Review: ★Flirting With Scandal★ by @ChanelCleeton

Flirting with Scandal (Capital Confessions #1)
Author: Chanel Cleeton
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 19, 2015

The author of I See London sets her sights on Washington, D. C., with a sexy new series about three sisters, the secrets they keep, and a powerful blog with a knack for exposing scandals…

Jackie Gardner knows all about dirty little secrets. The illegitimate daughter of one of the most influential senators in Washington, D.C., she grew up surrounded by the scandals and shadows of politics. Now that she’s landed an internship with a powerful political consulting firm, she’s determined to launch her career and take this city by storm.

William Andrew Clayton was born for politics. He knows the drill: work hard, play discreetly, and at all costs, avoid scandal. At twenty-six, his campaign for the Virginia State Senate is the first step to cementing his future. It’s time for him to settle down, to find the perfect political spouse. He needs a Jackie Kennedy, not a Marilyn…

When Jackie meets Will in the bar of the Hay-Adams Hotel, sparks fly. But the last thing Will needs is to be caught in a compromising position, and an affair with a political candidate could cost Jackie her career. When what began as one steamy night, becomes a passion neither one of them can walk way from, they must decide if what they have is really love, or just another dirty little secret…

We’d created something wild here, something dark and dangerous that wound its way through me, tempting me to break every rule I’d ever set for myself.

I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of politics and I’m especially not a fan of having it in my books. So when I got the chance to read this book, I was skeptical whether I’d like it. But that blurb was just too tempting to pass up so I jumped in…and I’m so glad. What an incredibly pleasant surprise this book turned out to be. I can honestly tell you that I’m completely hooked on this series now and anxiously anticipate the next one. I loved pretty much everything about Flirting With Scandal; the story, the romance, the characters, the steam. It was fantastic!

He looked at me like he was trying to make out all my secrets, and for a girl like me that was a dangerous game to play.

Jackie Gardner has quite a few skeletons in her closet, her biggest being the illegitimate daughter of one of DC’s influential senators. Her mother? Nothing more than a mistress to the rich political powerhouses that she seems to flop from one to the other. The last thing Jackie wants to be is like her mother. She has goals, and dreams, and she wants to get there on her own terms. Her political career has only just begun with an internship at one of the biggest political consulting firms. She can’t afford for her secrets to come out and she certainly can’t risk the temptation in the form of an immaculate suit and an arresting face…

When they meet at a bar, sparks fly. But what Jackie doesn’t know is that the handsome Will is indeed a William, William Andrew Clayton to be exact and also in the running for Virginia State Senate. He’s everything that she should steer clear off. Too bad her consulting internship puts her to work on his campaign and to meet the attraction between them head on.

We were quickly going into unchartered territory. There was something about this girl. She’d gotten under my skin so quickly in a way no one ever had before. I was still trying to make sense of it, trying to understand why everything inside me screamed, THIS ONE…

Will had to have been one of my favorite parts of this book. Can I tell you how absolutely refreshing it is to get a nice guy, but one that still maintains that sexual edge to him. The man was absolute perfection. He gave me a major case of the swoons.

If a woman’s in my bed, it’s because I want her there. I’m not a child who gets bored with his toys after five minutes. If the guys you’ve been with treat you like that, then you’ve been screwing round with boys. Would’t you rather fuck a man?

Jackie was a great heroine as well and the perfect match for Will. She takes charge of her life and goes for it. She doesn’t allow anyone to walk over her. She’s smart, sharp witted, but of course harbors her insecurities due to her history. She certainly doesn’t make things easy for Will. But Will is also a man with a mission and he refuses to take no for an answer. he fights for her. He doesn’t allow for stupid miscommunications to come between them. He becomes the voice of reason and forces her to talk everything out. There was no stupid drama, no angst, no miscommunications. But beyond that it was also incredibly sexy.

Scandal, sex, and politics all come together into one scorching and entertaining read that readers would love from start to finish. I loved it. If you’re looking for a light and sexy read with no stupid drama, characters that you’ll fall in love with and root for till the end, then you’ve definitely found your next book. Read it. Love it. Thank me later 😉

I want you to be scared. I want things to be messy, and complicated, and difficult. I want you to feel, and I want you to know I’m the one making you feel, that I’m the one making it mean something.

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