Review: Inescapable by Natasha Anders

Author: Natasha Anders
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 4, 2024

Trystan Abbott is one of the biggest movie stars in the world. Voted sexiest man in the universe four years in a row, he’s also one of the hottest men on the planet.

But—after a life-altering accident—Trystan has fallen off the grid, nobody knows where he is. So when Iris Hughes, a young reporter with no real experience, lands the opportunity to interview him, she jumps at the chance. After all she has everything to prove and nothing to lose.

But when Iris finds herself stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broken beast of man who in no way resembles the so-called international sex symbol, she realizes that she does have quite a lot to lose after all.

Things like her life, her sanity, and her heart.


I’m just a man. A weak, dumb, often foolish, human male. I’m smaller than my fame, more ordinary than my legend, and I’m fucking nothing without you, Iris.”

My whole heart right now. This tugged at every heart string I never knew I had and I fell hard and fast for Trystan and Iris’s story. It was everything; emotional, romantic, heart breaking, and with the most epic grovel I have read in a really long while.

If you love a grumpy/sunshine, modern beauty and the beast vibes, with a fierce heroine and a tortured grump of a hero, you need this book.

Iris gets the chance of a lifetime when she lands an interview with a movie star turned recluse, Trystan Abbott. But when she stumbles to his doorstep after her car breaks down, welcoming is the last thing that Trystan exudes. In fact he’s downright rude, dismissive, and colder than the icy wind outside. She may be there for a legitimate reason, but he doesn’t believe her and doesn’t need her breaking his sulking reclusively. Trystan takes every opportunity to kick Iris out of his house, but when a bad storm hits, he begrudgingly allows her to stay until it passes.

When I tell you I absolutely loved Iris. This is a woman who has a heart of gold, integrity, and isn’t shy about holding her ground and standing up for herself. The connection between these two is a slow build, but when it hits, oh man does it hit good.

One of my top favorite books by this author is The Unwanted Wife, and this gave me such similar vibes but in a very different way. I love when an MMC makes a huge mistake and then has to grovel, and oh my god does Trystan mess up. The man makes a mistake that you want to hate him for. But when he grovels, he GROVELS. And Iris doesn’t just let him off the hook with a simple apology. Oh no. She makes him work for it. But not because she’s vindictive. Simply because she’s a woman who knows her worth and isn’t about to settle for less. I loved that about her so much.

This story was EVERYTHING and I devoured it in one sitting. An angsty, emotional punch of a story with an unforgettable romance that owned my heart from beginning to finish.

Review: Learn Your Lesson by Kandi Steiner

Kings of the Ice #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Kandi Steiner
Release Date:
April 19, 2024

My mother only wanted me to learn one lesson growing up…
Men are trash.

Her father left her, and then my father left us. Being raised by her and my grandmother, I was surrounded by the reminder to be independent and guard my heart.

After my one and only experience with a boy in college fell flatter than a pancake, I realized they were right — and I was content to live the life of a twenty-six-year-old cat lady.

Until Will Perry blew my quiet world to smithereens.

Starting goalie for the Tampa Bay Ospreys and the kind of hot that scrambles your brain, all I was ever supposed to be to him was his daughter’s kindergarten teacher. Then, in a twist of events, his temporary nanny.

But temporary turns to permanent, and when I move into his pool house, everything changes.

He’s impossibly grumpy and focused on only two things: hockey, and taking care of his daughter. I’m only focused on using this new income to pay back my student loans.

But in that house, I feel his heated gaze beneath that permanent scowl, the way it lingers and warms my skin. And though I know my mother would lose her mind if she knew, my dreams have become midnight fantasies about my long-haired, muscle-lined mystery of a boss.

When the tension becomes too much, we break, and we make a deal.

He still needs a nanny. I still need a paycheck and for my matriarchy to not disown me. But Will agrees to teach me everything I’ve always wanted to learn, and I’m all too eager to be his student.

I can do this. I’m a grown woman. I can explore my sexuality with the hottest goalie on earth and still remain one-hundred percent professional. And I can definitely do it all without catching feelings.

I have to.

Otherwise, I’ll end up heartbroken in my mother’s arms while she shakes her head and asks me if I’ll ever learn my lesson.


Pro Hockey Romance
Single Dad/Nanny
Forced Proximity
Spicy Lessons
Grumpy Sunshine
Age Gap
Opposites Attract
Found Family


Learn Your Lesson is book three in the Kings of the Ice series: a series of interconnected standalones following a team of professional hockey players and the women who bring them to their knees. They do not need to be read in order, but you will gain glimpses of future characters/couples in each book.


What do you want to learn?” he mused, skating the back of his knuckles along my neck before tracing them across my collarbone.
My eyelids fluttered, breath catching in my throat, nipples hardening to a point beneath my sweater. “Everything,” I breathed.

My. Whole. Heart. Right. Now.

OMG! This was the perfect combination of delicious spice with heart fluttering romance and I am in love with Daddy P and Chloe!!

“I’ll walk you to your car.” I waved him off as I stood upright again. “That won’t be necessary.” “I apologize if that came out like a question,” he said, and the way he was looking at me, I knew better than to argue.

