants, but he’s about to find out that being cooped up with Georgie will push him to the limit. And maybe beyond.

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Review4 stars

She thought he had trouble remembering she wasn’t a kid anymore. No, what he had trouble remembering was that he was no good for her. Because damn if he didn’t want her. He wanted her every possible way he could have her.

Wow! What a hot little read this was. I definitely didn’t see that coming. After reading and enjoying Hot Pursuit, I was expecting more along the lines of that book. And it was…mostly. If you’re looking for a nail biting romantic suspense, that’s not quite what you’ll get her. This was light on the suspense and action but verra high on the steam. You certainly won’t be getting many complaints from me. This was the perfect short and steamy little read to spend my Saturday night with.

Georgeanne was Texas money, debutante balls, exclusive sororities and country club all the way. She knew which fork to use, what to wear to any event- and she used bone china for her morning coffee.
He was nothing but a poor kid from a dysfunctional family.

12 years ago Georgeanne was hopelessly in love with Sam McKnight, her older brother’s best friend. Sam was used to see her as his friend’s annoying little sister, until one night changed everything. But Sam also knows that he’s not good enough for Georgie. He’s the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, and she’s the beautiful and innocent southern belle.

Now Georgeanna is and English professor coming off of a recent divorce after her husband cheated on her. The last person she expects to see on her doorstop is Sam, who’s been sent by her brother to check on her. When they see each other again, all those pent up sexual feelings begin to resurface again.

Georgie never hid the fact that she wants Sam, and she’s not exactly shy about showing that it hasn’t changed with the years that have passed. But Sam fights the attraction between them, knowing he’s not good enough for her. But when Georgie’s life is threatened, he’s determined to protect her. And when these two are thrown together in a remote house on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, sparks begin to fly. Sam may be determined to stay away from her, but there’s only so long he can fight it for. And when Sam does give in, holy hell but does he give in.

I do want you, Georgie. I’ve wanted you since that night twelve years ago. I want to spread you out beneath me and make you come so many times you can’t do it anymore. I want to taste your pussy and feel your legs wrapped around me as I pound into you. I want to see you swallow my cock and hear you cry out in ecstasy.

He was deep inside Georgeanne Hayes, the perfect little princess of his teenage years, and he wanted to corrupt her utterly. He wanted to possess her and make her scream his name. He wanted to imprint himself on her so thoroughly she’d never forget this night with him.

The suspense part of the book was mainly lost in the background of the story of two childhood friends reuniting and giving into the chemistry between them. I was hoping for a little more action, at least in the end, but that never happened. I found the ending a little too perfect and glossed over. The other thing keeping this from being 5 stars was Sam’s constant self esteem issue. He was always dwelling on how he wasn’t good enough for Sam, no matter how hard she tried to show him she didn’t care about that. It did get slightly frustrating at times.

I still really enjoyed this book, and would recommend it for those looking for a quick and steamy little read with some suspense thrown into the mix. This can easily be read as a standalone, as neither of these characters appeared in the first book (that I remember) and there was plenty of background given that nothing is lost. I’ve become a big fan of this series, and if you like steamy Romantic Suspense, I’d recommend reading this series in order. The men of HOT are definitely worth meeting, and I can’t wait to dive into Dangerously Hot


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