Review: A Vengeful Occasion by Kristy Marie

The Fallen Kings of Eden #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Kristy Marie
Release Date:
April 26, 2024

Urban legend.
Ruthless Attorney.
Hateful Billionaire.

Tobias Hale is surrounded by rumors, most of which are true. Underneath that three-piece suit is a cold, callous man who rules the courtroom with an iron tongue. Judges hate him with the same passion he hates me.
He hasn’t always been that way, though.
We were once star-crossed lovers who sat by the water’s edge—me wearing his jacket and him dreaming about a future far away from my family—a place where I wasn’t American royalty, only his queen.
I never thought I would see him again.
Years later, a chance encounter brings us face to face.
The sweet and compassionate man I once knew is long gone. The man before me now is a vicious and calculated billionaire.
Once upon a time, he was my fairytale prince.
Now, he has become the legend everyone knows as Tennyson—my husband, my killer.

A Vengeful Occasion is a second chance, romantic suspense standalone.


They say the sins of the father are the debt of his children. For Spencer Pemberton, that’s exactly the case—plus more.

I was immediately intrigued by these brothers in A Vicious Proposal but when we got a sneak peek into Tobias Hale, suffice it to say I was feral for his book. This series just keeps getting better with each book! I live for a second chance romance trope, and when you throw in suspense, revenge, and a lovers to enemies to lovers vibe? I am SOLD.

I’m sorry, what? Did you say that your wife is in your trunk?” Maybe calling Van—or Alistair, as most people know him—wasn’t such a great idea.
“Don’t get all righteous on me, brother. As I recall, you kidnapped your wife, as well.”
“Blackmailed,” he corrects. “I blackmailed her into marrying me. I didn’t toss her in my trunk the second I saw her.”
“I didn’t take her the minute I saw her,” I retort. “I grabbed her after I stalked her for a week!”

This is the story of Tobias and Spenser, and as much as I loved Tobias, I was absolutely obsessed with Spencer and her sassy fierceness. Twelve years ago, Tobias was her escape and love of her life. But when her life tilted on its axis because of her dangerous family, the last thing Spencer expected is to see the man again. Even though she never stopped loving him.

Spenser was a firecracker. This is a woman who survived hell at the hands of her family and never stopped fighting. She also never stopped trying to escape her circumstances and the life that she never wanted. But when the latest attempt suddenly lands her in front of the only man who ever meant anything to her, it’s not exactly a happy reunion. Spencer has secrets she can’t share and an agenda that is life or death for her. And Tobias is determined to make her pay for what he thinks was her role in ruining his life all those years ago.

We were a cliché poem, fighting for the past we had lost in a future we didn’t trust.

The chemistry between these two was incendiary. Theirs is a slow burn but when it fires up, it crackles!

I’m going to fuck you out of my system,” I warn. “I’m going to fuck you how you make me feel: unhinged.”

I absolutely loved this book. It brought a bit of everything; suspense, action, a fiery romance, and so much hate lust. And you know that I love me some hate lust. My only quibble is that the ending felt a bit rushed after all the build up and I would have loved to see the impact on the pages rather than off. But it was still seriously satisfying and was an absolute page turner of a read.

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