Now first of all, I am wholly embarrassed to admit that this was my first Kandi Steiner book. And I plan on rectifying my oversight immediately by binging on her entire backlist, starting with the rest of this series. I am a sucker for a spicy hockey romance and this one just hit the mark at every turn of the page.

Will Perry, aka Daddy P stole my entire heart. This grumpy professional hockey player and goalie, widower, and single dad was tugging at every heart string I have. I fell head over heels from page one. There’s just something about his quiet brooding and closed off heart that just spoke to me. After losing his best friend and wife tragically, his little girl and his job are his world. He’s not looking to put himself out there again.

Chloe is a quirky and sweet school teacher who’s not looking for love either. Growing up with a single mother and grandmother who taught her to always rely on herself and that no man can be trusted or relied on, she’s learned to be a fiercely independent woman. But one very forgettable sexual encounter also made sure that she wasn’t all that curious either. Until a grumpy hockey player and her student’s father made her experience a yearning she’s never known.

Will has cycled through one unreliable nanny after another. So when Chloe comes to the rescue after yet another nanny leaves him high and dry, he decides to ask her for help, which she happily offers. She’s already enamored by his little girl, so becoming her nanny and the ridiculous pay that Will offers is definitely no hardship. But living in his house, seeing him every day, and the undeniable attraction she has to the man who couldn’t be more unavailable is not as easy to deal with. SO when he offers they give into their mutual attraction with no strings attached, she jumps at the chance. And finally experience what all the hype is about when it comes to sex and passion. And the silent and broody man? Has a dirty mouth of a sex god. MY GOD.

When I tell you that devoured this book and yet tried to savor every page, I mean I equally couldn’t turn the pages fast enough and yet dreaded being done. I loved these two together. I absolutely adored Ava and seeing her relationship with Chloe and seeing her coming more and more out of her shell. I love watching Chloe break through Will’s hard shell and seeing him smile and open up. And I absolutely loved watching Will unwillingly fall harder and harder for Chloe.

If you’re looking for a spicy hockey romance with plenty of depth, emption, and a sizzle, this is sure to hit the spot. 

She had to know I was holding back. She had to understand that I wanted her so fucking badly I was making myself sick trying to refrain from giving in. And if she didn’t know, if she was waiting for me to say it… How could I tell her the truth, when I wasn’t even ready to admit it to myself?

Review: Heartless by Elsie Silver

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Chestnut Springs #2
Author: Nikki Sloane
Release Date: February 23, 2021

Working as a nanny for the world’s grumpiest single dad should have been simple. Except I can’t keep my eyes off him. And he can’t keep his hands off of me.

Cade Eaton is thirteen years older than I am and barely looks my way. Until I get him into the hot tub one night for a game of truth or dare. Then all bets are off—and so are our clothes.

He’s gruff, a little rough around the edges. But broad-shouldered ranchers with calloused hands and filthy mouths are this city girl’s kryptonite. So who am I to resist?

But it’s in our quiet moments together that he softens. It’s when he takes care of me that I realize his hardened exterior is just a façade. It’s when I watch him go all sweet with his little boy that I really fall for him.

Someone convinced him once that his best wasn’t good enough. But I’ve never felt more cherished than I do in his arms.

My contract may say this arrangement is only for two months.

But my heart says this is forever.


Cade,” her lips part on my name, her tongue darting out to wet them. “God.”
“He’s not here right now, baby. It’s just me. And I’m done asking nicely. I’m ready to take.”

What rock have I been living under that this is my first Elsie Silver book? And why hasn’t everyone kicked out from under that rock sooner? Because OH MY GOD this book was EVERYTHING.

Right there at the birthday party?” Summer whisper-shouts across the small table at Le Pamplemousse. I take a sip of my mimosa and wink at her. “I saved another horse, Sum. I’m practically an animal rights activist at this point.”

Deeply immersed in my toxic antihero era as I am, I don’t venture out of the angst and gritty genre often. And I may have judged this cover and thought this book would be too fluffy for me. Boy was I wrong.

If you’re a fan of small town, grumpy/sunshine romances, you simply cannot miss this book. You just can’t. The banter here was utterly delicious. And the characters? Unforgettable.

Cade is the grump of his family and given his history, it’s understandable. After his wife walked out of his life leaving him to parent his adorable son on his own, he focused on two things; his son and his work. But he needs help and is seeking a nanny who can give his son the attention he needs while keeping the attention off of him. He may be a bachelor, but he doesn’t need the entanglement of another relationship and the broken heart that follows.

Willa is in town for the summer. She’s Summer’s best friend from Flawless. But if you’re like me and haven’t read that book yet, you can still enjoy this one as a standalone. However I’m not fully addicted to all things Elsie so plan on rectifying my oversight by devouring her backlist. But I digress.

Cade is immediately attracted to the younger woman but doesn’t want the complication. But the longer he spends in Willa’s presence, the more his resolve crumbles as their chemistry climbs to incendiary levels.

When I tell you I binge read this in one sitting, I’m not even a little exaggerating. It was sweet and spicy, emotional, hilarious, and everything I could want in a romance. An absolute must read and I can’t wait for the next installment. I’m a sucker for the unrequited love trope.

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