Review: Get Him Back by CoraLee

Genre: Contemporary Romance, RomCom
Author: CoraLee
Release Date:
January 18, 2024

From CoraLee comes a second chance workplace romcom with a dose of revenge and irresistible passion.

Meet Jack Thompson: charming, captivating, and my newest co-worker—the same man who heartlessly ghosted me in college.

Now, it’s payback time.

With a sly smile and a plan for revenge, I’m ready to make him suffer. I seduce him, unravel his world, and leave him craving more.

But to my surprise, Jack revels in the torment, finding a twisted pleasure in our vengeful escapades.

I’m not sure who’s being played at this point.

I thought I had the game plan down to a science. But sometimes the line between revenge and passion is blurred—and in the biggest plot twist of all, settling scores might just mean falling head over heels.


You don’t just forget the girl who once meant everything. You sure as hell don’t forget the one who got away.

I first discovered CoraLee’s books when I read No Such King and then binged the entire trilogy in two days. Being the picky beech that I am with dark romance, it’s always hard to find great dark romance. And dang, but this author could write it. I was immediately hooked and knew that I would read anything and everything she releases.

Now the last thing I would expect for a dark romance author to write is a romcom. Or, if I’m being totally honest, I should probably say a “good” romcom. I’m judgy, ok? Get off my case! But I knew if this author wrote it, I’d be reading it. And boy am I glad I did.

I am generally not a romcom reader, nor am I usually a fan of the cinnamon roll heroes. But this book did it for me in all the right ways. The humor was humoring. The banter was bantering. And the cinnamon roll had just the right amount of tortured to him, that I loved him even when I wanted to c*ck punch him. But I digress.

Sadie and Jack had a bit of a situationship in their college days where Jack didn’t want the label and Sadie fell hard, only for Jack to leave her in her most vulnerable. Now, years later, Sadie is a boss b*tch, though maybe not in her dream job yet. But she’s just waiting for a chance to prove to her boss that she deserves it. And who walks in as the company’s new CPO? Why none other than the situationship from college who ghosted her. And the kicker? The man doesn’t even remember her! So what’s a girl to do? Make him suffer. Obviously.

I straightened my spine and glared at him. “Fine. If we’re going to hash this out, then let’s get it all in the open. There’s no time limit on heartbreak. And I’m going to rip you a new one, then I’m going to nail this presentation, then I’m going to find some rich investor with big dick energy to take me home tonight.” “I’m fine with about eighty percent of that plan. Continue,” Jack replied.

Now it’s not just any author who can write about an FMC who goes from constipated to blowing up her boss’s previous porcelain throne to the mortification of her college ghoster in hearing distance and make her be a fierce b*tch. How she managed this? I have no idea. But I was in literal tears laughing.

The humor of this book was amazing! It was a delicious slow burn, though admittedly at times I found myself craving a bit more conflict. But that’s because I’m crazy like that. I need my books to hurt my feelings. But if you’re looking for a hilarious, playful and heartwarming story of second chances, this one is it!

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