New Release & Review: ★Claiming Eden★ by Kele Moon

Review-Claiming EdenClaiming Eden
Series: Eden, #3
Genre: Erotic, BDSM, MM Romance
Author: Kele Moon
Release Date: January 26, 2016add-to-goodreads-button-2


Fiercely loyal, Danny will do anything for his best friend and lover Paul.

Yet when he turns to beautiful Mistress Circe for training to be a Pro-Dom Danny is forced to learn how deep his love for Paul really goes.

In order to train with her Circe expects Danny to do the one thing he hates above all others–submit.


ReviewClaiming Eden-DGR

Fuck me anyway you want, Danny Boy. Use me. That’s what I’m here for.”

Oh Danny boy, how I’ve missed you. So much so, that I savored this book as much as I could. See I have a sentimental attachment to this series. Beyond Eden was the very first book I read by Kele Moon and what ultimately began my obsession appreciation of her work.

First of all, if you’re planning on reading this as a standalone: STOP. Don’t do yourself or the story a disservice and read it in order. While the release dates show one thing, the recommended reading order per the story’s timeline is this:
1. Finding Eden– Danny & Paul
2. Claiming Eden– Danny & Paul
3. Beyond Eden– Danny, Paul & Eve

Claiming Eden is not quite a romance. That will come in Beyond Eden. Claiming Eden is the continuation of Danny and Paul’s growth as a couple and individuals. If you didn’t love Danny boy before (which is basically impossible), you’ll seriously fall for him here.

This is more about Danny’s journey than about Paul’s. It’s Danny’s struggle to be a true Master to Paul, who he considers the love of his life. He doesn’t know how to deal with Paul’s desires for pain. He’s terrified that he doesn’t know when a line is crossed because Paul truly has no hard limits when it comes down to it. Danny will do anything for Paul, so he seeks out a professional Domme to train him. Only problem is the Domme, Circe, is none too eager to take him on.

Danny is struggling with his role as a Dom/Master. Paul is struggling with his sexuality and his very strict family while he’s still in college. And Danny and Paul together? *pervy shiver* Yeah. It’s hot as hell. If there’s one thing that Kele Moon can write, it’s one hell of a hot love scene. But this book is so much more than just hot sex. It’s emotional, it’s truly a multifaceted journey. The writing is sensual with a touch of taboo and it hit every single one of my yes boxes.

I loved the addition of Circe and Jason in this one, even though I was desperate for more details on them. I would have loved more of that, but it also would have distracted from the rest of the story, so I can see why it was the way it was.

I’m almost sad to see this series come to an end. As I started with Beyond Eden, it was like going back in time to see how all of this began. I think I would have loved to read it in timeline order, so that’s the recommendation I’d make to readers that haven’t read these books yet. It does have a somewhat heavy element of BDSM in terms of Paul and Danny’s kinks, but it doesn’t go too much into detail as to make someone that’s not comfortable with heavy BDSM have issues. It’s just enough to entice.

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