Review: Vik by Belle Aurora

Shot Callers #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Belle Aurora
Release Date:
September 17, 2021

Nastasia Leokov has loved her brother’s best friend since the very moment she met him.

Understanding that she’ll never be anything more to Viktor Nikulin than a treasure to guard, Nas sensibly hides her feelings.

But when she makes a brash decision to kiss him, everything changes.

That kiss. T
hat hot, explosive, all-consuming kiss.

It haunts Vik.
And suddenly, Nastasia Leokov isn’t just a teenage mob princess.


She is his. Undeniably. Indisputably.

An unbreakable connection. A hidden relationship. A lifetime of firsts.

And yet, something is missing.

Nas desperately craves the one thing Vik has never offered her.

His heart.



I have been sitting on my rating for this book for over a week now going through a gamut of emotions and back and forth. Did I love it? No. Did I hate it? Not…exactly? Did I like it? Not quite. So there we have it and I’ll just go with the middle and a 2.5 star rating it is.

Look, to cut right to the chase, this story was disappointing to me to say the least. It felt forced. It was boring. I honestly found myself skimming most of it because most of it was filled with mundane detail that never added anything to the actual story. And everything that I actually wanted to read about? Well that happens off the pages.

There’s so much that simply doesn’t get fleshed out. Nas has had a crush for her brother’s friend since she was a teenager. They get together then, but we don’t get the development of their relationship. Instead we get to flash forward 13 years later and Nas has broken up with Vik even though she clearly has feelings for him. She does so on the assumption that Vik cannot commit. We learn that in that time she was engaged to another man, but that never really gets more than a mention, so I found myself scratching my head as to why it was even relevant to include at all. It added absolutely nothing to the story arc. And I’m not a reader that minds MCs being with other people while they’re separated. But the thing is, these two never felt separated. They’re as codependent as they come. So it was just…strange.

Ultimately what bothered me the most was the DRAAAAAWN out miscommunication on the reason of their separation that spans the entire. freaking. book. And when you finally get it? You want to throw both Vik and Nas in front of a bus for their stupidity and immaturity. Like COME ON.

Truth be told, their romance was just lackluster. It got lost between the mundane details, the drawn out miscommunication over the stupidest thing, and the set up for Annika’s book. I really felt at times like this was essentially one long set up for Annika and Sasha’s book actually.

So there we have it, friends. It just wasn’t for me and I’m super bummed because my eagerness for this book was HUGE.

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