Review: ★Protecting Fate★ by Katee Robert

Protecting Fate (Serve #6)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Katee Robert
Release Date: March 17, 2015

He’ll keep her safe…but who will protect her from him?

Fixer Sara Reaver is in serious trouble. She’s stepped on the wrong toes, and now her uncle is sending her out of the city in an effort to keep her safe—and he’s assigning her a glorified babysitter. The last person she expects to show up is the gorgeous Z, or for him to tempt her and then reject her in the space of a single night. Twice. Now she’s out to prove to him just how good they’d fit up together in every way imaginable.

Mercenary Z Loreto hates protection jobs, but he’s willing to make an exception for his best friend’s little sister. The only problem is she calls up things he’s been doing his damnedest to keep under wraps for the last seven years. But when she pushes him too far, it all comes rushing to the fore, and the fact she’s willing to submit to his every desire only makes the loss of control sweeter.

Sara and Z have a boatload of issues between them, but they’re sure they can make things work if they take it one day at a time… Right up until things spiral beyond their control. Now Z’s playing for keeps in a big way, and Sara’s got to decide if a chance at true happiness is worth the risk of repeating history.

Review4 stars

If there was one woman on this earth off limits, it was Little Sara Reaver. And she was the one woman he wanted more than his next breath.

Ever since we first met Sara Reaver as the smart mouthed best friend of Ridley and younger sister of Garrett and Will in Mistaken by Fate, I just knew her story will have to be a good one. With two overprotective Dom brothers; 1 in the military, and 1 a successful business owner, Sara is no pushover herself. She’s a fixer and there’s no job that she can’t get done…until she pushes too far and her uncle sends her away with a protection detail no less.

Sara, much like her two brothers, has been scarred by her mother’s abrupt departure from her life. She’s not looking for a happily ever after any time soon, but she’s certainly not willing to give up her orgasms in the meantime either. This is a woman that owns her sexuality without any qualms. I actually really enjoyed that about her. Usually there’s a fine line for me between brazen and brash, but Sara was always on the right line of things for me. She’s smart mouthed and knows what she wants. She also isn’t shy about going after what she wants. And when she goes to Serve to enjoy her last night of “freedom” and comes face to face with her ‘protection detail’, a night with a Dom to pacify her needs just won’t do. The dark and broody Z enthralls her. And the fact that he seems to thwart her advances intrigues her.

Z was definitely one sexy sexy man. A true military man, and he likes control both in the field and in the bedroom. While the gorgeous blonde certainly calls to the Dom in him, the fact that she’s his charge and his friend’s younger sister puts a big hands-off sign on her. But there’s only so long that Z can control his urges for, especially when Sara makes it her mission to seduce him.

This was another super sexy addition to the Serve series and one I definitely enjoyed quite a bit. The pace of Sara and Z’s relationship seemed almost unrealistically quick, but then again, it is what it is. It did have a great epilogue which was the perfect cherry on the cake. I found this to be a little less BDSM-y (yes, I’m making that a word) than the last book, but no less hot. Fans of the series will definitely enjoy this one.

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