Review: ★Afternoon Delight★ by Anne Calhoun

Review Afternoon Delight Afternoon Delight
Series: Irresistible #1
Genre: Erotic, Contemporary Romance
Author: Anne Calhoun
Release Date: September 16, 2014add-to-goodreads-button31


“Anne Calhoun’s romances define the erotic”* and now the national bestselling author of Uncommon Passion serves up a delicious new novella of savory food and hungry men—and one woman’s challenge to get creative with each…

Sarah McCall, food truck co-owner and recent Manhattan transplant, savors each moment of her new job—whether it’s refining the truck’s menu, learning the city, or spending afternoons in bed with the hot paramedic who’s fast becoming her favorite customer.





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4 starsAfternoon Delight-DirtyGirlRomance

What do they call this? Afternoon delight?
It feels naughty, having sex during the day. Everyone else is busy, working, running errands, but we’re here. It’s a secret in the sunshine.

You know what I love about books by Anne Calhoun? They don’t try to be anything other than what they are. There’s no crazy drama. There’s no OTT situations or characters. There’s no crazy angst. The characters are lovely and just…real. It’s stories about two very normal, every-day kind of people, that slowly fall in love. It’s simple. It’s erotic. It’s the perfect afternoon read (see what I did there?)

Afternoon Delight is book one in Anne’s Irresistible series, and it’s definitely a series that I can already tell I’m not only going to continue reading, but fall in love with as well.

Sarah McCall recently moved to New York after caring for her ailing aunt that was dying from cancer. She’s no longer the care-free kind of woman that has one-nigh stands simply for the pleasure of pleasure, but she hopes to get back to who she was. Moving to New York and starting a food-truck business with her friend was the first step. Sarah is just one of those heroines that’s simplistically perfect. As a chef, she enjoys food, and as a woman, she enjoys pleasure. She doesn’t make excuses for either or deny herself. So when she sees a handsome paramedic sitting on a bench across from her food-truck, she offers him a meal, and then takes him up on the offer of following him to his apartment.

Tim is a NYC paramedic that likes things simple; no entanglements and no complications. He enjoys sex, but he doesn’t need a relationship to complicate things. His relationship with Sarah is nothing what he expected. There’s something so…easy…about being with her and what started out as an afternoon of mutual pleasure soon begins to turn into something more.

Anne Calhoun has this way of creating incredibly realistic love stories. They’re not filled with angst or sunshine and butterflies, but they’re perfect for what they are. You don’t get the wrapped in a bow HEA, but a satisfying HFN, and I appreciate that. Afternoon Delight was the perfect introduction to the series. It had wonderful characters, erotic sex scenes, and an easy story line that never gets boring even without the added pizzazz of your typical mainstream romances lately. If you haven’t read this wonderful author yet, I simply cannot recommend her enough, and this book is the perfect introduction to her talented writing.

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