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Playing With Trouble 
Author: Chanel Cleeton
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 21, 2015

The author of Flirting with Scandal presents her second book in a sexy contemporary romance series about three sisters in a powerful political family, the scandals that threaten to destroy them, and the passion that drives them…

The daughter of one of the Senate’s most powerful figures, Blair Reynolds was ready to become the ultimate political wife—until she caught her fiancé cheating on her wedding day. Law school is a fresh start, her shot at putting the pieces of her life back together. That’s the plan, at least. Until trouble comes in the form of her Torts professor, the man whose arrogance infuriates her in class but haunts her private fantasies.

Graydon Canter had a fortune and a place on all the hottest “Thirty under Thirty” lists, until a series of personal missteps nearly destroyed his career. A year teaching at a D.C. law school is just the break he needs to get his life back in order, as long as nothing—and no one—trips him up.

When Blair and Gray are forced to work together, their explosive attraction becomes impossible to resist. But Gray’s demons have drawn him dangerously close to the edge, and Blair has spent her life playing by the rules. Will she break them for a shot at love?

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Review4.5 stars

He was no longer my professor, no longer someone I loathed. He was hands I needed on my body, lips I wanted kissing mine.

I was first hooked on this series and this author when I read Flirting with Scandal. Now I can honestly say I’m completely addicted. Playing With Trouble was even better than the first book, and let me just tell you; I loved the first book. It had everything I love going for it; hate-to-love, forbidden romance, and enough sexual tension and chemistry to set your kindle on fire.
PwT1-DGRBlair Reynolds is the middle daughter of a conterversial senator and the good girl of the family. Constantly used by her political family to boost their family image, Blair is tired of being the pawn and the girl that falls in line with what she’s told. In a last resort of rebellion she enrolls in law school instead of following in the political science footsteps. But her decision soon comes to bite her in the ass in the shape of her too sexy for words and tormentor of her nightmares professor, Graydon Canter.

This is what happened when perfect cracked and splintered. This was what happened when your life fell apart.

Graydon or Gray had it all; an incredibly successful law career, a marriage, more money than he knew what to do with and was quickly climbing the corporate latter in his law firm…until he lost it all. Now stuck teaching a law class at a university for students that weren’t good enough to get into a better school or simply bought their way in, he gets his kicks by tormenting the beauty in his Torts class. So what if his picking on her daily roots from his undeniable attraction to her? She’s off-limits and that’s where she’ll stay…until she doesn’t.

I stared down into her eyes, trying to read the emotions I saw there. I wanted her. More than a dance. More than a fuck.
I was drunk on her, and in this case, sobriety was just out of my reach.

This book had some of the best sexual tension I’ve read in a very long while. It was utterly delicious. I loved the way Chanel Cleeton handled their attraction and ultimate giving into it. I couldn’t get enough of these two.

Gray was that perfect broody and broken hero that you love to read about and root for his redemption. He didn’t sugar coat or hide his faults. He came right out and put them out for Blair to see. Blair on the other hand was a fantastic heroine. She’s the good girl, but you also see her grow into herself as the book progresses. She doesn’t allow anyone to step all over her, and I appreciated that it finally extended to her parents as well.

The center of it all was definitely the romance, and it was even hotter than the first book. These two were so hot together they practically sizzled.

I wanted to consume her; I wanted to break her and put her back together again, because that’s what I did- I broke things.

Of course there’s plenty of other things going on to keep the reader interested and it all culminates towards one hell of a plot twist towards the end. While I did see it coming from the beginning, it sets up the next book perfectly and I’m practically salivating to get my hands on it.

If politics aren’t your thing, not to worry, because this book barely had any aside from the happenings of Blair’s father. It’s more muted and in the background, much like the first book. I honestly cannot recommend this series enough.

She was like a dream I’d given up long ago. A different life, a better me. A chance to wash the filth away.

I devoured this book and didn’t want to set it down for even a minute. It was the perfect combination of sexy and a touch of angsty with a dash of dry wit and humor. I absolutely loved it.

I’m not the hero, Blair. And somehow I still got the princess.
“Honey, I’m pretty sure you’re the beast. And I am definitely not a princess. I thought we just established that.
“You’re my princess. Dirty mouth, naughty lingerie, wicked tongue, formidable temper, and all.

I have a feeling about the twist for the third book and I”m keeping my fingers crossed that I’m right because that will make it even better than I think. Chanel Cleeton has definitely made it straight to my auto-buy shelf and I can’t wait for more from this talented author.


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