Review: ★For 100 Days★ by Lara Adrian

review-For 100 DaysFOR 100 DAYS
Series: 100 Series #1
Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary
Author: Lara Adrian
Release Date: May 24, 2016add-to-goodreads-button-2


Pleasure has a price . . .

Just when everything in my life is falling apart, I find a chance to turn it around–to step into someone else’s glittering world, if only for a little while. I become someone new, no longer the woman defined by an ugly past, but a woman freer and bolder than myself. A woman who isn’t afraid to explore every passion, even at its darkest, with a mysterious and seductive man who believes my mask is real.

Handsome and commanding, enigmatic and irresistible, billionaire Dominic Baine is an obsession I cannot afford and should not risk. He ushers me into consuming new pleasures and addicting new desires, until the line between my real life and the fantasy one I’ve stolen with him begins to blur.

I know I cannot keep my truth from him. I know my past will not stay buried forever. But before I can make it right, everything comes crashing down. I have deceived this powerful, dangerous man . . . and now there is a price to be paid.

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FOR 100 DAYS is the first novel in a passionate new contemporary romance trilogy from New York Times and #1 international bestselling author Lara Adrian. Coming soon: FOR 100 NIGHTS and FOR 100 REASONS.


Review3.5 starsfor 100 days

With Nick, all I know is need. It’s pure, untainted. Primal and raw.

As a long time fan of all things Lara Adrian, when I saw she’s releasing an erotic romance trilogy, I was all over it. I’ve been obsessed with her Midnight Breed series, so I already know this woman can write. So all it took was a quick glance at this synopsis to know that I need to read this book.

I learned a long time ago that help never comes without a price tag, hidden or not. And even the people who claim to care about you the most can turn against you in the blink of an eye.

Avery is the definition of a tortured artist. She left everything behind to start a new life in New York and make something of herself as an artist.

I haven’t known disease, but I do know pain. I know corrosion- the kind that comes from within and from without. I’ve survived both.

For the time being, she’s barely making ends meet working as a bartender at a popular restaurant and selling a few of her paintings at a renowned gallery. Unfortunately her job comes with a douchebag of a manager, her rental apartment is being converted to condos forcing her to move out, and her paintings may no longer be good enough for the gallery. The answer to her salvation comes from an opportunity to house sit an apartment in New York’s most luxury buildings…and this is where Avery comes face to face with the enigma that is Nick Baine.

Nick is magnetic with a capital M. The man draws your interest from the first look and he keeps it with his dark intensity. He’s easily what kept me turning the pages eager to find out the secrets that are brewing beneath the surface.

I’m a reader that appreciates a slow burn in my romance. I want to practically taste the tension between the characters, but unfortunately I didn’t get that here. Avery and Nick are thrown into bed together quite literary after the second time they lay eyes on each other. While I can sort of understand Avery’s reasonings behind this, I also couldn’t. Her attraction and pull to Nick is so instant, that given her history I had a hard time wrapping my mind around it.

What begins next is a number of erotically charged encounters that practically make up the majority of the book. While on the one hand, the steam factor was though the roof, on the other hand I was hungry for something more. It seemed like sex was the primary factor driving this book and ultimately it began to feel like mostly filler.

Now if you’re a reader that enjoys trilogies, this will certainly hit the spot for you. For me, trilogies are a hit or miss. I have to be involved in the story on a certain level, and I had a tough time really getting that here in the midst of all the sex. Avery went from a damaged but strong heroine, to someone that left all her responsibilities in the wind for a few hot encounters with someone that’s ultimately a stranger. It wasn’t until the very end that we’re given a taste of what her past really contained, but by then it was a case of too little too late…at least for me. I have to feel a need for a story to be told in 3 parts, and to be honest, I didn’t get that here. There was a lot in the way of sex, but not much in the way of true story development. Perhaps that will be something we get in the next book, but I needed something to hook me here. While the revelation at the end was intriguing, I’m not sure if it was enough to leave me panting for the next one. Will I read the next two books? Sure. Will I be eagerly jumping to them on release day? Probably not.

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