New Release & Review: ★Sweet Little Lies★ by Jill Shalvis

sweet little lies-DGR ReviewSWEET LITTLE LIES
Series: Heartbreaker Bay #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Jill Shalvis
Release Date: June 28, 2016add-to-goodreads-button-2

Sweet Little Lies cover

Choose the one guy you can’t have . . .

As captain of a San Francisco Bay tour boat, Pru can handle rough seas—the hard part is life on dry land. Pru loves her new apartment and her neighbors; problem is, she’s in danger of stumbling into love with Mr. Right for Anybody But Her.

Fall for him—hard . . .

Pub owner Finn O’Riley is six-foot-plus of hard-working hottie who always makes time for his friends. When Pru becomes one of them, she discovers how amazing it feels to be on the receiving end of that deep green gaze. But when a freak accident involving darts (don’t ask) leads to shirtless first aid, things rush way past the friend zone. Fast.

And then tell him the truth.

Pru only wants Finn to be happy; it’s what she wishes for at the historic fountain that’s supposed to grant her heart’s desire. But wanting him for herself is a different story—because Pru’s been keeping a secret that could change everything. . . .

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She’d already wandered way off the track she’d set for herself, a fact that was now coming back to bite her hard because…
Because she was falling for him.

There’s nothing better for me than getting lost in a Jill Shalvis novel. This was the author that first introduced me to contemporary romance and she continues to be my go-to when I’m in the mood for a sweet romance with some steam and some of the swooniest heroes I’ve ever read.

Sweet Little Lies is the first book in the brand new Heartbreaker Bay series and this reader is already hooked! I fell in love with the story, the vibrant secondary characters, and the beautiful romance, and of course, Finn O’Riley. There’s one thing that this author manages to do each and every single time, and that’s not only connect the reader to the main characters right away, but all the secondary characters as well. This book unfolded before my eyes like the perfect romance movie. Between the slew of secondary characters like Pru’s ornery and opinionated neighbors, the old homeless guy, the tight knit group of friends, and my very favorite, Thor the dog. I fell for them all and I fell hard.

I adore the way that Shalvis can weave together a swoony romance with a fictional town full of characters that I can’t wait to learn more about. Of course, the story of Pru and Finn is center stage of it all, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

He’d known they had something but this…this rocked his world. Hers too because they both melted into it, tongues sliding, lips melding, bodies arching into each other in a slow rhythm.

Pru is one of those heroines that you can’t help but like. She’s incredibly selfless, but in the most endearing way. The way she takes care of everyone and the way she was with Finn absolutely melted my heart. She sets out to help him find his happiness and ends up falling for him instead.

Yes. This. It was just what she needed, because here, held by him like this, her guilt, her regret, her fears…all of it gave way to this heady, languid sensation of being desired and she didn’t want it to stop.

As for Finn? *sigh*
God but I loved him. Here’s a man with demons but not an a-hole. I think this is my favorite part of Shalvis’s characters; they’re your normal everyday people. There’s no crazy drama, no crazy angst, and yet you still end up loving the book from start to finish.

I don’t want to tell you much more because it’s something you need to read for yourself. But if you’re looking for a swoony and sexy romance with a great story, amazing secondary characters, and the cutest mutt I’ve ever read about, this is a must read.

I loved watching Pru and Finn’s relationship develop. It was the perfect slow burn and when it finally took off, it downright sizzled. I loved the humor, the pacing, absolutely everything. And even though you knew exactly what the ultimate fallout would be with the conflict at the end, it took nothing away from the story. I adored it!

Dammit, she was supposed to be fun whispering him. Instead, she’d fun whispered herself!

There’s also a sneak peek into the next book, and I’m practically salivating for it! I’ve already fallen for every secondary character that was introduced, especially Jake. I can’t wait for more in this fantastic series!


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