Review: ★Anything But Mine★ by @TarynElliottFic

Anything But Mine 
Author: Taryn Elliot
Genre: Contemporary, Rockstar Romance (Trilogy)
Length: 204 pages
Release Date: October 31, 2014

BOOK ONE in an all new TRILOGY

Rock star Logan King has come home to Winchester Falls for the annual Summer Festival. Only this time he’s hauling a helluva lot more baggage than a few suitcases and vintage guitars. His closet contains more than the usual skeletons…and if he doesn’t keep the door firmly locked, someone might get harmed. The specter of what haunts him forces him to turn away from anything more than one-night-stands.

Until Izzy and her topaz eyes finally give him a reason to try again.

Since moving to town Isabella Grace has found friends and a place to belong for the first time in her life. Running the Summer Festival is the perfect way to show how important her new community is. She just never planned on a whirlwind fling with a man too used to saying goodbye. Or to fall for a guy who has as many secrets as he does hit songs.

Logan is used to protecting himself, but protecting Izzy is all new territory. With everything that matters to him at risk, he refuses to let her get hurt—even if that means he has to walk away. For her own good.

4 Broody Rockstar Stars

Whisky beats and a hard rain save me tonight.
If you only knew what it cost me to fight.
The taste of your memory reminds me.
That you’re anything but mine.

There’s a reason I have a giant girl crush on Taryn Elliot. It’s like the woman has the ability to reach inside my brain for just that right amount of angst I like in my books, and then deliver it on a sinfully sexy rockstar platter. I’m not usually a big fan of trilogies since my impatient ass tends to lose interest in the next book by the time it finally comes out and my poor puny brain forgets the first book in that time too. I don’t make a habit of reading them, save for a very few exceptions. And this author just happens to be one of them. Well, to be perfectly honest I’d probably read it anyway since I love everything she writes, but I’d also be waiting for all the books to be out before diving in. But since the releases of the books in this trilogy are not very spaced out, I decided to jump right in.

There was no playing with a man like Logan. There was burning and there was scarring. She had enough scars dammit…

Logan King is a famous rockstar. In the industry since his teens, he’s built up quite the reputation. He’s also built up a whole lot more baggage. His secrets are dark and kept close to the vest, and his demons are persistent and at times even debilitating.

The small town of Winchester Falls has been an escape for him since his car broke down there years ago. Now it’s where he goes where he needs time away from the insistent flashes of the paparazzi lens and a little ease from the insanity of his lifestyle. Logan King is also running, running from a past and a very real demon that still continues to haunt him in the shape of a person that has the power to destroy his barely contained calm and control. A person that is the reason that he runs from any prospect of a relationship or anything more than a one night stand. In town just in time for the town’s annual Summer Festival, Logan meets the one woman that temps him to maybe finally want something…more

In the dark of night, a safe life with a stable guy wasn’t nearly as alluring as this intense man with demons crawling just under the skin. He was holding something back and she’d wanted to dig those details out of him.

Isabella Grace is a woman with her own secrets. But while you can clearly see Logan is a man haunted, Izzy keeps her buried even deeper. She finally found a place where she feels like she belongs. She may be a new addition to the town of Winchester Falls, but she’s already ingrained herself with running the local bookstore with her two best friends. Running the Summer Festival is another great way for her to do that. But the last thing she expected was for the one man that starred in her teenage fantasies to make a guest appearance for the show and throw her carefully constructed world for a loop.

Logan is used to protecting himself not only from the media, but from wanting anything more with women. He can’t be that person for anyone, his past prevents it. But while he swears to stay away from the first woman to tempt him for wanting more in years, the chemistry between them proves to be too much for either one of them to deny…

There’s no insta-lust to be found here, not really. While the book takes place over just a few days, the connection that Taryn builds between Logan and Izzy is an incredibly believable one. Their chemistry is so hot that it practically jumps right off the pages. It’s absolutely sizzling

But Logan and Izzy are also both hiding something from each other and it soon becomes clear that Logan’s secrets are about to unravel when the specter from his past comes back to haunt him and threatens Izzy’s safety. And no matter how much he wants to be that man for her, he knows that the best thing he can offer her is to stay away…as far as he can.

I really enjoyed this story. It was this wonderful combination of emotional, sexy, and just the right touch of angsty and all of that shrouded in mystery. I seriously love the way that Taryn is able to weave all that together. To give you just enough to hook you and yet still leave you begging for more. Yes there is a cliffhanger, but where typically that would have sent me into a rage, it actually worked for me here. Both of these characters and their past are so complex that no way could I see it fitting into just one book…even a long one.

Izzy and Logan are both incredibly endearing and relatable characters. Where Logan’s tortured rock star persona made me fall for him, Izzy’s tough girl, take charge but still a little vulnerable personality worked for me just as much. We get a little bit of a taste for the demons that Logan has buried in this one, but Izzy continues to be a mystery. I can’t wait to see all the secrets that she has buried and to find out how everything pulls together.

If you’re in the mood for a sexy and angsty rock star romance, you really can’t go wrong with this one. I can’t wait for the next installment. Consider me hooked!

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