Review: Master of the Wilderness by Cherise Sinclair

Series: Mountain Masters & Dark Haven #7
Author: Cherise Sinclair
Genre: BDSM Romance
Release Date: November 7, 2023

Auto mechanic Erin Lockwood is not only newly divorced; she’s practically penniless.

When her emotionally-abusive ex flees the country to escape arrest for blackmailing other politicians, it’s actually a relief—a chance to reclaim her life. But retreating to the mountain house gifted by her mother, she’s met by hostility from the nearby town. The locals blame Erin for her ex’s corrupt actions that led to the construction of a private prison, drawing gangs, violence, and death.

Wilderness guide Wyatt Masterson lives by one Don’t Date Locals.
It’s a rule he’s followed effortlessly until Erin moves to town, and the city girl gets herself lost in the unforgiving woods. He doesn’t want to like the politician’s ex, but how can he resist the little mechanic’s chin-up attitude, her fortitude, and her unwavering honesty?

Erin finds Wyatt devastatingly attractive.
The big, rugged cowboy is tough and confident. An unshakable shelter. However, it’s too soon to get involved with anyone. Look what a mistake she made with her marriage. She needs time to heal and rediscover herself.

But time is the one thing they don’t have. Her ex’s crimes have born violent fruit, and no one in town is safe.

Master of the Wilderness is part of a series of interconnected, stand-alone, romantic suspense novels. The long, more-than-spicy romance has a protective hero, a stand-up heroine, and an endearing girl gang. Don’t you deserve a sigh-worthy, happy ending with no cliffhanger and no cheating?


Because I’m going to make you whimper… and I’ll enjoy it.”

Oh how I’ve missed Cherise’s Masters. It’s been a hot minute since I read her books and I can’t even tell you why. This author is the queen of BDSM. She’s able to combine, heat with heart and write heart wrenching stories full of thigh clenching spice. She’s one of my comfort reads.

This story had it all, romance, suspense, action, and all of the feels. Erin is healing from a divorce to her abusive ex who recently ran from the country and cleaned out her accounts. The only escape she has is her mother’s house but it’s in a town that unfortunately she’s infamous in due to her husband’s bribe taking to built a corrupt prison. This prison brought a crime wave to the small town that the people haven’t yet recovered from.

Wyatt is coming back from a volunteer mission in Africa. He’s a man who suffered horrible loss and doesn’t want to put himself on the line again. But there’s something about Erin that brings him peace and reels him right in.

Erin was this endearing combination of strong but vulnerable. She’s gone through so much in her life and she’s just looking for someone to really see her. She just doesn’t expect that someone to be the beautiful man in the cowboy hat and the soulful brown eyes. I loved these two togeher. I loved Wyatt’s quiet intensity. I loved how they didn’t fight their feelings for each other even with their pasts. I also loved the added suspense and action packed ending.

Admittedly though, this one just didn’t suck me in like the others in this series did. It was an enjoyable read, don’t get me wrong. But it also took me a few days to finish because I kept getting distracted.

Ultimately, it was still a great read that I would highly recommend to any readers who enjoy a well written, steamy BDSM with plenty of feels and a splash of action.

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