Review: A Cruel Kind of Beautiful by Michelle Hazen

Series: Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Michelle Hazen
Release Date: December 4, 2017

If you can’t get to the Big O, can you get to the happily ever after?

Jera McKnight loves music, swoons for hot guys, but sucks at sex. Jacob Tate is her perfect storm: a pun-loving nude model with a heart as big as his record collection.

When a newspaper-delivery accident lands him in her living room, he’s almost tempting enough to make her forget she’s never been able to please a man—in bed or out of it. Sure, he laughs at her obscure jokes, and he’ll even accept a PG-rating if it means he gets time with her, but he’s also hiding something. And it has everything to do with the off-limits room in his apartment.

Jera pours all her confusion and longing into her drum kit, which pays off when her band lands the record deal of their dreams. Except just like Jacob, it might be too good to come without a catch.

She doesn’t know if her music is good enough to attract a better contract, or if she’s enough to tempt a man like Jacob to give up his secrets, even if they could fix her problems between the sheets. But if this rocker girl is too afraid to bet on herself, she might just end up playing to an empty house.

Fans of Alice Clayton’s Wallbanger or Kylie Scott will love this addictive new series because of its quick sense of humor and adorable found family. Click now if you want to instantly escape into the world of Jera and Jacob’s romance.


I let all the air slide out of my lungs. When his scent rides in on my next indrawn breath, I let go for the first time in a long time.

This was a new to me author that hooked me with the blurb. I’m a sucker for a good rocker romance, especially if it has quirky writing and humor to beat. After finishing, I can tell you three things:

1. This author is clearly immensely talented and I’ll most definitely be checking out all of her future releases.

2. The plot was incredibly unique and unlike anything else I’ve read. I love a story that’s different from the norm, and a cookie cutter romance this is not.

3. The blurb did this book a disservice by comparing itself to Kyle Scott or Alice Clayton. I found nothing quirky or overly humorous about the story. But the thing of it is, it isn’t a bad thing. It WORKED for this story. But it’s also unfair to compare this book to the work of those two authors because it’s not similar in the least. At least in my opinion. I wouldn’t go into this expecting laugh out loud moments, goofy situations, and quirky moments.

Energy floods through me, and I can’t remember a thing about playing it safe. I don’t know if the beat grounding me is his heart, or mine, or maybe just the bass from the speakers. Right now, I love them all.

What I really appreciated about this story, is the realness of the characters. Jera and her “issue” is sure to strike a cord with plenty of women, myself included. Who hadn’t thought there was something wrong with them because they couldn’t reach that pivotal moment easily during sex? Jera’s problems seemed so genuine and real to me, I felt for her. Even when she was frustrating the hell out of me and I wanted to shake some sense into her, I felt for her. I loved her camaraderie with her band members and their tight bond. But most of all, I loved watching her slowly melt for the boy that she never saw coming.

Jacob was….well he was….EVERYTHING. This is no typical cocky alphahole. He was just a genuinely nice, sweet guy. But even though he wasn’t your usual alpha flavor, he was still all alpha. Just a nice one. He cared for Jera. He wanted to take care of her, to be with her, and he had no problems working to prove it. I adored this man. Everything that he’d been through and everything that he’s still going through formed him into one incredible person and I couldn’t get enough of him.

While I didn’t find the story all that humorous, it was very engaging, though at times slow paced. It’s a character driven story, so the slow pace makes sense. I didn’t have that glued to the pages feeling, but I also was engaged enough to keep reading and curious to see how it all comes together.

If you’re looking for something different and unique, you really can’t go wrong with this story. I know I’m definitely hooked and will be reading the rest of the series when it releases.

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