Review: My Royal Showmance by Lexi Blake

Park Avenue Promise #2
Author: Lexi Blake
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 4, 2024

From New York Times bestselling author Lexi Blake, discover The Park Avenue Promise Series…

Three young women make a pact in high school—
to always be friends and to one day make it big in Manhattan.

My Royal Showmance

Anika Fox knows exactly where she wants to be, and it’s not on the set of a reality TV dating show. She’s working her way up at the production company she works for and she’s close to achieving some of her dreams. The big boss just wants one thing from her. She’s got a potential problem with the director of The King Takes a Bride and she wants Anika to pose as a production assistant and report back.

As the king of a tiny European country, Luca St. Marten knows the world views him as one of the pampered royalty of the world. It couldn’t be further from the truth. His country is hurting and he’s right there on the front lines with his citizens. When he’s asked to do a dating show, his counselors point out that it could bring tourism back to Ralavia. It goes against his every desire, but he agrees.

When one of the contestants drops out at the last minute, Anika finds herself replacing the potential princess. She’s sure she’ll be asked to leave the first night, but Luca keeps picking her again and again. Suddenly she finds herself in the middle of a made-for-TV fantasy, and she’s unsure what’s real and what’s simply reality TV.


After midnight I become a raccoon with smudgy eyes and a desperate need to eat some trash. I can hear my stomach growl. It’s not cute.

This series is not what I’m used to from Lexi but it still never fails to hit the spot. This series is a combination of sweet and steamy and with a female friend group that you’ll absolutely fall in love with.

This book brings Anika Fox’s story and man did I love this woman. She’s career driven but not a pushover. She’s not afraid to stand up for herself and she doesn’t mince any words doing it. A night at a bar with her friends, she meets a stunning man who she spends the evening getting to know. But when she hopes it will end in a memorable night, he bids her farewell. So imagine the surprise of a lifetime that Anika has to find out that the endearing Luca she met at a bar is actually Luca St. Marten, the eligible royal bachelor on a brand new reality show that she’s an assistant for. And to add another fun surprise to the mix, when a contestant drops out suddenly she finds herself thrust into a much different role as a contestant herself.

This was such a cute and fun story. I loved Luca’s reason for doing the show was an altruistic one. He hoped the publicity will bring the much needed publicity to increase tourism in his small country. But when he sees Anika on the show, no other woman would do. There’s a poignant story that runs parallel to the romance that hit on a dose of reality with a powerful punch. I loved the way it was resolved and the way it was written.

If you’re looking for a sweet contemporary romance with a hero who falls hard and a fierce heroine, look no further. There’s just a touch of spice to make it that much more satisfying. I can’t wait for the next installment in this series.

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