Review: Love Plus One (G-Man 2) by Andrea Smith

Love Plus One (G-Man, #2)Love Plus One by Andrea Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 I want Taz to call ME his ‘baby girl’ STARS

“I’m not looking to get hurt, Taz. I’m just looking to get laid.”

She was a fucking contradiction in terms. She was soft and sweet; lusty and sexy; reserved and abandoned at the same time.

Well, it’s official my friends; Andrea Smith has a new stalker auto-buy fan in me. While I really enjoyed her Baby Lite series, this book pretty much blew it out of the water for me. I thought I knew what I was in for, I though I was prepared for what was coming, boy was I fucking wrong! But before I get into all that, let’s talk about a few other things.

While I have not yet read the first book in this series (something I will be rectifying immediately), I had no issues understanding what was going on. I knew right away when I began reading that this book was going to be right up my alley.

I mean let’s see…
Sexy bad-boy, slightly assholish and manwhoring hero:
Said hero also having tattoos:
He was a sexy as hell FBI agent:
Heroine that I didn’t want to strangle:
A fantastic plot:
And enough steam to feel like my reader was going to catch on fire: YUP!

A year ago, Lindsey Dennison’s life changed irrevocably. Her father turned out to be not quite the man she always thought him to be. She had to deal with the fact that her father’s criminal activity led to federal bust, and his ultimate run from the law. Her parent’s marriage is over, and her mother is now married to the man responsible for the the bust.
Her mother never even hinting to the problems that she was having in her marriage certainly hasn’t helped with the shock that Lindsey has been dealt. But she’s trying to deal with it, to move on with her life. So she focuses all her energy on her first year of college. She’s not looking for happily ever after, she just wants to finish school and begin her career. There’s just one pesky little issue that she’d like to deal with before all that; losing her virginity.

But Lindsey doesn’t feel that way. She’s not looking for rainbows and unicorns and a happily ever after. She just wants to get it over with, and who’s better fit for the job that her step-father’s sexy partner, Trace “Taz” Matthews.

Taz is not into relationships. He likes his sex hot and dirty, and he likes his women disposable. But he’s 10 years older than Lindsey and he knows that his partner and best friend’s virginal step daughter is definitely off limits.

But there’s just one problem to his plan to stay away from her; he can’t seem to stop thinking about the little spitfire.

So they come to an arrangement. Taz will help Lindsey learn all she needs to about sex, and then they will both move on without looking back.

But things never quite work out the way you plan them, and Taz and Lindsey find themselves dealing with what looks to be a budding relationship.

I really liked that the progression of Lindsey and Taz’s relationship didn’t feel rushed or forced. Even though it might have been lust at first sight, both Taz and Lindsey struggled with their feelings, and it took them some time to deal with things.

As I’ve come to associate with Andrea Smith’s books, the story was filled with steam, action, suspense, and twist and turns. Just when I thought I was OK with how things were developing, and thought I knew what was coming Andrea went and swept the rug right out from under me. HOLY FUCKING HELL! When I got to the 80% mark of this book…I have no words. I’m pretty sure it was just

Shortly followed by

And after just left me

Please be warned that the book has a very brutal and graphic rape scene. If you are not comfortable reading that, I would advise against reading this book. The last 20% will leave you reeling.

Was this book perfect? No. There were times where I wanted to slap some sense into Lindsey, and times where Taz did or said some things that had me shaking my head. But something about it just worked for me. I loved it. And now I am eagerly anticipating the 3rd book’s release in December 2013.

But that is all the ramblings you’ll be getting from this girl for now. I’m gonna go read me a sunshine and rainbows book next to deal with the HOLY HELL DID THAT JUST HAPPEN last 20% of this book. And I thank you

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