Review: Redfang Royal by Lola Rock

Reverse Harem Omegaverse #3
Genre: Omegaverse, Why Choose
Author: Lola Rock
Release Date: December 1, 2023

Every day, I lie and pretend I’m not a threat. I swallow insults and avoid the electric fence, crossing fingers I can fake my way to freedom before I snap and end up permanently caged.

Borrowing my sister’s identity is my last chance at escape.

But Serafina Redfang isn’t just a cartel heiress. She’s the reason I can never mate the pack of my childhood dreams.

Su Jin, Bishop, Dutch, and Reese already belong to her.

Now I have to pretend to be theirs. To smile, hide my scars, and let them close before I let them go forever.

I’m not really Redfang royalty.

I might not even be a real omega.

But if the guys keep bulldozing my lies, you’re about to meet the real me.

I’m Marisol Redfang, and I’m done hiding my claws.


I’ve never really owned a thing. Sometimes, I don’t even think I’m real. I’m lies on lies on lies.

The chokehold that this world has on me. Oh My GOD. Nothing can describe the level of obsession I had with the Pack Darling duet. And I was feral for this book ever since we get a small glimpse of Marisol in the first two books. So obviously my expectations were higher than the ceiling for this book.

I liked the fact that this book had a much different vibe then Pack Darling. It had the delicious slow burn and a fierce heroine, yes. But it wasn’t the gritty and emotional powerhouse that Pack Darling was. It had a splash of comedy and a lighter tone while still having some grit to it.

Marisol came out of the same academy as Lilah, but then landed in an even bigger hell called SAS. Her history and background is a mysterious one and leaves you desperate to peel back the layers of who Marisol really is and what she hides. When Sol gets forced on a mission that lands her in the sights of her childhood crushes, she doesn’t know how to deal. They have no idea who she is but it doesn’t take them long to put the pieces together. But Sol’s secrets are dark and dangerous, and while her mates are desperate for her and she is for them, her secrets prevent her from having what she desperately craves.

As with pack darling, we get 4 alphas with Jin, Dutch, Bishop, and Reese. Now admittedly, it took me a while to really connect with the characters. Sol was an instant click. The woman is a whole vibe. But the men felt a touch two dimensional, particularly Dutch. It feels like his entire personality was about being horny. I had a hard time buying his being an alpha, because his vibes were barely even beta. It was a strange one. He was such an adorable puppy dog of a man, but I wanted his alpha vibes. The rest of the men were fascinating, but I couldn’t help but feel they were missing a bit of development to really make me connect and understand them. I loved their obsession with Sol, but I wanted more layers to them. Bishop in particular.

All that aside, the story itself packed a punch. There was plenty of action, suspense, and a cameo from my favorite Wyverin pack. The romance was a slow burn and when they finally come together, it was absolutely incendiary. I loved Sol’s fierce and protective nature. She isn’t someone who needs saving. If anything, she takes protecting her men violently serious. I loved her bloodthirsty vibes. I’m also incredibly curious about a secondary character who we get introduced to, Serafina. I really hope we get her book next because I’m so hooked already.

If you’re looking for an omegaverse with plenty of feels, laughs, MM action, a fierce heroine and lots of action, definitely check this out. I can’t wait to see what Lola writes next!

#DGRFave & Review: Pack Darling by Lola Rock

Reverse Harem Omegaverse Duology #1
Genre: Omegaverse, Why Choose
Author: Lola Rock
Release Date: July 6, 2021

After surviving childhood at the snooty, stuck-up boarding school for budding omegas, I have everyone convinced I’m a dud.

My awakening? Never gonna happen. Heat, mates, and a fairytale pack life? Maybe next reincarnation.

All I want is to be left alone.

I’m invisible, headed to a blissful solo future until the Wyvern Pack destroys my dream of independence.

Atlas, Hunter, Finn, Jett, and Orion are poison candy. They don’t want an omega, but they need one, even if there’ll never be a real spot for me in their pack.

Who needs a pack? I’ll keep myself safe, same as always.

I’ll never awaken, and I’ll never ever give the Wyverns my heart… Because all they’ll do is rip me apart.

♥Pack Darling is book one in a reverse harem duology featuring an MMFMMM relationship, cursing, and MM scenes. It’s a human omegaverse featuring growly alpha males but no shifters or shifting.


I’ll do what I do best. Be a ghost. And before anyone notices, I’ll disappear.


Where has this book been all my life? I am such a whore for the rejected mate trope. And this book? This was catnip wrapped in crack. Well, you get what I mean here. This story was absolute book crack and I binge read it in one sitting with bated breath and a giddy excitement I haven’t felt in a long while.

So what do we have here? It’s an omega verse with MMMMMF. Except the pack is totally fine being an MMMMM so when Lilah gets thrown into the mix by their fathers, they’re less than thrilled. Lilah is an omega who has never belonged. She keeps to herself and tries to blend in as much as she can. because when she can’t, she’s the focus of the sadistic teachers and students of her school. She finally has a chance to disappear when she ends up with the Wyverns and even though she knows they’re her mates, she will never have them. She’s used to being unnoticed and mistreated and she’s just biding her time until she can disappear.

First of all I love that Lilah’s resolve was unwavering. She never once lost sight of her desire to leave. And even her attraction to her mates didn’t deter her. This is a survivor through and through, and she’s lived through absolute hell. So the disregard of her mates is nothing to her.

The romance is very much a slow burn, and while it equally drove me out of my mind, I also loved it. I loved watching these bumbling badasses miss what was right under their nose. I loved their unique personalities and their connection to Lilah, even when they fought it.

And the ending? OMG!! They fuck up so epically. And I mean EPICALLY. And the only thing more satisfying was knowing how hard they knew they had to grovel. And they spent the entire second book doing it. GOD. This was EVERYTHING.

If you like a RH omegaverse with rejected mate trope, this is an absolute must read.

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