Stripped by Jasinda Wilder

StrippedStripped by Jasinda Wilder
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I want him to own me. I want him to do whatever he wants. I want to give in to my own shaking need and trembling desire. I want him to show me what I’ve never known.

So…uh…yea…Dawson was Delicious. As for the rest of the book? *long suffering sighs*
Let me just take you on my emotional journey through the tear-fest (not mine) that was this book.

First 17%:
Grey’s tear count=

My thoughts about the heroine so far?

Excessively sheltered, super naive, and constantly crying heroines? Yeaaaa….not my cuppa
But it’s a buddy read, so I trudge on

25% in
Grey’s tear count=

My thoughts about the heroine:

The girl cries on a strong gust of wind. I mean for the love of jebus, just get your shit together. Yes things suck, bla bla fucking bla. Oh life is so tough for you, boo fucking hoo! Just enough with the damn crying. SERIOUSLY!

29% in
We FINALLY meet Dawson

Sweet mother of God but the man is delicious. Like really delicious. I have something to look forward to now. I still want to sorta kinda maybe strangle Grey. But Dawson is making it more worth my while to keep going.

47% in
Grey’s tear count=
My thoughts toward Grey: Well slightly homicidal, if I’m being perfectly honest here. Between her constant and never ending crying, and running away, and woe-is-me thinking, I do have some fantasies of chocking her. What? Too much?

But Dawson, oh you delicious piece of hunky man meat. You make me keep on reading.

Pause for sporadic thought here

And what about his movies? They have sex in them. Meaning he has sex, with actresses, on screen for millions of people to see. And yet he’d come home to me and I’d kiss him and touch him and have to know that another woman just did all that, even if it was for a movie and not real emotion? Even without emotion, it would be real kisses real sex.

Seriously Grey? Fucking REALLY?!! You do realize he’s a famous Hollywood actor and not a porn star, right? I’m pretty sure the sex is simulated. It’s not SEX sex. It’s sex
I know you’re naive, but fuckin’ A woman!

Right then….sporadic thought over, moving on

74% in

I’m pretty sure I just fell in love with you! Wait let me check *looks down* YUP! Definitely love! *runs to change underwear*

77% in
Grey’s tear count=

My thoughts: Why?! Why?!!! Why would you do this now?!!!!

My Final Thoughts

Grey’s tear count by the end of this book=

Dawson and every time he made an appearance:


Ultimately I’ll say this

If you cannot stand whiny, naive, and overly sensitive heroines…not sure if you’ll enjoy this book. Grey drove me out of my ever loving mind. Dawson was the only saving grace for me in this book. The writing was great, and if only the heroine was just a little more tolerable for me, it would have made it a 5 star read for me.

I wished we got a little more for Grey and her relationship with her father. I felt it went from one extreme to another, with no explanation as to how it got to that. I really would have liked to see them deal with their issues more.

Dawson was 5 stars of delicious, Grey was 2 stars of I wish she would just shut up. So I’ll average it to a 3.

That is all for my thoughts. I’m off to read me a smutty book to take my mind off of Grey and her never ending tears. I thank you.

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