Review: ★His Lover to Protect★ by Katee Robert

Review- His Lover To ProtectHis Lover to Protect
Series: Out of Uniform #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Katee Robert
Release Date: September 7, 2015add-to-goodreads-button3

26029757-4He’s never met a challenge he couldn’t take…

Alexis Yeung did everything right….only to watch everything go horribly, horribly wrong. Broken and angry, Alexis high-tails it to Europe, determined to face the world on her own terms and without consequence. Which includes a mind-blowing night with a sexy, scarred stranger.

Except, embittered former pararescuer Luke Jackson isn’t exactly a stranger. He’s supposed to keep an eye on Alexis without her knowing. Ending up in bed together was definitely not the plan. Now he’s chasing her (admittedly hot) ass across Europe, a game of cat and mouse that always ends with the two of them tangled up in the sheets.

Something in their scarred, damaged souls calls to each other. And God help them, the sex in unbelievably hot. But if Alexis discovers who Luke really is, he’ll lose the one thing that makes him feel whole…

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HLtP-Dirty Girl Romance

It’s not going to be nice, and it’s not going to be sweet. If you want romance, you’ve got the wrong fucking guy.

I’ve been waiting impatiently for Alexis to get her book ever since I finished Falling for His Best Friend. I really wanted that HEA for her. It broke my heart knowing what the two Yeung sisters have been through, but Alexis in particular. Losing their mother to cancer, having the same cancer looming all of them and Alexis paid the ultimate prize with her choice. Even though her choice saved her life, it changed it irrevocably as well. Watching her sister in her pregnancy glow is the final straw that sends her to Europe to find herself. While backpacking through all the places she’s always wanted to visit she also hopes to lose herself a little too.

Luke Jackson is sent by the Ryan Flannery to keep an eye on Alexis since she took with barely a word to anyone. The broody, wounded, and grouchy former pararescuer thinks his job is to keep an eye on the entitled princess, but one chance run in and a sizzling night after later he begins to realize that Alexis is so much more then he initially though.

I really enjoyed this installment to the series, even more so than the last one. Then again I do have a weak spot for the broody and tortured heroes. Luke may have mostly physically recovered from the injury that almost cost him his life, but the emotional scars he still carries from that injury costing him the career he loved never vanished. But beneath the gruff and tatted exterior, is a wounded soul and I loved watching Alexis slowly bring him to his knees.

In usual Katee Robert fashion the sex scenes were smoking hot and Luke was no slacker on the dirty talk. I think what I enjoyed the most was the emotional connection between these two broken characters that somehow heal each other. I also loved reading about all the places they visit together. Katee did a wonderful job truly allowing the reader to experience all those sights along with the characters.

If you enjoyed the other books in this series, you’re sure to enjoy this one. An emotional and sexy read with two imperfect characters that are perfect together. I loved it!


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