Review: Heart Sick Hate by Eva Simmons

Series: Twisted Roses #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Eva Simmons
Release Date:
January 12, 2024

I chose wrong.

While my future is promised to one man, my heart wants Crew Kingsley.

My enemy. My addiction. My boyfriend’s brother.

Crew isn’t the prince in any girl’s story. He doesn’t want to win my love, he wants to steal it—simply so he can make me regret ever letting him.

If only I wasn’t addicted to his pain.

Crew’s hate burns too hot.
His heart is too cold.
But his punishment… is just right.

When given two choices, a smart girl picks the safest. But Crew made me sick, I made my choice, and even if they think they already wrote our ending, the story is about to change.



My last piece of innocence, and I just offered it to a devil.

Have I already mentioned my newly found obsession with this series? I dove into Crew and Echo’s story immediately after finishing Lies Like Love. As an intriguing as Crew was as a secondary character, he stole the show as the main one. And while this is a standalone in a series, I highly recommend you read it in order because the story arc for these two begins in the first book.

The animosity and lust between Crew and Echo is obvious from the first time they appear on the pages. But Echo is with Crew’s brother, Rhett, and I couldn’t wait to dive into this deliciously twisted story. Now if you’re thinking this is a love triangle, it’s certainly not. The relationship between Rhett and Echo is in name only, for an arrangement and agreement made 8 years ago. Desperate to help her sick father, Echo agrees to tie herself to Rhett. Though, admittedly, outside of Rhett’s own ambition, I never fully connected to why Rhett’s father is so committed to this lie, but I digress.

As the day that she has with her life being her own disappearing looms in front of her, Echo is desperate to part with one last pesky piece of her past, her virginity. And who best to offer it to? Her “boyfriend’s” brother who seems to hate her. All joking aside, the connection between her and Crew has always been there so while it sounds outlandish it also made sense that she would go for him. And for those of you that like your MMCs obsessed and falling first and hard, you’ll love dirty talking Crew.

Now admittedly, there were parts of the story development that at times got overshadowed by the sex scenes for me. Don’t get me wrong, not to the point that I skimmed, because they were hot, and I’m not complaining. But I wished we got a bit more meat to the story. Both Echo and Crew were very complex characters, but I never fully connected with Echo the way I hoped I did and the way I did with Fel in the previous book.

That aside, I still binge read this book in one sitting. It was a fast paced, addictive type of read. And while the ending was mostly predictable, I still enjoyed it quite a bit. And now I immediately need Sage’s book because I have a feeling his story may be my favorite in the series. Because that set up at the end of this book? NEED.

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