Upcoming Releases & Pre-Orders: July 28

July 28 Releases

Lots of goodies coming your way this upcoming Tuesday. Some I’ve been lucky enough to read early and can tell you with utmost certainty are absolutely awesome! I’ll list them in order of star rating 🙂


HIM by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy (Loved, loved LOVED this book! Friends-t0-lovers, GFY, second chance romance, humor and enough steam to set your kindle on fire. What the hell else do you need? I know what I need, this book to be the first in a series because I need MORE from this powerhouse duo dammit!)

Servicing the Target by Cherise Sinclair (this may have been my favorite Shadowlands book yet, and I’m not typically a reader that enjoys Domme heroines. Figures Cherise will be the one to make me like it. But there was just something about the dynamic between Mistress Anne and Ben that was just perfect. Ben is ALL alpha, with his submissive side only coming out in bed but even then it didn’t diminish his intensity. I just loved the two of them together.)

The Hotter You Burn by Gena Showalter (Not going to lie, I was not a fan of the first book in this series. But Beck caught my attention in that book and I’ve been dying for his book ever since. His heroine being a previous school bully that’s hated by the entire town was sure to make things interesting. Well, book 1 may not have worked for me but I LOVED THIS BOOK. HARD. It was humorous, and swoony, and angsty, and with enough sexual tension to give me a case of royal lady blue balls. But it was also absolutely delicious. I loved everything about these characters and their romance. I even found myself warming up to Jessie Kay, and who the hell thought THAT would ever happen? This may also be because I’m pretty desperate for West’s book and I’ll take her with it if it gives me him LOL)

4 Stars

Frisk Me by Lauren Layne (Hot NYPD brothers and a hate-to-love trope that’s as frustrating as it was delicious. Yep. I was sold. I’m already salivating for Luc’s brother, Anthony’s, book next.


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