Review: Savage Mafia Prince by Annika Martin

savage-mafia-prince-reviewSAVAGE MAFIA PRINCE 
Series: A Dangerous Royals Romance #3
Genre: Dark Romance
Author: Annika Martin
Release Date: October 13, 2016add-to-goodreads-button-2


Where is Kiro?
He’s the lost Dragusha brother, heir to a vast mafia empire—brilliant, violent, and utterly savage…and he’s been missing for years.

I’m supposed to be doing simple undercover research at the Fancher Institute for the Mentally Ill & Dangerous, but I can’t keep my mind off Patient 34. He’s startlingly young and gorgeous, but it’s not just that. He’s strapped way too tightly to that bed. And there’s no name or criminal history on his chart. What are these people hiding? My reporter’s instincts are screaming.

Here’s the other thing: the staffers here believe he’s so sedated that there’s not a thought in his head, but I catch him watching me when nobody’s looking. Our connection sizzles when I enter the room. When our eyes meet, I know he understands me in a way nobody else ever has.

I’m supposed to follow my editor’s orders—I have secrets, too—but everything about Patient 34 is suspicious. How can I not investigate?


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He’s broken me somehow. And I like it. I want to be broken by him over and over.

The wait is finally over. The youngest and most lethal Dragusha brother’s story is finally here. To say that I was eagerly anticipating Kiro’s book would be a HUGE understatement. I was practically panting with need for it.

A young boy, long thought dead, surviving in the wilderness for years and being raised among wolves, only to be captured and locked in a cage. Researched, bound, deemed criminal and mentally insane, Kiro counts down the minutes till he finally makes his ultimate escape, while unbeknownst to him his brothers continue their search for him before their mortal enemy gets to him first. But then a beautiful and broken woman working through the demons of her own past complicates things for Kiro’s plans…

He’s a force of nature. Pure aliveness. Pure power. He’s the most ferociously hot thing I’ve ever seen. The most dangerous thing I’ve ever seen.

Ann only knows him as patient Patient 34. He’s on so many drugs he’s practically comatose, but yet she can’t help but feel an almost electric current of danger oozing from his still form. As an undercover reporter sent on a different assignment than Patient 34, Ann can’t help but sense a deeper story and she’s determined to get to the bottom of it. But what’s more important to her, the story, or the developing bond she feels to Kiro every passing second in his company?

I have to admit, that I may have let my anticipation for this book build up my expectations. I was thinking the series would end with a bang. I expected lots of action and a quick paced story filled with gritty darkness. And while this was some of those things, it also wasn’t. It was slower paced with most of the action happening towards the end.

That aside, I adored Kiro. There’s this hidden savage vulnerability to him that I just couldn’t get enough of. He was like a wounded wolf; you want to take care of him, but you still know he’s a wild predator. His history is heartbreaking and the man is nothing if not a survivor. Ann was a great heroine and I loved her tenderness with him. I suppose I just found myself wishing for a little more. More grit. More dark. Each book in the series is very different and together they do have a good balance. If you’re reading this as a standalone, you’re doing yourself a great disservice. This is a continuing story line and many details would be lost on you having not read the previous two books.

Was it everything I hoped? Not quite. The epilogue was a touch rushed, I wished I had more scenes with all three brothers considering how long they’ve been searching for Kiro. Did it still hit the spot and settle my craving for Kiro’s story? Absolutely.



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