Review: Breaking Him by Sherilee Gray

breaking-him-reviewBREAKING HIM
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Sherilee Gray
Release Date: September 5, 2016add-to-goodreads-button-2


Folks in town call him a monster—say he’s dangerous. But I know him simply as Elijah Hays, the quiet, gentle giant who works with the horses on my ranch. I can feel him watching me, that steady intense gaze making me crave things I don’t quite understand, burn in a way that frightens me. He’s always kept his distance…until that night.

I remember him coming to my rescue, me following him into the barn, giving him his first taste of a woman, and his inexperienced yet barely reined touch turning me to ash.

Now all I can think about is exposing the dark desire I see deep inside him—having him turn those dark desires on me. That low, gritty voice rasping orders in my ear. Those huge, rough hands holding me down when a storm blows in.

I want his surrender. His control. I want to break him…and have him break me…

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You’re my salvation, Abigail,” he said, voice low and guttural, each word punctuated with an almost violent thrust of his hips. “Right here, inside you, I’m redeemed. I’m the man you need. I’m yours and you’re MINE.”

Well, hello there, Sherilee Gray, and welcome to my auto buy list. I’m not sure what made me read this book; whether it was the blurb or the cover or a combination of both that intrigued me, but man oh man am I glad I gave this a shot. At just under 200 pages, this packs a heck of a punch. There’s a perfect mix of sizzling hot passion with emotion and character development.

I’ll admit, I’m not a reader that typically enjoys virgin heroes, and the few that I have read about I wasn’t a big fan. There was either too much cheese or insta love and my inner pervert felt her lady balls shrivel up and die in the process. What? Don’t judge me. At least I wave my freak flag proudly. But I digress.

Elijah Hays was quite possible the best virgin hero I’ve ever read. Period. Bar none. His sexual progression and pent up kinks were incredibly realistic and easy to connect to. The author did an incredible job creating a broken hero with just the right amount of vulnerability, and yet managing to instill him with just the right touch of sexual edge. It was absolutely delicious.

You’re the only face I see anymore, Abigail. The only woman I’ve ever wanted.

Abigail was an amazing heroine. I love a woman that isn’t afraid to own her sexuality and admit what she wants. I adored the way she stood by Elijah when no one else did and the way she seemed to just understand and accept him. They were the perfect match for one another.

His nostrils flared. “Sweetheart, I want to hold you down and fuck you so hard the walls shake.”

At times I did wish we had slightly more detail on their past together and the way Elijah came to ranch and met her father. I would have also loved a bit more development on Abigail’s past. There was a lot of page time dedicated to Elijah, which I loved, but I would have liked the same page time for Abigail since she was just as intriguing.

That aside, everything about this story was fantastic! The progression of the story, the tension, the development, and of course the out of this world HOT as all get out sex. These two seriously burned up the pages together. There was just the right amount of story that kept this from being just smutty fun. It was so much more than that. You’ll fall for these characters just as hard as I did.

Sherilee Gray definitely has an instant fan in me now, and I’ll definitely be going back to check out her entire backlist. If her other books are anything like this one was, I already know that I need to read them!

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