New Release & Review: ★Divided★ by @ivystoneauthor

Series: Unguarded #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 22, 2016add-to-goodreads-button-2


We were strangers.
Two people on different paths that were never meant to cross.

He saved me.
I ruined her.
We had no control.
We were powerless against fate. 
It wasn’t wrong, it wasn’t right, but it was real.
Ours was a toxic love. So lethal it was destined to ruin us both, and it did. In the end, everything went wrong for all the right reasons. 
Our lives divided. But our love would be infinite.

A forbidden crush.
A destructive romance.
A fierce love.

Roamyn & Alison
An Unguarded Novel


Review4.5 starsDivided teaser-DGR


He wasn’t supposed to show up on that bridge.
He wasn’t supposed to fill me with a slither of hope, for more, for different. But he did.

When I read Exposed last year, I knew two things immediately:
1. I found myself a new author to read
2. I desperately needed Ali and Roamyn’s story

The set up for their book sounded utterly delicious, in a super angsty and tortured way. Clearly this couple had a backstory that I needed to know about.

He fought for the both of us. He pulled away. I pushed back. We’re a mess. Reckless. Beautiful. Destructive. And I’ve never wanted anything more in my life.

Ali is not the typical heroine you’d find in books. She’s a tortured soul; a drug addict, a stripper, a woman that put her sister through hell and back in the first book. You know that there must be a good reason for her to have become the woman that she is now, and that is the story that Divided gives you.

This book takes you back all the way to the beginning. To the night that changed Ali irrevocably. To the night that is the sole reason for who she is today. Her backstory was utterly gut wrenching and heart breaking. I wasn’t sure from reading the first book and seeing Ali’s behavior if I’d connect with her as a heroine. I knew I was curious about her as a secondary character, but was she a strong enough character to hold her place as the heroine of the story. I can safely tell you that she was and more…

You’re not lost. You just haven’t found yourself yet.

Roamyn is twelve years older than Ali. But what her sister and Roamyn’s best friend don’t know, is their history goes back years. He first met her when she was just a broken little girl. But that meeting, that one fateful night, changed the course of both their lives.
Divided 2-DGRRoamyn and Ali’s story is not an easy one. It’s filled with heartbreak and pain. It’s angsty and gritty. It’s basically everything I love in my romance and Ivy Stone serves it up brilliantly.

Roamyn is not a perfect man. He struggles with his connection to Ali, and the age difference is just a small reason why. Their relationship is a slow burn built up over several years. But when these two finally do get together? They’re combustible!

Seven fucking years.” He breathes out through each thrust…
“You’re worth every excruciating second of the wait.”

While Divided focuses on a different couple from the first book and their HEA, do yourself a favor and read the series in order. While the author does a fantastic job giving you the backstory along with any details you may have missed without having it sound redundant, it helps to read Exposed first. It gives you the bones of the backstory of Ali and her sister. I highly recommend you read that first.

As for Divided? I loved it just as much as the first book. It had just that right amount of angst and grit that I come to crave in my books. If you’re looking for a gritty and sexy romance with imperfect characters that are simply perfect together, you’ve found your next read.


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