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Beyond The Velvet Rope by Tiffany Ashley
Release date: June 24th
Welcome to Club Babylon: where the A-list VIPs come to play 

Scoring a gig at Miami’s Club Babylon is a fantasy come true for New York promoter Thandie Shaw. The hottest club on the strip is a magnet for major South Beach movers and shakers. And Thandie’s about to meet the biggest player of them all.

Babylon owner Elliot Richards is macho, arrogant, sexist—everything Thandie doesn’t want in a boss or lover. Elliot is also the most erotic man who’s ever wanted to take her to bed. But Thandie’s no fool. Even as he tries to seduce her into a world of intense and shocking passion, she knows it’s too good to last…especially after she uncovers Elliot’s explosive secrets.

Thandie’s going down a dangerous road, and she’s risking a lot more than her career. Torn between doubt and desire, will she have to pay the ultimate price?

Darkly sensual and deeply moving, Beyond the Velvet Rope takes you into a world of uncontrollable desire and unexpected consequences.

3.5  Stars

Tell me you want me.”
“No.” She could hardly breathe, let alone sound certain of herself.
Elliot lifted his head to look into her face. Her eyes were practically glowing with lust. “Tell me what I want to hear,” he demanded in the husky voice. “Tell me you want this.”

This was a toughie for me to rate. I was completely enraptured in the story. Absolutely loved it and I’m captivated enough to continue and eagerly anticipate the next book in the series (Which I’m hoping will be Nico’s). Unfortunately there were just a few things that kept this from being a solid 4 stars for me. Truthfully, if I was rating on the story alone, I’d give it 5 stars. It was THAT good.

Thandie Shaw is a PR golden girl. She’s made quite the career for herself in New York. But when the opportunity presents itself to work for the enigmatic and rich Miami club owner, Elliot Richards, she knows she has to get it. Too bad Elliot isn’t that thrilled with employing a woman. He’s arrogant, chauvinistic, rich as fuck, and sexy as sin

What can I tell you about Elliot? If you like the enigmatic, rich playboys, you will absolutely fall head over heals for Elliot. He was everything I love and more. Everything that came out of this man’s mouth was sinfully delicious.

That’s what I get for being a Good Samaritan.”
“You call dragging me against my will into your car and ogling me a act of goodwill?”
“Absolutely,” he said. “A simple ‘thank you’ is always welcome. But in your case, I’m willing to accept sexual favors.”
“You are unbelievable.”
“I prefer to think misunderstood.”

Plus he has that bonus addition of asshole that just completely solidified him in my top perve material spot.

We’ve rescheduled for next Monday night.”
“Good for Rex,” he said. “He could use the attention. Regrettably, you’ll have to break your plans. You’ll be busy.”
“Busy? Busy doing what?”
“Busy being fucked by me.
I see you’re speechless,” Elliot cooed. “Try not to make a habit out of it. I prefer my women to be a bit more vocal.”

What can I say? That touch of asshole will do it for me every single time.

The second Thandie begins working for Elliot, he makes things extremely clear. He’s determined to seduce here. While she’s determined to fight him on it every step of the way. She’s not looking to be just another notch of his belt, and Elliot’s certainly had his fair share of notches. He doesn’t exactly mince his words, and paints a very vivid picture of his intentions to Thandie

Thandie was a great heroine. She really does try to fight the seduction, but no woman in her right mind can possibly fight the full effect of Elliot Richards for long.

I think we should get a few things straight, Thandie. I have every intention of screwing you. Keep up this act, and I promise you’ll find yourself in a lot of trouble with me.”
“I’m not interested,” she said through gritted teeth.
“I could make you. Quite easily.”

The sexual relationship between them was a slow burn. And with the book being as long as it was, that was a hell of a slow burn. But there’s just enough sexual tension and innuendo thrown in that sucks you in like a moth to a flame.

Stop denying us, Thandie.”
“You give yourself a lot of credit, Mr. Richards.”
“I have the experience to back it up.” He grinned. “Trust me. I’m as good as they say.”
“Why me?”
“You interest me.”
“What happens when I’m no longer interesting?”
Elliot shrugged. “I’ll find someone else.”
“This is all a game to you,” she whispered.
“Everything is a game, Thandie. And I play to win.”

I seriously couldn’t get enough of the chemistry between them. The author did an amazing job building a slow heat that eventually CUMbusted into fireworks when they finally do get together.

Turn around. Let me see your ass.”
“Fuck you.”
“How about I fuck you instead?

Now as to what kept it from being a higher rating for me. There were a number of things.

The length. I felt that the book could have easily been a good 30% less…or more. It was incredibly descriptive. While I loved the vivid picture that a descriptive story builds in my head, I also found myself getting bored with a lot of the parts. There was a large number of characters introduced, and all of them had a backstory, and it really got confusing to keep track of it all. I didn’t really get the necessity of Cam and the first chapter of the book. i felt that could have been excluded entirely without taking away from the story.

The formal writing style
As much as I loved the story and the flow, I found the writing to be a little too formal at times. Some of the phrases and words that were used gave me an eye roll or 2. Honestly, at times I almost felt like I was reading Shaskperean porn LOL!

She sucked hard as he filled her mouth with hot sperm.

Hot sperm was certainly a first for me.

Now finally free from Elliot’s affections, she was unable to drift into slumber.
Turned on their sides, they slept in “spoon” fashion.

Thandie studied her reflection as she affixed her earings.

Again, just way too formal for my simple puny brain tastes.

The way her body pocketed his manhood

The contact of her drenched center pressed against his naked manhood.

Manhood is a term that is almost guaranteed to kill my lady boner in 2.5 seconds flat.

Now I know I probably sound like I’m nitpicking here, but the combination of everything did manage to bring down my rating. I’m not sure if it may bother others as it did me, but it is what it is.

The twist at the end is certainly not one I saw coming, and I was glued to my Kindle for the last 30% to see how everything would turn out. While some of the things in the story didn’t quite work for me, I am completely sold on the series. Even if the things I complained about repeat in the next book, I would still gladly read it. The author managed to peak my curiosity so much with Nico and Victoria (and Matrix) that I’m dying for the next book.

Do I recommend this book? Absolutely! If you can overlook some of the things I mention, you will fall hard for Elliot and enjoy the book immensely. And even if you are bothered by it, the story is just strong enough for you to be able to overlook them. I’m eagerly anticipating the next book in the series, and can’t wait to see what Tiffany Ashley has planned for the foul mouthed and sassy Victoria and the deliciously sexy and rich Nico.

ARC gifted to Dirty Girl Romance blog in exchange for an honest review

As a child, Tiffany always dreamed of writing her own novels. Having possessed a passion for books, her desire to become a published author is now a reality. Her first novel, Love Script, released in 2007, received rave reviews. Known for her steamy and sometimes emotionally exhausting interracial romances, Tiffany looks forward to a long and adventurous career. Tiffany lives in Dallas, Texas where she continues to write her novels.

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