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Saving Jay 
Author:  E.M. Abel
Release Date: February 10, 2015goodreads

Saving JayJay
My life was a dark and desolate place. Consumed by work and full of regret, loneliness had become my closest friend. Ink and a tattoo machine were my therapy, a way to claim my own skin with the art that I loved.
The day I walked into her shop, I knew I’d found what I needed.
The light I’d been looking for.Jade
When I first looked into those blue eyes I saw a depth behind them that I wanted to explore. Jason “Jay” Clarke was more than a perfectly pressed suit and dimpled smile. He was a man with a heart of gold drowning in the weight of his world.
He wanted me to mark him.
I never expected him to soothe my aching heart.

When our worlds collide and Jay begins to fall apart, will my love be enough to save him?

**WARNING: Not recommended for younger readers due to sexual content and language.

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Letting go, Jay turned toward the table and pushed our dishes out of the way. My glass tipped over, spilling water onto the floor, but he didn’t seem to care.
“Sit down,” he told me, taking my hand and guiding me to the edge of the table.
I did as I had been told, getting up on my toes, before sliding my ass over the edge and sitting in front of him. His warm hands ran up my thighs, and his eyes were so dark and passionate that I couldn’t look away.
Kneeling down, Jay picked up one of the belts from our robes before standing up again. “Do you trust me?” he asked, holding the belt in one of his hands.
I glanced at it before meeting his gaze. I did. I probably trusted him more than I should. “Yes,” I whispered, keeping my eyes on his.
Jay’s lips lifted on one side, exposing one of his dimples. “Good,” he said before lifting the white belt and putting it over my eyes.
I gasped in surprise as everything went black. The soft material held my eyes closed as he tied it behind my head. I could feel his warm body in front of me, his thighs touching the insides of my knees. The rain sounded louder as it hit the deck outside. Licking my lips, I waited for Jay to make his next move.
“Lie back,” he whispered next to my ear.
I grinned and slowly leaned back, afraid I might knock something over. Jay’s hands helped guide me down, and once my head touched, I relaxed on the hard wood. Jay’s warmth left me, and I felt so exposed, lying there while blindfolded before him.
A few seconds later, I heard movement in the kitchen. The refrigerator door opened and closed, and I worked to control the rhythm of my breaths as I waited. I vaguely heard Jay’s footsteps as he came back into the room. It was hard to hear anything with the storm outside. Jay’s leg brushed mine before he moved to stand between my legs again. I had to fight the urge to talk. I wanted to ask him what he was going to do. I wanted to beg him to touch me, but I also knew the silence was only building the connection between us.
I have to trust him.

I felt Jay leaning forward, his hand moving to the table beside my shoulder. In the next second, something ice cold was on one of my nipples. I inhaled sharply as Jay’s lips wrapped around it, sucking it into his warm mouth. I sighed. The relief from the cold and the pure erotic feeling of having his mouth on me was almost euphoric.
Releasing me, I felt him move again before doing the same to my other nipple. A gust of wind blew outside, and I heard the rain pounding harder against the glass doors as I sucked in another breath. My legs drew in closer to Jay’s as my back arched off the table, my hands curling around the edges of it. I could feel the warmth of Jay’s chest as I drew closer to him, but he pulled away, and I relaxed back onto the table. I was breathing hard again, waiting to feel what he’d do next.
“God, you’re beautiful,” he said, his voice right above me.
4.5 stars


It’s the dark moments that make the good ones shine.

I became a fan of E.M. Abel after reading Breaking Shaun, but finishing this book just solidified it. She has such a raw talent; giving you these characters that are very far from the mainstream and incredibly endearing. If you’ve read the previous two books in this series, you’ll find this one to be a definite change of pace. There’s no major drama, no crazy angst, no plot twists and crazy plot devices. It’s a story about two somewhat broken souls learning how to heal themselves and then each other. It’s a beautiful love story with perfectly imperfect characters. It’s emotional, it’s sexy, it’s touching, and it’s real.

If you’ve read Freeing Asia, then you’ve already met Jay. But if you haven’t then don’t worry because you can easily read this book as a standalone.

Jay is a man that on the surface seemingly has everything; wealth, a successful career, and his pick of any woman he wants. But beneath the surface of his suave exterior is the broken soul of a man that craves the things that he can never seem to get; his father’s approval and love and a woman that doesn’t just see him for what he can offer her.

