Review: ☆Out of Control☆ by Nina Croft

She’s a challenge he can’t resist.

Hollywood heartthrob Zachary Hunter loves women—as long as they don’t want more than a little fun in the bedroom. When his most recent movie stirs up the wrong kind of attention, the kind that includes an attempt on his life, he hires a friend’s company to locate the threat. The pint-sized redhead assigned to protect him isn’t what he expects—or wants. Worse, he can’t take his eyes off of her.

After ten years in the army, Danielle Sinclair knows how to handle men. With a new security gig to pass the time until she’s cleared to return to the military, she’s figures her sexy new client will be easy to manage. And then he opens his gorgeous mouth, and she can’t decide whether to kiss him or kill him. His sex appeal may tempt her into his bed, but his sexist attitude is unbearable, and she’s going to make him eat every single word…

3 Enjoyable with a steamy kick  Stars

While I can’t say that I loved this book, it was a very enjoyable and satisfying read. It just had the few extra elements I typically like that would have brought this up to 4 or 5 stars for me.

After reading that blurb, I was completely sold. A rich playboy Hollywood heartthrob and a take no shit army heroine? Hell yes! And it sucked me right in to the story from the very first few pages. Not every day you walk in to find your new client passed out naked in his pool with an equally naked blonde. It’s bound to make a hell of an impression, right?

Zachary was my kind of hero. He didn’t even have to speak and I knew this. Just one line about his glorious tanned ass and I.Was.Sold. What can I say? I’m easy like that.

I also enjoyed the reversal of roles here, and have Danielle be the broken one that avoids love and relationships. She was sassy with a smart mouth on her that never failed to entertain.

So what kept it from being a 5 star for me? When you have two characters like Zach and Danielle, I was really looking forward to the sexual tension, the burn, the buildup. Dani is a virgin and knows to avoid men like Zach at all costs. Besides that, there’s also the obvious, he’s her client. She really CAN’T go there, can she? I couldn’t wait to read that push and pull between them. That’s my favorite part in books like this. But I really felt that Dani gave in too quickly and too easily, all things considered.

I loved the way Zach pursued and ultimately seduced her, but I just wanted a little bit more.

Ultimately it was a light, somewhat fluffy yet verra steamy book. I loved the story and I was engrossed enough to keep reading. There was a part at the end where Dani did something that made me wish I could reach through my Kindle and strangle the ever loving hell out of her. I just couldn’t believe she would do it the way that she did. But the ending was cute enough to have me (mostly) overlook that.

If you’re looking for a light yet steamy read that has all those Brazen-y elements we know and love, I’d recommend this one. It was a satisfying book, though not one I see myself coming back to and re-reading.

This was my first book by Nina Croft, and she certainly got herself a new fan. I will be happily checking out all her future books. I also plan on going back and reading book 1 in the series, since a lot of my friends really liked it. So as you can see, this one can easily be read as a standalone, though the characters from the first book appear again here. There was plenty of background given that I was never lost or confused.

**ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review**


  1. Haven't read this author before, but the book sounds fun! I love (read:prefer) books with strong & independent women and Dani sounds like it.Will check it out 🙂

    • I'm a Brazen junky, so I read all the releases LOL! Dani wasn't my favorite heroine. I think she could have been tougher considering her background in the army. But I still liked this book a lot 😉

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