Review: Love Another Day by Lexi Blake

Series: Masters & Mercenaries #14
Genre: Romantic Suspense, BDSM
Author: Lexi Blake
Release Date: August 21, 2017

A man born to protect

After a major loss, Brody Carter found a home with the London office of McKay-Taggart. A former soldier, he believes his job is to take the bullets and follow orders. He’s happy to take on the job of protecting Dr. Stephanie Gibson while the team uses her clinic in Sierra Leone to bring down an international criminal. What he never expected was that the young doctor would prove to be the woman of his dreams. She’s beautiful, smart, and reckless. Over and over he watches her risk her life to save others. One night of pure passion leads him to realize that he can’t risk his heart again. When the mission ends, Brody walks away, unwilling to lose another person he loves.

A woman driven to heal

Stephanie’s tragic past taught her to live for today. Everything she’s done in the last fifteen years has been to make up for her mistakes. Offering medical care in war-torn regions gives her the purpose she needs to carry on. When she meets her gorgeous Aussie protector, she knows she’s in too deep, but nothing can stop her from falling head over heels in love. But after one amazing night together, Brody walks away and never looks back. Stephanie is left behind…but not alone.

A secret that will change both their lives

A year later, Stephanie runs afoul of an evil mercenary who vows to kill her for failing to save his son. She runs to the only people she trusts, Liam and Avery O’Donnell. She hasn’t come alone and her secret will bring her former lover across the world to protect her. From Liberia to Dallas to Australia’s outback, Brody will do whatever it takes to protect Stephanie from the man who wants to kill her, but it might be her own personal demons that could destroy them both.


I want that connection. I want to feel you, and not only in a physical way. This isn’t playing. Playing is a silly word for what I want from you.”
“What word would you use?”
“Everything. I want everything.”

Have you ever read a series that you hope never ends. Like it could have 34355 books and you’ll still crave more? Yeah. This series is that for me. Not only does my addiction to it increase with each new book and new character that gets introduced, I find myself more and more invested. These characters have become like friends to me. I root for them. I hurt for them. And I will never get enough of them.

Dr. Stephanie Gibson was first introduced in A Dom is Forever and my interest in her story has been increasing ever since. As a teenager, an accident due to unfortunate and naive negligence changed her life forever. She’s been paying penance ever since and punishing herself trying to pay things forward. She gained a dear friend out of the woman that she felt should hate her for the accident but family of her own is not something she’s had since that fateful day.

When Brody Carter and his team showed up at her clinic at Sierra Leone, she found herself falling quickly for the broody Aussie. On his last day there, she makes a decision to finally act on her feelings, even knowing he won’t want anything beyond the one night. Brody doesn’t feel he’s good enough for her, even while in her head, she feels it’s the exact opposite. But their one passionate night together comes with a lasting surprise, when Steph finds herself pregnant and her messages to Brody go unanswered. She got the message from the man loud and clear, but when her life and her son’s life is threatened, she finds herself on the doorstep of Liam O’Donnell and back in Brody’s world.

The tension between them is so thick you could cut it with a knife. I needed Brody to redeem himself for the radio silence act he pulled on Steph. I needed him to step up and be a man. I wanted him to grovel, to work for it, to need her forgiveness, and man oh man did I get it. And then some!

He thought briefly about putting the baby in his crib and trying to get a bit of work done, but it felt better to sit, to rock with his son in his arms. For the first time in forever, he knew what peace meant.

While Brody finally sees the light and realizes he needs to fight for Steph, his battle certainly isn’t an easy one. With a dangerous enemy hunting for his woman and her determination to continue to punish herself for her past, it’s not easy to prove just how great they could be together. But it sure made for an entertaining read.

I wanted to be annoyed with Steph and her constant martyr mentality, but I simply couldn’t. Lexi Blake did an amazing job with character development and you can’t help but understand her and feel for her at the same time. To know that you’re the cause of two innocent lives is not easy to get over, no matter how many years passed and whether or not it was a horrible accident. Steph lives with those demons every day. It’s the reason she became a doctor and fights to save lives.

There’s a lot that happens in this book, but the romance is always at the front and center, and it. is. SIZZLING.

It’s going be long and slow and I’m going to know every single inch of this beautiful body like it’s a map I need to memorize. I’ll be able to close my eyes and know how many kisses it takes to get from your mouth to your nipple to your sweet belly to that pussy I’m going to eat like a starving man.”

I loved these two together and I loved how they fight for each other even when they fight with each other.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Lexi Blake book without the rest of the gang and a whole bunch of fun from my favorite, Ian.

You can’t fix someone. That’s not what love does. Love can make a person want to fix himself. That’s the key.” He frowned at his wife. “I said love. I want to vomit.”

Love Another Day was another high octane ride; full of action and suspense that will keep you turning the pages well into the night. I just finished it and I already can’t wait for the next book. I’m an addict when it comes to this series and I can’t recommend it enough if you like your romantic suspense with some sizzling BDSM romance.




  1. I love this serie, I hope it will never end… I don’t read this book yet… Because I know then I start I won’t stop until the end…

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