I like women with tattoos. I like a woman who genuinely gives a shit about what I think and doesn’t care about what’s in my bank account. I enjoy fucking women like I won them, and as you probably already know, I only own the best of everything.

While he thought that Asia was the one that got away, now he realizes that it wasn’t so much her as the idea of her. He envies what Asia has with her husband, Marcus, but not because he wants her still but the love that they share. He’s tired of going on never ending dates with shallow women from his “circles” that bore him with their incessant talking about themselves and being seen as nothing more than a handsome wallet.

Often, the things we detested most in others were the things we feared becoming.”

Then one day, a chance meeting with an exotic beauty changes everything…

Jade is a talented tattoo artist that even got a chance to be on a popular MTV reality show. She’s built up quite a following for her work because of it, but after her relationship implodes, she leaves her life in Boston behind to start new.

When Jay walks into her new tattoo shop for his tattoo, she’s instantly drawn to the immaculately dressed man that covers his ink in designer suits. The chemistry between them is instant and they’re equally drawn to each other, though there’s no insta-anything to be found here.

I think the part that I truly loved about this book is that while both Jay and Jade are broken characters, they’re also equally as strong…especially Jade. I thought that E.M. did such an amazing job in giving the reader an incredibly realistic portrayal of people that fight their own demons instead of each other.

I know what it’s like to be broken. I’ve been that way for most of my life. It’s not easy, but sometimes, we have to let ourselves believe that we’re worth saving.” 

While Jade has trust issues because of her ex-boyfriends betrayal, Jay has his own demons that are left from his turbulent relationship with his father. But yet together, they make perfect sense. This is a fairly slow paced book, but that also makes the reader truly get invested into the relationship between Jay and Jade. You feel all their ups and downs and you find yourself falling right along with them.

Love is fearless. It has to be.

While at times I did find myself growing a little bored and turning the pages a little quicker in the hopes of something happening that would pick up the pace, I also appreciated the fact that there was nothing crazy or dramatic. It wouldn’t have been true to the characters or their story. It’s no small feat to portray a relationship that still has it’s ups and downs without making it be overly dramatic or angsty. I truly fell hard for both of these characters. Jade was still so strong even though her issues run deep, it was incredibly endearing. Jay was this perfect combination of demanding and sexy and vulnerable. There were two scenes that even managed to bring tears to my cold and black little heart.

You let me into your heart,” he murmured as he swept the backs of his fingers along my jaw. “You took my ugly dark piece of art and turned it into a masterpiece.” 

If you’re looking for a sweet and sexy romance that while it may be slower paced still packs a punch, this is definitely the book for you. I adored it and cannot wait to see what this woman writes next. As sad as I am that this series has come to an end, I also appreciate that it wasn’t necessarily dragged out. It ended on the perfect note and with the perfect couple. Just wonderful.



Casey West 1

Photo by: TJ Dinch Photography

When did you decide you wanted to be a model?
I never decided I wanted to become a model I kinda just stumbled into it.
Was modeling something you thought about doing?
No, I was just asked to do some shoots and had fun with it.
Tell us 3 random things about yourself.
three random things about me..hmmm….
I am going to school for business to start a non profit organization dealing with orphanages in 3rd world countries, I suck at math and I will never drive another vehicle besides a jeep or ride another bike besides my Harley
How do you feel about being on the Cover of E.M. Abel’s book?
I was excited about the opportunity and I am all about helping people out, so when she hit me up I was completely down and excited about it.
What are your plans/hopes for the future?
Finish business school and I’ll continue bar tending through college but after I graduate I will start my non profit and spend most my life over seas after that.
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SAVING ASIA (Breaking Free #1)
Freeing Asia
BREAKING SHAUN (Breaking Free #2)

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My husband is awesome and also a Chief in the US Navy. This means crazy schedules, uncertainty and lots of nights spent alone writing on my computer.

I have two amazing kids who always know how to make me laugh.

I’ve been passionate about writing since I wrote my first poem in the 3rd grade and I’ve been using it as a means to express myself since.


I think because I hold my emotions so close and fear being vulnerable I use different forms of self expression- writing, drawing, painting, photography, tattoos- to show the world who I am.

The one rule I use everyday is the Golden Rule–“Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.” I believe karma is very real and sometimes she can be a bitch if you make her that way.

I love acting crazy, I love to laugh, I love making people laugh, I love the ocean, I love dancing like no one is watching, I love good music, I love good books… oh man I should probably stop there. I love a lot of stuff.

Please feel free to write me or send a friend request.

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