#DGRFave & Review: God of Monsters by Keri Lake

Genre: Dark Apocalyptic Romance
Series: Juniper Unraveling #4
Author: Keri Lake
Release Date: September 22, 2020

I’ve heard stories about the Alphas. Violent soldiers, bred to kill both humans and mutations, whose sole purpose was to balance our survival against the infected.

Until they turned on their masters.

Held as subjects of the Calico research facility, they were forced to endure the gruesome experiments that transformed them into callous savages with hearts as impenetrable as their defenses. More terrifying than the monsters that decimated our world with disease and famine.

In the aftermath of Calico’s collapse, many of the Alphas fled, only to be hunted by our own

Legion army. And in their absence, the balance has shifted.

I thought they no longer existed.

Until I met him, the god of monsters.

Now I don’t believe in the stories anymore.

To fall in love with the unyielding heart of an Alpha is said to be impossible.

But to fall in love with a god would be a tragedy.


…In the land of monsters, survival comes before everything else.”

What was the last book you read that kept you up all night, turned you inside out, and stuck with you for months to come? I can say this about the ENTIRE Juniper Unraveling series. But God Of Monsters absolutely owned me. A dark, captivating and gut wrenching romance in the midst of hell on earth, this book ripped me to shreds and I’ll never be the same again.

This is a dark apocalyptic romance and if you haven’t read this genre yet, Keri will suck you into this world and keep you on the edge of your seat. Even if apocalyptic isn’t your cuppa, trust me, this series will make a believer out of you.

As for this book? The epic conclusion to one of the most epic series was a non stop, action packed ride. I can’t imagine the series closing with a better book. Thalia and Titus’s story was on a whole other level. It was simply otherworldly. Ha! See what I did there? But I digress.

If you’ve read Kings of Carrion, then you’ll remember Titus. But nothing, and I mean nothing will prepare you for the full force that is Titus as the main character. This man was GAH. He was TORTURED with a capital T. Titus has survived the very depths of human depravity and has seen horrors that most can’t even imagine. He’s lost more than any person could imagine in their lifetimes. He’s a warrior through and through, but this story takes you into the dark depths of his world, and an easy read it is not.

Thalia is a woman that hasn’t truly experienced Calico. She’s only heard stories and warning tales of the Alphas that were created within those walls. She was born with a purpose but her heart doesn’t agree. She yearns for something else, something beyond the life of her small and sheltered village. Something beyond her duty. But nothing could prepare her for what she is about to go through.

Now I will tell you, this book was dark. I mean it was DARK. If there’s one thing that Keri Lake knows how to do, is make her readers squirm. I’m talking, dread in the pit of your stomach, anxiety ridden hot mess of a reader who is just waiting for that other shoe to drop. Keri is not afraid to bring readers into the darkest pits and spare no detail. And she doesn’t. You experience it all; the despair, the violence, the devastation. The story takes you to hell and back and somehow manages to stitch you back together in the end. I sobbed my way through the last 20% of this book and I can’t stop thinking about it months after.

This is a story about survival and love amongst ruins. It’s a story of perseverance and strength. It’s emotional, captivating, and utterly mesmerizing. Easily my favorite series from this author to date. If you read any book this year, make it this one. Trust me. And if you haven’t read this series yet, do yourself a favor and experience it. Because it’s unlike anything you’ve ever read.

Review: ★Mercury Striking★ by @RebeccaZanetti

Review-Mercury StrikingMercury Striking
Series: The Scorpius Syndrome #1
Genre: Post-Apocolyptic Romance
Author: Rebecca Zanetti
Release Date: January 26, 2015add-to-goodreads-button-2


With nothing but rumors to lead her, Lynne Harmony has trekked across a nightmare landscape to find one man—a mysterious, damaged legend who protects the weak and leads the strong. He’s more than muscle and firepower—and in post-plague L.A., he’s her only hope. As the one woman who could cure the disease, Lynne is the single most volatile—and vulnerable—creature in this new and ruthless world. But face to face with Jax Mercury…

Danger has never looked quite so delicious…

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Review5 starsMercury Striking-DGR

She was everything he didn’t deserve, everything good, and he’d make sure she stayed safe for the rest of her life, no matter what he had to do.

Rebecca Zanetti’s Sin Brothers series was easily my favorite that I read by her…until I read this book. I’m hooked and there’s no looking back. Now admittedly I’m not a reader that enjoys the post-apocalyptic world in my books. But Rebecca is one of the few authors I was willing to make an exception for because I truly love her work, and boy was I glad that I did because I loved the absolute hell out of this book. It’s not your typical post-apocalyptic zombie story. It’s so much more than that and with an intriguing twist to boot. The world building is rich and captivating, the romance is sizzling hot, and the set up is so enticing that you’ll be hooked from the very first chapter!

Were you like this before Scorpius, Jax?”
“Like what?” he whispered.
“A killer without remorse. A survivor at all costs. So…. cold.
“Yes. I’ve always been like this.”

When a deadly bacterium struck and killed off 99% of the population, it left the survivors…different. If they managed to survive the Scorpius induced fever, their brain was forever altered either heightening their intelligence but turning half of the infected into Rippers. These Rippers coming in two kinds; highly organized and intelligent serial killers or just plain crazy. Lynn Harmony was the former head of infectious diseases at the CDC until she got infected and an experiment for a cure on herself went wrong and gave her a very distinct blue heart. Now with people believing she’s the carrier for a much deadlier strand of the bacterium, she’s forced to go on the run. Desperate for a cure she believes may be out there, she’s going on nothing but the rumor of the existence of the one man that may be able to help her; Jax Mercury.

Jax is an ex gang member turned army special ops that is now the leader of a vigilante group of Scorpius survivors. When Lynn “Blue Heart” Harmony shows up on his door with the promise of a cure in exchange for a favor she won’t name yet, he’s intrigued and suspicious. There’s an instant spark of attraction between them, even though they couldn’t be more different. The chemistry sparks up right away and only intensifies with each new day that Lynn spends at his camp.

Any chance you could get lost in the moment?”
“Green eyes, if I got lost in the moment, you’d be bent over the bed, face in the pillows, begging to come with every fiber of your being. I’d make you promise everything.

There is a novella that sets up the series that I haven’t read yet; On the Hunt. That being said, I had no problems falling right into the set up of the world building. The chemistry between Jax and Lynne was easily my favorite part, but I highly enjoyed this new world that Rebecca Zanetti has written. Think Mad Max meet I Am Legend. The story itself is action packed with not a dull moment to be found. There’s twists at every turn that are enough to keep you on your toes and eagerly turning the pages. And did I mention the romance? Because oh my ovaries was it hot!

Sweet, you could’ve handled. Sure, there would’ve been emotion, and that’s tough. But this way? My way?
This way, I’ll own you.”

Lynn was a fantastic heroine with just enough backbone to make her the right sort of kick ass but also with a vulnerability to endear her as well. Jax was everything I love in a hero; damaged with a hidden vulnerable side with a dash of dirty talker. He was absolute perfection. There’s a slew of secondary characters introduced as well, that caught my attention right away. The main one being Raze. Lucky for me, his story will be next and the set up for it? Shiver inducing.

I have a feeling that fans of Rebecca Zanetti will be eating up this series with the same fervor I had. Filled with action and suspense, captivating characters and super sexy romance, this book managed to hit every single one of my checkboxes.

He dropped his forehead to hers, his hand encircling her nape. Then he slid out and back in, the feeling as close to heaven as a killer like he would ever find.

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