ARC Review: Mine to Crave by Cynthia Eden

New York Times best-selling author Cynthia Eden continues her dark and sexy “Mine” romantic suspense series with…MINE TO CRAVE.


From the moment that billionaire casino owner Drake Archer sees Jasmine Bennett, he’s obsessed. Consumed by desire for the mysterious redhead, Drake will do anything necessary to claim her. Yet as desire rages between them, danger is stalking ever closer. Drake’s past isn’t dead, and the ex-Special Forces agent will soon have to face the ghosts he left behind. 


Jasmine isn’t who she pretends to be. She’s a woman on a mission—and she’s supposed to be stealing secrets from the mysterious Drake. Falling for him isn’t on her agenda, but when lust and love tangle together, all the rules get broken. 


When Drake learns of Jasmine’s betrayal…all hell breaks loose. He knows that he should turn his back on her, but it’s too late for him. He can’t let her go, but he can teach her a lesson. No one betrays him…not without paying a heavy price. Drake will destroy all of the enemies on his trail, he’ll bury his past, and he’ll teach Jasmine to want only him…just as much as he craves her.

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3.5- 4 Stars

He was more than obsessed. He was lost in her. And if he didn’t stay away, while he could, he knew that Jasmine would never be free of him.

I’ve been waiting for Drake’s book since first meeting him in Mine to Keep. Nothing better than a broken, brooding alpha male that suffered the ultimate betrayal. I couldn’t wait to meet the woman that would bring him to his knees. Maybe the problem was that I set my hopes too high? I’m not sure. But for whatever reason, this book didn’t quite live up to my expectations.

Like the rest of the Mine series, this book carries that possessive to the extent of obsession theme. The problem is that I didn’t understand the connection between Drake and Jasmine in the beginning.

Draka had almost lost his life TWICE due to a betrayal by a woman he trusted in the past. And that betrayal almost cost him everything. The man he is now is hard, cold, and doesn’t trust anyone. A successful owner of a casino, all Drake wants from his evenings is to find a woman so he can lose himself between her thighs for the night and move on to the next one. Until he spots her…

Jasmine is at Drake’s casino on a mission. As sexy as the man might be, she can’t afford to get distracted from her job. She needs to steal information and move on. But her mission suddenly takes a detour the second she gets into his office.

Here’s where things got a little muddy for me. Drake catches Jasmine in the act of trying to steal from him. He knows that she isn’t who she says he is, and he’s determined to get to the bottom of it. But he’s also feeling an incredible sexual pull towards the woman, no matter her duplicitous behavior.

When Drake discovers that nothing was in fact stolen, he lets Jasmine go. But he’s also determined to get answers to his question about what information she was after and who she’s working for. He follows her, saves her from an attacker, and then forces her home with him. Did I mention that he also still wants to sleep with her and protect her?

The woman just broke into your files, you saw her on cameras trying to steal from you, yet you allow her into your home? What proceeded to happen was a game of “I want you, but I don’t trust you. I’ll take you, but I still don’t trust you”. Drake pushes, so Jasmine pulls back. Then Jasmine pushes and Drake pulls back. I’ll admit I was somewhere between thinking it’s hot and being annoyed. I can’t decide which I was more.

As per usual Cynthia Eden fashion this book was fast paced, action filled, and steamy. Drake and Jazmine may have not have had the best communication, but the sexual chemistry between them was scorching.

The one thing that I loved about Cynthia’s previous books is this constant state of WTF is going on that you have reading her books. You think the story is headed one way then BAM, she throws the mother of all plot twists your way. That wasn’t the case here. You know pretty much right away who the bad guy is and why he’s after them. There’s not much guess work there aside from wondering how all these people are related.

Who is Jasmine really? What is Victor’s connection to Jasmine? How will they escape when the killer has them in their sight? But there was none of that plot twist that you don’t see coming, unless you count the whole Noah revelation.

I enjoyed this new addition to the Mine series, but it wasn’t my favorite. I still got my Cynthia Eden fix, so I can’t complain. I guess I just wanted a little bit more. Luckily there’s another book planned, and I can’t wait to find out who’s next. [I’d love a book for Saxon or Victor (hide spoiler)]

***ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

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