Review: Soul of a Witch by Harley Laroux

Soul Trilogy #3
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Author: Harley Laroux
Release Date:
August 31, 2023


I am the servant of a merciless God. I am the daughter of Its preacher. All my life, my power has been controlled by others. They raised me to be meek and stifled my magic.

But no more.

A brutal murder led me to discover a mysterious house full of magic – and the ancient, powerful demon within. He says my power can change the world, that I can kill the evil creature I once worshipped.

But at what cost?


For two thousand years, I’ve been alone. Slaughtering fallen Gods as I searched for the witch that haunted my dreams, begging for my help.

Now that I’ve found her, I will protect her with my life. But when the fate of Earth, Heaven, and Hell hangs in the balance, not even her soul is safe from destruction.

If a choice must be made, I’ll let the world burn if it means having her as my own.

Soul of a Witch is book 3 in the Souls Trilogy . Each book within the Souls Trilogy is interconnected, following a different couple through a similar timeline in the fictional world of Abelaum.

Content Note
This book contains sexual scenes, kink/fetish content, horror elements, and drug use. Please see the book preview for complete CW.


I was told not to play with dangerous things, but my mother is dead, and my father is wicked.
So I think I’ll play how I please.”

Talk about an ending with a bang. I’ve been sitting on pins and needles for this conclusion. Harley has been edging us maddeningly with the few snippets of Callum in the previous two books. But nothing prepared me for the full force of this demon!

That’s right, darling,” he whispered. “Last night I crawled for you, and tonight, I’ll crawl for you again. I’d drag myself through broken glass on my hands and knees if that’s what you wanted. No matter the pain. Regardless of the degradation. The harder it is to please you, the more I’ll try to succeed.”

First things first, this is not a standalone. You need to read this series in order for the full story arc, otherwise you will be lost. Each book is a new couple, but the story arc continues through the trilogy. This brings the epic conclusion.

Everly has been the mysterious secondary character that didn’t fit in her devious family. And while she comes off shy and almost meek, you can clearly see signs that still waters run deep with her. And boy do they! When she meets the archdemon Callum, he brings out her strength and wickedness. Nothing is more satisfying then seeing the most feared demon bow to his queen and let her command him. Well, I guess it’s almost as satisfying as when he switches into his dominant mode. But I digress.

This brought the much anticipated conclusion and I loved that it wasn’t a big bad demon to save the day but a witch and her demon, with some help of course. I devoured this in a sitting and the spice was extra spicy. I’m not usually a fan of pegging in my romance, but it really worked here. Callum is obsessed beyond reason with his witch and I was so here for it. If you’re looking for an epic, spicy paranormal romance with demons, witches, and gods, look no further! Deliciously satisfying.

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