Review: ★His Fantasy Girl★ by Nina Croft

Review- HFGHis Fantasy Girl
Series: Things To Do Before You Die #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Nina Croft
Release Date: October 19, 2015add-to-goodreads-button3


When fantasy and reality collide…

There’s nothing like a near death experience to make a guy reassess his life. And that’s exactly what nightclub owner Logan McCabe decides to do, starting with looking up the girl he spent one wild night with eleven years ago, right before his life turned to crap. He spent a year fantasizing about her. Now he’s ready to see how reality matches up.

Abigail Parker is a perfectionist. She’s only strayed from the straight and narrow once in her life, on her eighteenth birthday. It was supposed to be one wild night with a totally unsuitable man before she settled into her sensible future. Instead it changed her life forever.

Logan might still be the sexiest man Imogen has ever seen, but a dirty-talking, tattooed, ex-con is the last thing she needs in her perfect life. He claims she’s his fantasy girl, but what he doesn’t know is she’s also the mother of his ten-year old daughter…

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There’s only one thing I want your mouth doing right now, and it isn’t talking.”

Nothing like floating on a life raft with your buddies after escaping a sinking ship and puking off the side to reflect on one’s life. But that’s exactly what Logan McCabe finds himself doing. When the discussion leads to the one thing they’d go back in time to change, there’s only one thing floating in Logan’s mind. The sizzling one night stand he shared with a woman eleven years ago that rocked his world. So what’s a man to do? Look her up, track her down, and proposition her for more, of course.

Abby Parker is sensible, from her actions to her low heeled sandals. She had one night of wild eleven years ago, and got herself a souvenir to cherish the memory on top of it. She’s not looking for a walk on the wild side again, but when the sexy, tatted and dirty talking Logan shows up on her door, he throws her perfectly sensible life for one hell of a loop.

His Fantasy Girl is the first book in Nina’s scorching new Things To Do Before You Die series. If you love dirty talkers with a bit of a kinky side, heroines that are proper but with that right amount of wild to drive the hero even wilder, and a whole lot of hot sexy loving, this book is sure to please.

I like the way you look at my cock. Like you’re hungry for it and you’ll let me do whatever I like with it.”

Logan is an ex-con with an aversion to cops, and the Abby eleven years later just happens to be a detective. A match made in heaven they are not. I absolutely loved these two together. Abby may be a touch prissy, but she sure gives as good as she gets. Logan is everything I’ve come to love in a Brazen hero, totally alpha and a dirty talking god. Add in a secret pregnancy trope, and watch the sparks fly! My only quibble is what I felt was a little too much cheese with the ending. (view spoiler) But that certainly didn’t make this any less good.

If you’re looking for a sizzling romance to spend an evening with, look no further than this one.

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