Review: ☆Behold the Stars (Signal Bend, 2)☆ by Susan Fanetti

Lawrence Ellis, with vast wealth and power, has made it known that he wants control of Signal Bend, Missouri. He is a man who always gets what he wants; there are no limits to the lengths he’ll go, and he has the means to pay all manner of people to do his dirty work for him. The Night Horde MC, led by its President, Isaac Lunden, is wildly outmatched but prepared nonetheless to defend their hometown to the last man, and they are willing to do whatever they must to protect their home. Lilli Accardo, Isaac’s old lady, with her own special skills and resources, stands with them, rebelling against Isaac’s need to shield her.

After toying with them for months, Ellis loses patience for the game and rains down destruction on the Horde, their families, and the town itself. Tested to their very limits, beyond anything they could have imagined, forced to travel dark roads, the citizens of Signal Bend fight a war no one—not even they themselves—thinks they can win.

Challenged constantly from without, beset by their own inner demons, Isaac and Lilli must find the true strength within their bond. Isaac needs to protect what is his; Lilli needs to stand on her own; but they are stronger side by side.

Even in the deepest darkness, love brings hope.

NOTE: dark themes; explicit sex and violence.

5 Mindblowing Stars

I fucking love the FUCK out of this fucking book!

Yes, all those fucks are necessary here. It stressed me the fuck out! I’m running on 3 hrs of sleep, but you know what?

I WOULD do my own casting, but I have the dream cast that Miss Fanetti herself picked out, and I love it, so I’m just gonna go with that 🙂
(Well that and I’m a lazy shit LOL)

L’amor che muove il sole e l’atltre stelle.

The love that moves the sun and the other stars.

It’s no secret that I may be just a little, tiny bit, eetsy bitsy obsessed with this series. And by that I mean I am somewhat short of stalkerish with Susan about all her future releases. I can’t help myself. It’s not often you read a book that not only manages to grab a hold of you with a story that’s not only erotic, but gritty, emotional, gut wrenching, and beautiful. While I enjoyed the first book, the continuation of Isaac and Lilli’s story in this one was so gripping, I couldn’t seem to put it down. And then right after the 40% mark? FORGET ABOUT IT!!!

So without giving you any spoilers or revealing much of the plot, let me tell you what this book has.


Quite possibly the most perfect man…(well for an MC book hero anyway). If you liked Isaac in the first book, be prepared to fall hard for him in this one. Really. You don’t believe me?

Baby, I will burn this house down tonight. I don’t care. I don’t. My home is with you. If you don’t want to take my name, we’ll figure out a way to get yours back. I want to marry you, but I don’t care if you’re a Lunden, if you don’t want it. None of it matters. You matter. Tell me what you want, and I will make it happen- no. No. I’ll get out of your way while you make it happen.

I rest my case.

The best heroine I’ve ever had the pleasure to read about. No exceptions. She’s strong with just the right amount of vulnerable and a twist of ‘kick ass’. Everything that she goes through and the way she gets through it…Damn. You just can’t help but love her. She’s no damsel in distress, I can tell you this much. This is a heroine that is more than capable of rescuing herself, and she does, on several occasions.

The plot

Sweet mother of anxiety! If you’re looking for a gritty read, this will deliver it in spades. I’m not even going to give you any hints, because even a little would be a spoiler. But what I can tell you is be prepared to read the last 60% in one sitting. I couldn’t believe everything that happened. My heart hurt, my stomach was in knots, my anxiety was through the roof. When I finally finished, I felt drained

And by food, I mean vodka, of course. Obviously.

I’m a huge fan of Susan Fanetti, and this book proves exactly why. If you’re a fan of gritty, erotic, emotionally gripping and action packed MC reads, this series needs to be at the top of your list. Trust me. You’ll see what I mean when you read it.

In short, I’ll put it this way. Do I recommend this book? FUCK YES.

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