Review: More Than Words by Mia Sheridan

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Mia Sheridan
Release Date: June 12, 2018

No one lays open the heart and soul quite like New York Times bestselling author Mia Sheridan.
The moment she met Callen Hayes, eleven-year-old Jessica Creswell knew he was a broken prince. Her prince. They became each other’s refuge, a safe and magical place far from their troubled lives. Until the day Callen kissed herJessica’s first real, dreamy kissand then disappeared from her life without a word.
Years later, everyone knows who Callen Hayes is. Famous composer. Infamous bad boy. What no one knows is that Callen’s music is now locked deep inside, trapped behind his own inner demons. It’s only when he withdraws to France to drink his way through the darkness that Callen stumbles into the one person who makes the music return. Jessica. His Jessie. And she still tastes of fresh, sweet innocence . . . even as she sets his blood on fire.
But they don’t belong in each other’s worlds anymore. There are too many mistakes. Too many secrets. Too many lies. All they have is that instinctive longing, that needand something that looks dangerously like love.

Sometimes the beginning of love is just a simple matter of proximity.

More Than Words was a wonderfully swoony and emotional story of fated meetings and second chances. I was enamored with the book from the prologue.

I’m here to save you.

As a little girl, Jessica Creswell finds Callen Hayes when he needs her the most. Inside an abandoned boxcar they forge a friendship and a bond of young innocence and painful childhoods. Both of them have their own family issues, but that’s what ultimately forms the bond between them. Only after a friendship of make believe games and fairy tales, Callen disappears from her life as suddenly as he entered it.

Years later, fate brings them together once more. But Callen is no longer that sweet boy that gave her her first kiss. He’s a famous composer, jaded by life, and a man that uses countless faceless women and alcohol to dull his hidden pain.

Callen was a character that my heart absolutely bled for. He’s so devastatingly broken and yearning for everything that Jessica means to him all these years later, but he knows that he doesn’t deserve her. Jessica was almost a little too pure for my particular taste, but she did balance Callen. Although admittedly, at times I found her a little too much of a naive dreamer for everything that she’s been through. She almost felt like a martyr for Callen at times for all the risks she takes for him and how quick to overlook some of his issues she is. But it also fit her character, so it didn’t bother me too much.

The story is very emotionally charged and character driven. Allen has a lot of issues that he has to face and work through, and I was glued to the pages to see how it all comes together. I really loved the way he was with Jessica. There’s just something so pure and innocent in their connection, even all those years later that I couldn’t get enough of.

There’s a bit of a historical mystery that unravels parallel to the story as Jessica works through the translations for the museum that she works for. While I can see how it connected to the story, I wasn’t as invested in that particular part and it was more of a distraction from the main story for me. The connection between Jessie and Callen stood on it’s own, and I personally didn’t feel that added storyline added anything to the dynamic. But that’s just my own personal bias.

All in all, this was a beautiful and emotional story that I connected with. Sure there were some parts that didn’t work for me, but the story was solid enough for me to overlook that and truly enjoy it.

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