Review: ★Never Let You Go★ by Monica Murphy

review-NLYGNever Let You Go
Series: Never Tear Us Apart #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Monica Murphy
Release Date: May 3, 2016add-to-goodreads-button-2


The second novel in this darkly sexy contemporary series from bestselling author Monica Murphy wraps up an emotionally powerful two-part tale of forbidden love.

The truth hurts, they say—and my pain cuts deep. While I was falling for Ethan, he was deceiving me the entire time. He held a huge secret, protected by his lies. When I discovered what he was hiding, the truth shook my world, threatening to ruin us forever. Ruin me. But I soon realized that what we share can’t be destroyed.

The connection between us is too strong. It always has been. I can’t deny him any longer. And I can’t deny my truth: I’m in love with Ethan.

I don’t want to let him go.

While we’re trying our best to make this relationship work, other forces are fighting against us. My family, who wants to keep me safe. The media obsessed with my tragic past. The public that feeds off of it. Even Ethan’s father—the man who nearly destroyed me all those years ago. He’s doing his best to finish the job.

Despite my love for Ethan, the doubts creep in, clouding my mind. Is he worth the pain? Will our love survive, or will we have no choice but to end it—end us—once and for all?

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Ethan. Will. The boy of my past. The man of my future. The one I can never, ever let go.

Never Let You Go is the powerful conclusion to the emotional duet that started with Never Tear Us Apart. It begins immediately where the first book ended; both Ethan and and Katie dealing with the aftermath of the revelation of Ethan’s lie and the continuous hounding for their story by one very determined reporter.

I fell in love with this story and this couple in the first book. It was gripping and emotional, poignant and tragic love story of two people that should never be together yet make perfect sense together. The journey that the author sends them on individually as well as a couple was equal parts powerful and easy to believe. The story is equal parts emotional and devastating at times. Katie is still dealing with he afteraffects of all she’s been through. But now, she’s not only dealing with her issues after her kidnapping and rape when she was young, but the boy from her past all of a sudden being the man of her present. Who is Ethan/Will? Does he truly want her? Can she allow herself to feel for him?

Ethan was an incredible character. His unwavering love for Katie was so emotionally powerful, it’s almost heart breaking at times because all the odds are stacked against them.

The pace of the story is very slow, even more so than the first book. But whereas in the first book I found it to be a slow burn, here I just found it to be too slow. I can’t say it’s boring, because it’s more character driven than plot driven most of the time, but it didn’t have me gripped to the book and eager to turn the pages either. But even then, this was a solid 4 star read for me…up until that last 20%.

The crazy action and drama of that ending left my mind reeling. It was just too much. The pace of the book is quite slow and steady and then BAM, you get hit with all of that. I think that many people will actually enjoy the way things resolve, but for this reader it just felt out of the blue and unnecessary. I think the story was quite solid as it was and had everything just resolved quietly with some people out of the picture, it would have been best. I felt like I was watching a soap opera ending unfold. Add into this mix a somewhat cliche revelation and I was left with a lot of meh feelings.

Now all that aside, a 3 star rating means I did enjoy the book, because I did. While it didn’t wow me, it was still a satisfying conclusion. I’d gladly recommend it for readers that want something a little different in their romance because this is definitely that. It’s poignantly written and it’s certainly not a story I’ll soon be forgetting.



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