Review: ✩Chasing Temptation✩ by @JoyaRyanAuthor

Good things come in naughty packages…

What does it take to turn a good girl bad? Sick of her interfering brother nosing into her love life―and by proxy, her sex life—Penny Diamond has decided she needs a break from her “girl next door” reputation. And she knows exactly who can help her… Tall, lean, and impossibly intense Sebastian Strafford is rumored to have a sexual appetite with a decidedly wicked flavor.
Unfortunately, he’s also her brother’s best friend. Sebastian doesn’t do relationships. Getting involved with Penny―and giving into that carnal thirst he’s tried to ignore all these years―is just about the worst idea ever. But he’ll be damned if she turns to anyone else for her “education.” So Sebastian makes her a deal: just two weeks to indulge in every sensual sin imaginable. Now he just has to keep himself from falling for the good girl. Especially when she’s so deliciously bad…
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Review4.5 stars

She was the one woman who should be running from him, the one woman he shouldn’t want as badly as he did.

If you’re anything like me, when you read Chasing Trouble and the SECOND you got a glimpse of Sebastian “Bass” Strafford, your first thought was

No? Was that just me then?

Nothing better than a dirty talking, dominant, rough around the edges and even rougher in bed lawyer. Yes, please

Time for Operation: Orgasm to commence.”

Penny Diamond is tired of her good-girl reputation and even more tired of her lackluster sex life. With a meddlesome and overprotective brother her choice of bed partners is not only small…it’s next near to non-existent. Even bigger problem? Her biggest temptation and the one man she knows is perfectly fit for the job also happens to be her brother’s best friend.

She didn’t like it…she loved it.
Everything from his power to his strength to the way he spoke. He was an unleashed, dirty talking, no mercy lover that she wanted over and over.

Sebastian is used to thinking of Penny as his best friend’s younger sister…until he no longer does. He sees the temptress beneath the good girl reputation, but he knows that he can’t have her. His tastes run a little rougher that what Penny thinks she wants and his relationships have a 2 week expiration date. Too bad Penny is set on testing and tempting him at every turn, until the only option left is to give in…

If you thought book one was hot, just wait till you get your hands on Sebastian. Sweet mother of cock was the man delicious. Dirty talking, wickedly delicious.

Tell me,” he said, delivering kisses on her thigh as he continued to get closer to the spot that was dampening by the second.
“Have you ever been eaten?”
“I’m the first.” It wasn’t a question, rather a statement.”
“Then I should warn you… I’m not going to eat you, I’m going to DEVOUR you.

If you want sizzling hot chemistry and a fantastic story, this is the series for you.

Penny and Bass burn up the pages together. Their sexual chemistry was palpable from book 1 and was an absolute inferno in their own book. I couldn’t get enough of them. Sebastian is just the right amount of dominant and sexy without being OTT. The man was hot outside the bed and most certainly in it too…

This series is a definite auto-buy for me. I love everything about, including all the side characters, and can’t wait for their own books. I also loved the continuation of Colt J.J.’s HEA. It was so great getting that additional part of their story. If you haven’t read the first book in this series yet, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for. Just be prepared for HAWTness overload.

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