Review: ★Dungeon Royale★ by Lexi Blake

Broken by betrayal, one woman holds the secret to his redemption…

An agent broken

MI6 agent Damon Knight prided himself on always being in control. His missions were executed with cold, calculating precision. His club, The Garden, was run with an equally ordered and detached decadence. But his perfect world was shattered by one bullet, fired from the gun of his former partner. That betrayal almost cost him his life and ruined his career. His handlers want him to retire, threatening to revoke his license to kill if he doesn’t drop his obsession with a shadowy organization called The Collective. To earn their trust, he has to prove himself on a unique assignment with an equally unusual partner.

A woman tempted
Penelope Cash has spent her whole life wanting more. More passion. More adventure. But duty has forced her to live a quiet life. Her only excitement is watching the agents of MI6 as they save England and the world. Despite her training, she’s only an analyst. The closest she is allowed to danger and intrigue is in her dreams, which are often filled with one Damon Knight. But everything changes when the woman assigned to pose as Damon’s submissive on his latest mission is incapacitated. Penny is suddenly faced with a decision. Stay in her safe little world or risk her life and her heart for Queen and country.

An enemy revealed

With the McKay-Taggart team at their side, Damon and Penny hunt an international terrorist across the great cities of Northern Europe. Playing the part of her Master, Damon begins to learn that under Penny’s mousy exterior is a passionate submissive, one who just might lay claim to his cold heart. But when Damon’s true enemy is brought out of the shadows, it might be Penny who pays the ultimate price.

4 stars

Sex isn’t polite, Penelope. Sex is dirty and nasty and raw. I want you rough. I’m a bloody man and you’re going to treat me like one. And I’m going to show you just how much of a woman you are.

This series has been a go to of mine whenever I need a hot BDSM read with a great plot and some action and suspense thrown into the mix. And it seems to only get better and better with each new book.

Dungeon Royale starts off immediately where Love and Let Die ended, with Damon being betrayed by his long time partner in MI6 and shot twice. Barely surviving the attack, months later Damon is still recuperating. He wants back into the field, but his superiors are questioning his medical reports. So when his boss presents to him an opportunity to prove that he can still perform despite his injuries, he jumps at the chance. There’s just one thing he needs for the mission, a female partner and submissive, and the mousy company translator seems the perfect fit for the job.

But there’s also another thing standing in his way; he has to convince her.

Penelope Cash has spent her life taking care of others and letting people stomp all over her. She’s shy, awkward, and hasn’t had the best of luck with men…if you can even count the one relationship she had as an experience. She has always been attracted to the sexy as sin Damon Knight, but she knows that he would never go for a woman like her. That doesn’t stop her from wanting more from her life. A dangerous mission may just be the answer, if only Damon could convince her.

She’s scared out of her mind, Nige, and I rather think it isn’t about taking a bullet. She knows I’ll keep her safe. So that makes me really wonder what really frightens her. I think she’s a prudish chit and she’s worried I’ll get her knickers off.”
“Did you ever stop to wonder if perhaps I’m simply not interested in even pretending to sleep with you?”
“No. Not once.”
“Maybe I don’t like men, Mr. Knight.”
“Oh you like men, love. And you like me.”

I was a little afraid at first that Penny might irritate me. I’m not a big fan of the super shy and mousy heroines. But I shouldn’t have been concerned, since this is a Lexi Blake book. Penny was an amazing heroine, she’s not at all what she first appears to me. I loved watching her personal growth and seeing her come into her own as the story progressed. She was the perfect match to Damon.

The action and suspense in the story was none stop. It was quick paced and entertaining as hell. Then there was all the characters from the previous books that I’ve loved that made an appearance in this one. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of Ian.

I’m not retiring and I’m not managing an office for you.”
“Come on, Knight, I promise to send someone to assassinate you at least once a month. It’ll keep your adrenaline up. It’s not so bad, man. Hell, I’m lying. It’s horrible. You get to sit around and listen to everyone whine constantly. ‘I need time off. My wife is giving birth. I can’t sleep with that target in oder to get information because I’m a faithful husband.’ God, they constantly whine at me

Then there were the sex scenes. And in this series, there is only one thing that you can expect them to be. SCORCHING.

There was a new character introduced in this book, and I can only hope that he will eventually get his own story. Nothing better than a sexy Aussie accent 🙂

And like with all the rest of the books in the series, the last chapter give you a preview of the next book. All I can say to you Miss Blake is that you are a damn sadist for teasing me this way. As excited as I am to finally get my hands on Simon and Chelsea’s book, I’m pretty sure I may go a little crazy waiting until Aug 19.

But then again, patience has never been a virtue of mine.

This is not a series that I would recommend reading out of order. Although Lexi gives plenty of background about each character in their book, it just wouldn’t be the same. Many of the characters get introduced early in the series and helps you get a stronger feel for them. Damon Knight was first introduced in book 5 and Penelope is a new character. I’ve loved every book in this series, so I definitely recommend reading them all.

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