Review: ★Reverence★ by Angelica Chase

Series: The Excess #2
Author: Angelica Chase
Genre: Erotic Romance (trilogy)
Release Date: April 27, 2015


I was a prick, but I never hurt anyone that didn’t deserve it.

Well … until Nina. I was a very smart man who made a very bad decision, but the mistakes I was paying for were not just my own.

My behavior toward her, no matter how unforgivable, had always been about protecting her—from me, from my wife, and from the long line of mistakes I would never be able to rectify.Nina was finally done with me, and I knew it was for the best. I could finally keep her safe from depraved people like me. I needed her as far removed from the situation as possible.

I tried to force myself to be content with her decision to move on … until I found out whom she was moving on with.

My unyielding love for a corrupt man might have cost me the affection of someone worthy. With Aiden, I had finally discovered a version of myself I could tolerate; then he dropped a one word bomb that ruined my new sense of self. Instead of listening to my voice of reason, I blocked it out, until it became a scream that refused to be ignored. Now, I would give anything to quiet that voice.

If you are not a fan of cursing, erotic and extremely explicit sex, cheating, immoral behavior, dysfunction or sexual scenarios that may make you feel uncomfortable this is not the series for you. FILTHY EROTIC ROMANCE
Book 2 of 3.


The whore in me celebrated my luck in finding two men capable of sating my appetite.

It’s official. I’m completely addicted to this series. Who thought I’d ever say that about a love triangle, and yet here I am, absolutely devouring these books and never wanting them to end.

Kissing her was my undoing. Just a kiss in the middle of the harbor had ruined me. Her pussy would cripple me.

Reverence gives us the one thing I’ve been craving and that’s Devin’s POV, and I just knew it was going to pack a punch. If anything is true about these books is that looks are definitely deceiving and nothing is ever as it seems. Devin is the epitome of this, because beneath the cold and ruthless man that he was in book 1, Reverence reveals the wounded heart beneath the cold exterior of the man. Anyone that may have had doubts about him in the first book, I guarantee they will all fade in the blink of an eye in this one.

I couldn’t let her walk away. I needed to let her go. The realist in me knew it was for the best. I was forcefully married, she was newly divorced and had trust issues. We were a ticking time bomb….

We already know that Devin’s wife is one conniving bitch, and it was strongly reaffirmed here. There’s this inevitable sense of doom that keeps circling Devin and Nina’s relationship and yet you can’t help but still continue to root for them…especially with the turn of events and the revelations that Reverence brought.

…I was insatiable. No matter how hard I came, I would always want more. I was addicted.

Nina is firmly stuck in the middle between two men. One that’s toxic for her and everything that she doesn’t need but still craves with every fiber of her being, and one that’s his polar opposite and everything that she needs. The problem seems to arise in the figuring out of her wants and needs.

Aiden is everything that Nina needs in her life; he’s not married, he clearly wants her; and his intensity is more than satisfying in the bedroom.

The man was brilliant, beautiful, talented beyond words, and had a cock that could silence a porn star.

But there’s also a connection between the two men that Nina never saw coming that may be the downfall to them all.

This yet another review that’s almost impossible to write without giving anything away and this series is definitely one you want to go into knowing as little as possible. What I can tell you, is each book is better than the last and there was not one dull moment. I tend to struggle with serials/trilogies with the same couples since I usually tend to get bored. This is especially true with the 2nd book in a trilogy. It’s always that feeling of the story being stretched out or thinking that it could have easily been accomplished in two books. Shockingly, that was not the case for me here. I never found myself bored or feeling any part of this story is filler. You can truly see why this story needed to be split into the three parts that it was and it’s all the better because of it. Yes, those cliffhangers are painful but with every book in the series already being released, that’s not a problem at all. I loved it. And even though my poor cold and black heart still isn’t sure how it will handle this love triangle business, I’m eagerly anticipating the conclusion to this erotically charged trilogy.


Opulence (The Excess #1)
Reverence (The Excess, #2)
Hindrance (The Excess #3)
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