Review: ★Camouflage★ by @AuthorAngelicaC

Series: Predator and Prey #1
Genre: Erotic Suspense
Author: Angelica Chase
Release Date: October 30, 2016add-to-goodreads-button-2


I lived my life by two principles: order and excellence.
My moral compass steered me out of the slums of backwoods Tennessee and towards the woman I was destined to become, but not without gathering a few skeletons along the way.

Eventually, I found success, but my restless, relentless nature still left me feeling unsatisfied.

Then I met a ghost of a man.

At first, I was sure Daniello was a figment of my imagination, a beautiful and dangerous apparition with a fat cock and an animalistic hunger. He threatened my control and need for order, and in his absence, I became more haunted by my past.

He wanted me submissive.

I wanted to know him.

Then my ghost met my skeletons.

Camouflage is the first full length book of a duet.
If you are not a fan of cursing, erotic, extremely explicit sex, immoral behavior, dysfunction, or sexual scenarios that may make you feel uncomfortable, this is not the series for you.


Review4 starsCamouflage-DGR

Two things were clear to me in that moment. I wanted to fuck this man. And he would be very, very bad for me.

Well, hell. That was certainly…different. It was also erotic as hell, a little gritty and a whole hell of a lot entertaining. Angelica Chase has a certain edge to her writing that I’ve come to be a bit addicted to. She doesn’t write traditional characters, there are no cookie cutter hero or heroines to be found here. Hell no! After binging myself on her Excess series, I couldn’t wait for Taylor’s story. Taylor was Nina’s assistant turned business partner and you just knew that right below the surface were brewing some dark desires. And boy was I right!

Taylor Ellison is unapologetically sexual. This is a woman that enjoys sex for what it is and has no grand illusions of love or a relationship being attached to it. She’s also inexplicably drawn to a man that seems to be oozing danger from his every pore. She knows nothing about him aside from knowing she wants him. It’s a cat and mouse game but with an added edge because this man is danger clouded in mystery.

Who are you?” I asked aloud, thought I didn’t mean to. He paused his hand and leaned in with a whisper.
“I am the man who will disappear from your bed one night without any explanation.”

Now if you’re a fan of more…erm…orthodox relationships, this book may not be for you. What takes place between Taylor and Daniello is nothing of what may constitute as normal. Hell, if Taylor wasn’t lusting after him they way she does, it’s borderline dub con at times. Though truth be said, it’s skating the edge of dub con without fully diving into it which just makes it slightly more delicious.

Daniello is a dangerous enigma filled with so much sexual prowess, the mere mention of his name alone had me feeling hot and bothered. This is a man that makes no apologies for who he is, promises nothing, and takes rather than asks for what he wants. While Taylor is an extremely strong female lead, there’s something about Daniello that demands her submission no matter how much she may hate it. I liked Taylor just as much as Nina. It’s refreshing to read a heroine that makes no excuses for her sex life and owns who she is.

Taylor’s history is definitely not an easy one and that’s what this book truly delves into. You get to see how and where she grew up and witness the events that led her to turn into the power-hungry and take charge woman that she is today.

As always, Angelica Chase delivers on some incredibly erotic scenes that will make you squirm in your seats.

I’d never been kissed that way, touched that way, coveted that way, fucked that way, and I was truly addicted. And I’d never in my life wanted a man more than I did in that moment.

But while you get to see the progression of Taylor’s character, you still know next to nothing of Daniello. He remains a mystery until the last page which only served to whet my appetite for the next book. You know he’s dangerous and you certainly know he’s not a good guy. Though how bad is he?

Camouflage gives the reader just enough to hook them and yet leave them begging for more answers. And the twist at the end? Hoo boy! I can’t wait to see how all this resolves!






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